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My Journey: Hernia Repair W/TT.. Lipo..and Fat Grafting..

Hi, I am 23 years old...5'4" and 137 lbs. I've...

Hi, I am 23 years old...5'4" and 137 lbs. I've been struggling with my belly pooch since after pregnancy. I lost a lot of weight right after pregnancy because I was hardly eating. My skin around my abdomen was so saggy and stretched out due to the countless stretchmarks. I could literally pinch all the skin. I started to have a normal diet around week 3 post partum. I gained about 10 lbs in my abdominal area and thighs. My skin still appeared stretched but because of the extra weight it was hard to tell. I also had an umbilical hernia that had been causing some abdominal pain. After pregnancy, my butt became deflated on the sides and I hardly had a curve on my lower back. It looked like everything dropped. I had my procedure originally scheduled for May 7th, but it was postponed due to an automobile accident. I had my procedure done June 25th. So the experience is pretty fresh. I have a lot of back pain due to the lipo in my lower back and flanks..and abdomen is a little swollen. I pretty much lay on my side or on some pillows..on my belly. I hope my appearance gets better an
I had mine June 24th and my lower back KILLS me too Miss C n' H! I also had lipo on flanks & lower back. (TT/MR & they found I had a hernia/ & fat injected into butt! :(. I want my back to quit hurting!!! But, everybody heals differently. I hope I'm standing straight up in another week! (Hope & Pray!)
Hi Wmnurse! Thanks for the response! I hope your back is better soon!..as well as your recovery! Do you sleep on your side? I have a hard time sleeping on my side...so I lay on some pillows on my belly. Or with my body obliqued. That way feels the most comfortable to me.

5 days Post-Op....

So....it's only day 5 and these drains are driving me nuts! LOL. I cannot wait until they're removed...simply because they make it difficult for me to sleep...or rest. They've moved out a little too, causing some burning): But, enough of my whining. I have a little swelling..so that's a plus! Playing with my daughter helps me get my mind off the cons. She's so silly. I have another follow up with my surgeon (from this past Friday) on the 3rd of July. We'll see how that goes!

continued post of day 5

Lol! Its a little annoying to have them there..especially when I take the body garment on and off. I have to pass the drains in and out the garment when going to the RR. My garment is from my calfs to my breastline.
Bless your Heart Miss C n' H! My garment is just right under boobs almost to hips. I'm claustrophobic & would go nuts with something all the way to my calves. You don't have a hole in that garment where you can go to bathroom without pulling it down? My BF had a Beltectomy last year. Her dr let her wear a Spanx after week 1. She cut a hole down there in her spanx. I could handle a spanx. Because that's what I always wore before I even had surgery. :)
I wore the Velcro binder for 10 days now I can wear my spanx that's hooks down the middle from my boobs to middle of stomach and into shorts. It is so much more comfortable. You will feel so much better when you don't have to have those drains.

2 weeks post op

I really am excited today. I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. She removed one of my drains. I know it's only one, but it's much better than having both. I asked her to remove the one that's been causing me problems. The removal didn't hurt at all. I felt a little pressure in my abdomen when she pulled it out. I'm so thankful that I was able to get one..that one.. removed because it's been pulling on its stitches and burning. Now, I can sleep better at night. Also, I am able to sit now. FINALLY!!! (:
Hey there! I have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with dr. Gold on 20. Aug. @ dgmc but I have heard good things about dr. Hogan. I'm excited...but I ended up spending about twice as much as you( the cost of the TT only) but I guess they update their price chart every July :-/ still a lot cheaper than the outside though!
BTW you look great!
I am so glad for you! It's a slow process, isn't it? My back is just killing me today. I'm so bored, not being able to do anything! But st least I like what I see, besides the swelling... I'll keep following you.


So... I know it has been a good few months since I've updated my profile. My surgeon was very happy with my healing results. I'm going to fast forward a couple months after surgery. I recently found out that I'm pregnant! I was sad and happy when I found out. I was sad because I just recently gone under a tummy tuck procedure and the results would be gone before I knew it. I was happy for my daughter because she wouldn't grow up alone. I had an IUD for almost a year when I found out about my pregnancy. I was 6 weeks pregnant when my IUD was suggested to be removed.

When I told my surgeon, she mentioned that she can do the procedure again. I'm pretty excited. The husband and I don't plan on any more little ones anyway. (Even after our first little one, we didn't want any more.) That means that before this next procedure we need to have a permanent solution. It will be at least a year before another procedure, but I'm still pretty excited!
Hey! Sorry, I'm barely getting back to you. I'm hardly checking my profile/: I need to start checking it more often. By the way, how did your surgery go? Are you pleased with your results?
I got a discount because it was combined with a medically necessary procedure.
Dr. Hogan, MD

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