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I'm seeking a tummy tuck (possibly mini?) to...

I'm seeking a tummy tuck (possibly mini?) to correct loose skin and crooked c-section scar. I had my son at a young age (16) and I gained about 70 lbs. During my pregnancy, I gained weight so fast that I have stretch marks from my breasts down to my calves. I have tried exercising in the past and losing weight but my stomach stays the same no matter what I do. I've used every oil, cream, scrub and chemical peel known to man to try and tighten the skin as well as lighten the stretch marks. Believe it or not, this is the best they have ever looked. It took 10 years to even consider taking pictures of my stomach. I'm determined to do whatever it takes to save money for this surgery. I guess I'm here looking for advice. I most likely would need a full tummy tuck? but I'm afraid of the scar and the way the belly button looks after surgery.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I would love to know what you find out about Dr.s in Dayton as I'm also looking.
I absolutely don't think you would need a full. You should call my PS in Columbus. The consult is free and he charges 4,440 for a mini tummy tuck. It includes lipo to the upper abs for free if needed. Check out
wow thank you! I will check it out.
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