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It's only been 4 days since my proceedure and now...

It's only been 4 days since my proceedure and now you all have me scared. I had Smart lipo and expected to see much less swelling and brusing than I have. I'm feeling much better already but don't want to take to much time looking at my upper or lower abs and making any judgements yet. It is very apparent that it takes some time to really see improvement, which I was not informed of by my doctor :( I'm purple, lumpy, swollen and have a little loose skin around my belly button. I look like hell but I am going to stay possitive for now. I have read some really good advice on how to make this process go as good as possible. I will try the hot pad, lymph massage, and wearing my compression suit longer than required. If anyone has anything to add please let me know. thanks


I am only 5 days in and have. Lot of swelling and bruising. I have spent a lot of time reading reviews, searching for information and it has been invaluable...I would have been on sheer panic if not for this web site. My dr said it would be a good three to four months for results to be optimal, but as you read, that must be the average. Hang in there... We have to be positive about the decision and realistic with the expectations.
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How are you feeling?
I'm doing ok.. 15 days out now...I now have the all to common lumps that people post about. I'm trying everything I possibly can to keep them under control and heal from them quickly.

15 days post op

I'm going to start with the positive and work from there. My tummy is now pretty flat. I love that aspect of the proceedure so far. The swelling is mostly gone I no longer have lines all over my tummy from the suit. I still have some yellowish bruising around my belly button, but thats better than purple..lol But now to the negative. I have developed the all to common bumps and as the numbness goes away the pain is growing :( I'm doing all I can to heal from this the best I can.. I'm wearing control garments as long as needed, doing the masssage, drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, putting oil on my tummy and doing very light cardio to get my system working well. I will post again at my 1 month appointment on the 19th.. wish me luck!!


I look forward to your one month review! I am swelling quite a bit in the evening and gaining weight like crazy...and I have started my exercise routine and watching my diet. Getting very discouraged....
My one month was a little discouraging., but my doctor insured me that everything was proceeding as normal. I trust her judgement. By her recomendation I have stopped wearing the garments all together. She said, that wearing the garment to long an actuall contribute to the lumps. I havent worn it for a couple days and I must say the lumps are a little better already. She also suggests that I get back into the gym for my full workouts including ab work.. I'm staying positive :)

Tummy is looking a little better (1 month )

At my one month appointment I still have lumps around my belly button.. I was wearing my garment day and night. My doctor said because my swelling is gone there was no need to wear the suits anymore. She said it could be causing some of the problem. as my suit would bend I got lumps in that area. There was to much pressure. I have stopped wearing the garments and I'm noticeably better already in just 2 days. I'm wearing comfortable clothing to work everyday. nothing tight around the middle. I'm staying positive :)

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5weeks out feeling frustrated

Still have painful lumps.. I'm a little frustrated. My doctor says to be patient. She has given me no advice to help with my healing. Im not sure what to do to help the situation . Should I still be wearing my suit? Should I heat my tummy? Should I be on antibiotics? Are the painful lumps a sign of infection ?

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2 1/2 months out

I'm feeling much better about the procedure . It was definitely worth it. I'm seeing improvement every week now. I will never look like
I'm 20 again but my tummy is looking damn good for 52. I look forward to seeing myself at 4 to 6 months. I continue to eat right and excise because this procedure isn't a free ride to eat wrong.


So glad things are better!!
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She's awesome, kind and considerate..We will see how good she is at lipo after I heal.

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