Day 2 Post Op - Mini Tummy Tuck - Hong Kong

I was on these boards a lot as I prepared for my...

I was on these boards a lot as I prepared for my mini tummy tuck and wanted to share my experience so far as there are not a lot of stories of mini tummy tucks out there.

I had mainly loose skin and some stretch marks below the belly button, muscles were fine, so I was able to get away with a mini tummy tuck plus a little lipo to the stomach area. I went for a consult with a Hong Kong plastic surgeon with a very good reputation and just told him I was interested in a tummy tuck, did not specify mini as I wanted him to give me an honest appraisal instead. He proposed the mini tuck and I was scheduled for two weeks later.

I spent the most of those two weeks worrying. I was mainly worried I wouldn't make it out of the operating room. I was worried I was taking a big risk for not a lot of tummy! Of course, as soon as I saw my surgeon on the day I relaxed. I felt I was totally in the best hands and just trusted he would look after me. The anesthesiologist was also lovely, so I felt safe with him. On the operating table I was out before I knew it. There was no counting to even 1 for me. I don't remember anything but joking with them that normally I get a baby at the end of this sort of ordeal and then bang, I was out and being woken up to see how much they had sucked out of me. Yikes! I don't need to see that.

Before the op, I also worried a lot about the pain but I can say that my two c-sections were harder, though I didn't find those too difficult either. I was able to walk fully upright on the same day as my surgery. Day two I went home and I was able to help a bit with the children, preparing meals etc. It's hard to resist the urge to pick up a 2 year old! I am on day 3 and haven't needed my pain medication today so far. It's not to say I don't feel a little pain, or twinges but not enough to warrant taking medication for it. I have enough medication to take already without adding to it unnecessarily.

I've still got my drain in and am wearing the compression garment which is really quite uncomfortable. I will try to take a photo with the drain as there are not many photos out with them. You will see a leak by the drain exit so the garment has some blood on it. I will probably get my drain out tomorrow, so day 4.

I have been very tired if anything. After the op I slept from 10am to 6pm. Whenever people came to see me to give meds etc I could literally not keep my eyes open. I hadn't slept much the nights before out of worry so I was probably in big need of some R and R.

I've had a peak at my tummy and a feel and so far it looks and feels great. Only a little bit of swelling. My belly button is a little bit better than before, but still a bit saggy as I don't want people to know I've had a tummy tuck so I am happy to have it like that.

Sleeping is a little bit awkward but 5 pillows finally got off to sleep ok. I'm going to try and fight my urge to be up and about as I feel quite ok but don't want to overdo it or risk ruining the surgery because of impatience.

If you have any questions just ask. I will post photos as soon as I can.

Day 4. Drains didn't come out today as I am still...

Day 4. Drains didn't come out today as I am still draining 50ml plus/24 hours. It has slowed down a lot in the last 8 hours so hopefully tomorrow or day 6 it will be out. It is a big pain to have it in. I feel well enough to be up and about a little bit at least but it's too hard to hide the drain so haven't bothered.
I have just a little bit of swelling as can be seen in the photos without the binder but nothing annoying. Already I love the shape of my tummy. Am looking forward to seeing my scar. Must remember to actually try and treat it. I completely ignored my c-section scars but they turned out alright so hopefully this scar will be even better with help.
Dr Kenneth Hui (Hong Kong)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thank you for sharing your post. Just wondering how big/long is the scar? Also, is it $10k in hkd? Thanks for your time.
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Was the cost of $10,000 in Canadian Currency or in HKD?
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Thank you for share your experience. I did a tummy tuck but i feel terrible because under my belly bottom also cut and now i have a big scar. You look great. Thanks for write detail about your operation.
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Could you please let me know which doctor you went to and what was the total cost?
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how, how is your scarring coming along. that is my biggest fear
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Thanks for sharing your story! I cannot wait to schedule my surgery as soon as I select a doctor. I had a consult today and 1 more tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be ready to make a decision by then!

I am hoping my mini TT will get rid of my stretchmarks. I have has for 4 sections so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.
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Lol...I definitely don't feel like I will be running anytime soon! My surgery went well yesterday. Doctor prescribed Nucynta pain med but didn't work very well at all...I am so very sore to walk, so I'm going to try my other prescription for oxycodone today and see if that works better. I've got my first post-op appt this afternoon so I hope to see the results. Had lipo on inner thighs and they appear smaller already but my abdomen feels like a swollen balloon. Not sure how much is actual swelling vs compression garment vs any gauze but it feels pretty big right now. I'm supposed to wear garment for 6 weeks..ugh. But doc said could change over to a spandex type, store bought garment after..maybe that would help you to hold in your tummy a bit if the medical one was too painful?

I need to post photos soon as well. Sounds like you are doing very well and only at day 6 so that comforts me :-)
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Day 6, drain came out (ouch) and had first look at scar. So far so good. Looks like it will heal nicely and in thin line. Will post photos soon.

I stopped wearing the compression garment my doctor put on me in the hospital after 4 days because I just couldn't breathe anymore. I literally woke in the middle of the night feeling like I was being suffocated. Was given a second stage garment today and it feels a lot better.

With the drain out today I felt ok to leave the house so spent most of the day out, walking, having lunch etc. Without the garment on I still feel a little vulnerable in the tummy but with the garment on I feel like I could go for a run, not that I would!
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Thanks Angiemcc.
Justforme, good luck with your operation. I'm sure you will be fine. I'm so glad I just went ahead and did it. It's amazing to think you have something you dislike one minute and it's literally gone the next. Take care.
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Thank you so much for your post. I'm going in tomorrow morning (lipo & mini tuck) and it's just so helpful to read someone else's recent experience. I have two young children, so I am most worried about recovery time (well, that is after I stop worrying about whether I should be doing this at all!) But, I am hopeful and excited to do this just for myself. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Thank you for posting your story here on RealSelf. Your tummy does look super flat!

I'm sorry you didn't get your drains out today. Soon, I hope. I know ladies hate the drains and I can certainly understand why.

Make sure you do get enough rest! Fight the urge to do too much. Think of this as your chance to lay around without having to make excuses. You'll be back to real life soon enough!

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