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MY BACK STORY I started noticing hair on my chin...

I started noticing hair on my chin after the birth of my second child (25yo). It started slow and due to waxing and tweezing it progressively got worse. I also get VERY BAD ingrows/scarring/and keloids! (notice in pic) I have cysts on my ovaries as well. However finding a doctor to look into that is another post all together. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and opted for electrolysis. (43yo)

I wont say her name, because she seems like a genuinely nice lady, did not do a good job. She seemed nervous and made me uneasy. She was VERY heavy handed with the probe. So much so that it has left scarring. (see pics) I felt the probe go in and a burning like I have never felt before. I literally was pulling away each time. (and I'm no sissy to pain) She even had the nerve to say: "And I didn't even have it turned up to as high as I wanted it to go." I got a SEVEAR headache ( I NEVER get headaches) that lasted from the moment I left her office until 48 hours later. ...I never went back to her.

I went for an initial consultation. She took me right on time. She explained everything about the procedure. She discussed my specific situation and what to expect for results. She gave me ideas of follow up care as well as pre-care. She told me to stop waxing/tweezing and to get an electric shaver for ladies. She also told me to buy some Loreal360 for my face, but not to use it 2 days before an appointment ( because it would take moisture from the skin). She was honest about the pain involved and didn't try to sugar coat it. She charges $1 a minute, which is super cool. So if you can't take it in the middle of your appointment and want to stop, you are only billed for what you've used. I have an actual appointment in a few days. I will follow up with how it goes..

I have now gone to her for a few appointments. I must say I am very pleased with the results. On the other side of my face, which Amy has worked on, it looks flawless! (pics will be added in 24 hrs) The skin looks like normal skin, with no discoloration or scarring. There wasn't nearly as much pain as the first lady. It was tolerable. I did use a numbing cream but I don't think it helped any. I still felt the sting. I have switched to a different numbing cream and will let you know how that works out next time.


Thank you for your review, glad you had a better experience the 2nd time around. Question, so shaving the hair is better the tweezing, I always thought the opposite?
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Yes, shaving the hair is better than tweezing. My electrologist says she wants the hairs to grow in uniform. She told me that when you remove the hair from the root it can take 3-4 months for it to grow back, which will delay your progress. You will think that she is not getting all the hairs, when in actuality those are old hairs coming to the surface. When you shave ( she wants me to use an electric lady shaver) she can see which ones are growing and zap them. When you tweeze you are pulling it from the root and then there is nothing for her to zap.
But I find that when I tweeze, I swear the hair in the same spot grows back the next day...drives me mad!

Right side

I got the right side done. Iv added the pics so you can see. This is the same side of my face that the first lady burned up. You can see the splotching and discoloration. I know it will correct itself either in a year or if I get a facial peel (which I'm thinking of doing when this is all over, to even my skin tone). I think 2 more one hour appointments and I will have my first clearing. Then I can go in for stragglers and maintenance. I'm hoping to be home free by end of summer.

I also switched numbing creams like I said I would, and it did help. I have read that if you don't like a cream try a gel. So I purchased a gel and it worked much better than the cream. My tech. also added some nitro(?) on top of that to open my pores and let it get in even deeper. I'm not sure if that did anything, but every little bit helps.


Electrolysis is NOT permanent. I had it done about 8 years ago, approximately 20 half hour sessions. Hair started regrowing 4 months after my last session. Within a year it was all back. This was electrolysis with a needle and it was certainly done correctly as the hair fell right out without resistance. No hair removal is permanent unless you are particularly lucky. The electrolysis I had was thermolysis. Laser isn't permanent either, but, for me at least it is faster.
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*Electrolysis is a time-tested method that was invented more than 100 years ago *According to the FDA and the AMA, electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal laser is classified as "Permanent Hair Reduction." *Although some hairs will be permanently removed at the very first treatment any hairs which were not in the "active growing phase" when treated will simply regenerate. As with anything, as time goes on, advances in technology make advances in most fields. Eight years ago was enough time for a few different electrology machines to be upgraded and advance. Also, it depends on the skill level of your electrologist. And most importantly, it is may be hormonal for you. If you didn't see results, it doesn't mean it doesn't work. There are millions of women who can attest that it does. It means, you need to seek out what is causing your own hair to continue to grow. And Im sorry, but 10 hours aint gonna cut it. I can do 10 hours in a 1-2mos. Ten hours is nothing. You're talking about catching an individual hair at a specific point in time (androgen phase) and having a skilled tech use the correct current to kill it. Then to repeat that a hundred more times with each hair on its own cycle. But what strikes me most out of everything you said is that you had “thermolysis” when almost everyone that gets electrology wants “blend” which is a combination of the 2 - galvanic (current produces a chemical reaction), and thermolysis (short-wave which produces heat). Once again, advances on what is happening ‘now’. You may try galvanic or blend and see what happens. Good luck to you.
I don't think you understand. I had ten hours done on a quarter sized patch on my chin and a few stray neck hairs. It was done over a span of 6 months. Laser has been more effective in one session. Sure, electrolysis has it's place. If you have coarse blonde hairs you want removed or if you just have a few stray hairs, electrolysis makes more sense. I see little reason to pursue a method that was less effective after ten hours than laser was after 5 minutes. My tech blamed years of tweezing for my issues. She recommended laser because my hair follicles were too distorted for electrolysis to work. You yourself state that hair removal is individualized. Neither laser nor electrolysis is permanent. Either method will require regular maintenance. There's a reason someone has extra hair and that reason doesn't go away because you got electrolysis. My doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me, but electrolysis sure didn't work. I doubt laser will work long term either, but at least it's a whole lot faster. I don't have another 20 hours to dump into hair removal on a quarter sized patch of hair. I'll do my 5 minutes every 8 weeks instead.
Amy Day

She is very pleasant and you can tell she knows her stuff. Great bedside manner as well.

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