2 1/2 year update!! I am still happy I did it, but I have been through some serious changes with my body - Davenport, IA

I am 5'9 215lbs and I have had 4 children ages...

I am 5'9 215lbs and I have had 4 children ages 14, 12, 8, and 10months. I have been wanting a TT for ages and I am finally done having kids :) so it is time for me to get this body of mine back in shape. I know I am not a small woman, but I personally like my curves.

I love my hips, butt, thighs and boobs....even after having 4 kids. What I hate in my stomach and my back fat at the bra-line. I am having an extended TT w/lipo of the abs and flanks with muscle repair and lipo of the back. I cannot wait. I cant lie and say I am not nervous, but I gave it to God and I trust my surgeon.

This is hands down one the the best sites for getting a feel of what the process is like and seeing other womens stories. You women have inspired me to move forward with my journey. Thank you. Pray for me and I will pray for you. I will be posting before and after pics very soon.

I am almost one week away from my big day, and...

I am almost one week away from my big day, and today is my birthday!! Ya!! This TT is my birthday gift to myself. I cannot wait to become a part of the TT club. I am soooo looking forward to my surgery, but as most people I am scared. I know its all normal, but my emotion are all over the place I am soooo concerned about this surgery that I forgot it was my birthday today. My boyfriend had to remind me. I had my final appt. a few weeks ago, The dr. went over everything for me. Told me to keep on a multivitamin schedule and to get my scripts filled. I have done all of that. Now is just the countdown.
I am sooo excited!! I cant wait to get rid of this stomach I have been carrying around for 14 years. I have not worn a bikini since I was 18 years old and I just got the courage to wear a one piece for the first time last year! I feel like its time for me to get my life back. I am donr having children. I want to be able to enjoy the beach with my kids and not feel like the odd man out.
Pray for me and wish me luck!
I will post pics after the surgery.

Almost here!! :)

I am 6 days out from my surgery and I am feeling...

I am 6 days out from my surgery and I am feeling better about doing it now. I was really nervous for a while, but I know that the odds of anything traumatic happening are pretty low. Anyway, I feel better. I am just waiting for my day.
I will update after my surgery.

I am only a few days away from the big day....

I am only a few days away from the big day. Everyday gets better and better. i am now feeling ultra excited, optimistic that everthing is gonna be alright.
I will pst after photos asap.
Keep praying :)

I am really excited!! Its almost my big day. I am...

I am really excited!! Its almost my big day. I am just tying up loose ends. Cleaning house, getting my food together for the next few days etc. I will post pics after the sugery.
I looked at myself in the mirror tonight and I realized I made the right decision. My belly and back fat have got to go. i dont have to do one more summer trying to fit into the clothes that I love with rolls hanging out andjeans not fitting. I am thanking the lord everyday for this opportunity. Cause as we all know, this surgery isnt cheap :)
Pray for me. Its almost here!!!

I am very happy this morning. I can tell he really...

I am very happy this morning. I can tell he really made my back and waistline smaller. I am having a hard time standing up straight. The drains are hell! I can't wait til those come out. I had. Ton of fluid pumped in me for the lipo so I am using the bathroom a lot.
My dr. said he took off 7 pounds of skin and four 16 ounce bags of fat! I still can't get over that. I was carrying around that much excess skin and fat on my back abs and waist. But thank the lord I am here.
I truly feel like crap on morning 2. Tons of fluid coming out of me. I can't mustar up the strenght to take a pic yet. I will have my boyfriend take one later this afternoon and post for you ladies. I haven't really looked in the mirror yet. Kinda scared to see. But I can't feel that I am alot smaller. I have a bit of a bulge in my tummy but I know that is from all the swelling. He didn't give me a compress to wear so maybe that's why. He said he doesn't recommend them unless truly necessary. So we will see.
All in all I'm taking percocet,vallium and celebrex. I am also taking iron pills and multi vitamin. I am supposed to be taking vitamedica but I think they forgot to give it to me when I went home yesterday. So I called about it this morning and am waiting to hear word on what to do.
Any questions feel free to ask.

Sorry about all the upside down photos. Its just...

Sorry about all the upside down photos. Its just the way they are coming off my phone :-)

Here I am on day 4 and I cannot poop. I know I...

Here I am on day 4 and I cannot poop. I know I know TMI but its killing me. I have taken prune juice hot and cold, exlax and milk of magnesia. I'm about to lose my mind! I feel it but it won't move on out.
I have a dr. Appt tomorrow. Hopefully it will happen by then. My stomache is so swollen and tight from this.
Oh well. Ill update when the magic happens lol :)

Hey everyone I had my first post op appt. Today...

Hey everyone I had my first post op appt. Today and he said everything looks great! I even got all of my staples out so that made me feel good. I can now officially shower :) I am still very swollen but I tried on a form fitting summer dress and even with all of the swelling I almost cried. I haven't ben able to wear anything like that without spanx on since I was 19 yrs old. And I'm only 5 days out. Thank you Jesus!!! I still have my drains booooooo!! "LOL but oh well, whatever gets me to my goal faster.
Any questions feel free to ask.
New pics later today.

Hey there today is day six and I'm feeling so...

Hey there today is day six and I'm feeling so so. I am hating my swelling. My tummy is big and tight. I know its all part of the process but aughhhhhhh!
Hopefully progress will come soon. Its just one of those days. Blahhhhhhhhhh :)

Almost 2 weeks. It is amazing how time flies. I...

Almost 2 weeks. It is amazing how time flies. I have had ups and downs. The ups are I tried on some bikinis in the store for the first time since I was 18 yrs old. I'm 34. That was life changing for me. Although I still have cellulite I hve learned to appreciate my body and thank god I don't have a huge bely and back rolls anymore. I don't care what anyone thinks about my thighs I'm gonna rock a two piece this year! Lol
The other plus is I got my last drain out yesterday and I feel soooooo much better. I will post pics very soon. My dr told me my incision looks amazing and I agree. Its so light for only 2 weeks. I'm happy.
I still have a lot of swelling above my navel. A LOT! When I'm standing my tummy looks great but when I sit it still is. Little pudgy. I guess I have to hit he gym hard once I'm cleared.
The dr did tell me I can start liht walking but no lifting for another month.
Now onto the worse part I think I pulled a muscle yesterday in my abdomen. Ouch! It hurts so bad I went back to square one with pain pills and vallium cause I started having stomach spasms and everything. So pray for me I'm hurting.
But all in all I'm happy.
I will update again soon.

I am 3 weeks PO and kinda feeling better. Its...

I am 3 weeks PO and kinda feeling better. Its truly a process. I have lost 20 lbs to date since surgery and for that I am thankful. I am having some issues with my tummy. Right about my navel I havea part that's sticking out... it won't flatten out and it kinda hurts. I thought I popped a stitch or something. I find my self holding my tummy right there when I walk sometimes cause it hurts. I need to mention it to my dr. Also now my hips and thighs appear huge due to the smaller waistline. Now I know I have to go to the gym LOL!
All in all I am down from a 16 to a 12 in the waist but my butt and hips are in need if some help.
Notice in the 3 week pic I appear bigger in the waist... right after my period I justlooked bigger for some reason. But my weight i s down. I don't get it. I feel swollen though.
I will update again soon.

By the way I cut my hair off! And I just bought...

By the way I cut my hair off! And I just bought the swimsuit ij the photo and I just noticed I still had the tag on it...oops! Lol

I went to the dr for my 1 month post op and it...

I went to the dr for my 1 month post op and it went better than I expected. I thought I might have had an umbilical hernia but I don't. Thank God. Its just swellin and irriatation from the stitches in my abs. He told me if the swelling doesn't go down he could do spot lipo or a mini tuck pulling upward under the breat to fix the protrusion. We wil see. Still in some pain but I'm looking and feeling better everyday. I will post new pics soon.

Week 5 and feeling better, doing more. I'm...

Week 5 and feeling better, doing more. I'm still not aloud to lift much due to my pain an protrusion above my navel. I have been walking a few miles a day. Trying to drop some more weight. But feeling good about life.
My incision is healing very well. My dr ad his nurse were shocked and excited about how great it looks after a few weeks. I havent been doing anything accept neosporin and vitamin e oil occasionally.
I do feel buring and tightness on and around my incision. I am still very tender to touch. I can sleep on my sides but I do feel pain. This is truly a process but well worth it. I have new pics. Don't mind the tags in some pics I was so excited to take the pics I forgot to take the tags off lol!

Its been a while since my last update. I'm sorry...

Its been a while since my last update. I'm sorry for that. I have had death knock at my familys door over the past few months. 1st my father passed away and now my grandfather all in the past 4 months. I mention this because my recovery was going good and then I started to swell and my stomach was huge. I don't know why. Maybe stress. But it was horrible. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant at one point in he past month. But once the stress subsided a little my stomach went down. So go figure. But that freaked me out.
Now I thinking I'm gonna need some more lipo maybe ever a mini tuck on my stomach....my dr said the same the last time I was in for a visit. I still have noticable loose skin above my incision and some protruding above the navel. I'm ready the get it fixed but I have to wait.
All in all I wouldn't change anything. I definately look better than I did. I am 4 sizes smaller than I was Wooo Hoo! I started at a size 16 I'm down to a 12. Praise God. But I will say my butt and hips are like whoa!!! Lol.
Question: is anyone doing ab work 2 months out? Let me know if u are and how that's going.
Anyway, I will try to stay more current. I miss my tummy tuck family.
Sidenote: I'm now considering more surgery....nose job, lipo of the legs.....maybe :-) maybe not.

2 1/2 year update!!!

Well I had my surgery in May of 2011. I cant believe its been that long already. I have been through ups and downs with my body since then. After the surgery I thought it was going to be easy for me to keep my weight down and within a year of my surgery I not only gained back the 30 pounds I lost but I gained more! I went from 230lbs before surgery, to 200 after. I kept that off for about a year and then it slowly crept back on me. I got up to my heaviest at 252!! I was so upset!! Well I decided to do something about it and Dec. 2012 I went to another Dr. and he helped me to get down to 190!! It took me 6 months to lose that 60 plus pounds. I am planning on losing 40 more by march or 2014!! Lets pray!! LOL
Needless to say this weightloss affected my surgery aftercare progress.
I gained alot of my weight in my upper body. Mostly my arms. I had heard from many people that they struggled with this after a tummy tuck. It is true!!
I am still dealing with that, I just have to focus my efforts on my arms and back now.
Over all here are my pros and cons since having this surgery:
Pros: Flat tummy (mostly)
It has definately helped my confidence
able to wear a bikini
Cons: Having a hard time with my stomach (hardening)
Issues with using the bathroom (blocked up often)
Pain in my abdomen (I feel stitches still and I feel like one area never healed right)
I have a hard time working out without pain in my abs afterward
My arms and back carry my weight now (top heavy)\
I look "box-shaped" in my middle" no real shapely curve. I never looked like that before the surgery and I have had a hard time trimming my middle since the surgery because of the pain when I workout.

Overall I am happy with the external results. I never expected some of the long term sideeffects. I can live with it, but I dont think I ever want anymore surgery for cosmetic reasons. There are so many things your body goes through afterward it unreal.
Im not trying to be debbie-downer...Im being blunt and honest for those getting ready to embark on this journey. Its worth it, but be prepared for the changes that may come later.
Davenport Plastic Surgeon

My big day is here. I went in at 6 45 am and they got started around 7 50 am. The dr was funny. He made me feel very comfortable. The nurses are amazing! I cannot stress that enough. Next thing I know I'm in recovery. Once again the nurses were great! I have a lot of fluid coming out of me. They said I might have been the most they have ever seen. But that's fine with my that just means he was making sure I would be comfortable afterwards. He did tumescent lipo and extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and upper back lipo and my abs and flanks. He took off 7 pounds of skin and four 32 ounce bags of fat. That is amazing to me! Needless to say I am a bit weak. I almost passed out in recoery when I went to pee because I was trying to do to much too soon. I've slowed down. They aveme some more anti nausea meds and I went home around 3 30 pm. But I came out of the O R around 12 30pm. I'm home now and the first few times I had to get up to go to the bathroom it was difficult. But I am draining a lot out of my lipo incision and my drains. About 90 cc on number 2 and about 50 ccs out of number 1. They pumped me with a lot of fluid. My boyfriend an kids have been a God send. From changing my pads for drainage to emptying my drains. He has even went to the store to buy more maxi pads or my incision. Now that's love lol :) he told me my back looks great! I haven't looked but I can feel the difference. My tummy is very swollen. But its going down by the moment. So I have faith it will look great. All in all I am very happy with my decision. He stapled my which was a little shocking but he had too cause he pulled me so tight. Anyway praise the lord and good luck to everyone else getting ready to go through this journey. Ill post pics tomorrow. I'm too hunched over to post tonight.

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Thanks for your 2 year update. I found it very helpful in evaluating the choices. Best of luck to you!
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Hello there! Me too! My body had changed sooo much and there had been such an emotional impact. I live in the QC area too. What dr is assisting you with your weightless?
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Love the white bikini!!! I think you look really good!!! Hope all is well with you...and yes I agree it do not look like you had a lot weight around your tummy in your before pictures....but its good that you are getting the results that you hoped for
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very flat sexi stomach y' hermosa....simply beautiful we are just about same BUILT y' Height!(5'9)without high heels on,just drop another (in past 2 weeks almost 10 pounds)as i am finally down to 230 and i am told to get down to around 225-215 i am trying for A BETTER outcome,tummy and brazilian butt lift thru mi own Fat Transfer, i can't wait! your Gorgeous!
i know your loving it to buy regular size smaller pants
denim again, ey chica? y' the bikini SO SEXI god speed i can't wait!
few weeks 2 go.
god bless u chica.
Life too short for us women to b carryin around fat roll
on back,bra fat, y'(and) tummy. i am so happy for you!

*Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012*
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Hey girl, how are you doing?
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Just want to tell u that u look really great!
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Natalie thank you for your post. I too am from Davenport and after a long time of questioning myself I have decided to do it. Breast reduction and full abdominoplasty. Mine is scheduled for next week 1/11/12. Please keep us updated. it's nice to meet someone from the same area. who was your Dr. (if you are open to sharing)?
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Well ladies all of your posting helped prepare me for my tuck. I had my thurs the 14 the pain was manageable with vicodin first day was the hardest. The laxative / stool softener didn't do much but prunes helped me go today. I don't know maybe it's a combination of both. I have one drain and it has slowed down and fluid is a lot lighter. Tues is my post op appt so I will see my belly then. The bandages that covered the incision need to come off they donot smell fresh. Probably from the fluids. So far so good cant wait to see my new tummy
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Hey miss.lady, just coming by to check on ur progress. I'm still a bit swollen, he wants to do a little more lipo on my love handles...I'm excited cuz some fat still peeks over my pants, haha. Well, take care!
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Hey girl, it great to hear from you. I'm doing better. I still have days where I look like I am 6 months pregnant. But my tummy will go back down after 2 or 3 days. But that sucks! Then I have days where I'm really flat. Hummmmm....
When did ur dr say he might be able to do more lipo? Mines didn'tsay exactly but he said I need more too above my navel and I still have some loose skin above my incision. He said he could fix that too. I hope sooner than later. You gotta post new pics. I'm gonna post some tomorrow. How do you feel in ur clothes? I will say I feel beter about that. Update soon. Take care.
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YES YES YES, you look Amazing w/Tremendous progress! Be Blessed.
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Hey girl! Your looking good! It's hard to tell that you are having problems..I feel your pain though cus I'm having the same problem with my upper abdomen too(6wks post-op). It's not as bad as it use to be. It still does feel a little weird and swells more than anyother area(frustrating)!I'm curious to hear what your doctor had to say??? I don't see my doc until the 30th of this month(seems like 4ever). Hope things get better for you!
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Hey thank you. Its getting better. I did talk to my dr and I thought it was an umbilical hernia but thank god its not he said it just really swollen from the stitches in my abdomen. He did tell me that if it doesn't go down in a few months that he coulddo spot lipo or a mini tuck upwards under my breast to flaten the area out above my navel that's protruding. So we will see. But that made me feel better. Other that that I've lost a few more pounds and wore a bikini to a public pool for the first time since I was 18! :) I'm a happy camper. How are you doing?
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Hi Lolly. I'm about 4.5 weeks post op too!!! I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. Are you wearing a compression garment? My doc had me go into a compression garment (from right under the boobs to mid-thigh)as soon as she removed my drains. At night I take it off and wear the binder I wore home from the hospital. I'm also taking Arnica three times a day which is supposed to help with swelling and drinking lots of water.

Everybody heals different, so you should also give your doctor a call Also, remember this is a proceess and it takes time for your body to adjust. Good luck!!!
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am 4weeks post TT and liposuction, my tummy looks great but swelling is killing me at present and it does not look as if it will go down. please is there any one in the same boat as me because iam feeling so depressed about it.
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Hey Girlie, how are you? How did things go with the doctor?
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Hey girlie saw ur new pics you look great! I know you've got to be happy.
Girl I went to the dr and found out I don't have an umbilical hernia like I thought I did. Praise God :) so the sweling and protruding above my navel he said can be fixed with spot lipo or a mini tuck under my breast o pull upward to tighten it out. So that's good news to me but that could be a while. Other than that I'm doing good. I've been walking so I've lost a ew more pounds and taking it easy. I do get winded very easy I have to build up my stamina. Ill post news pics shortly.
How are you feeling/doing?
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That's great news about that not being a hernia!!!! Feeling pretty good overall. My sides aren't as flat and smooth as I'd like, but hopefully that will come. And my hip lipo spots are still swollen and SORE . . .but you're right, overall I'm THRILLED. Big difference in my appearance and wearing smaller, more fitted clothes. (Not rockin' bikinis like YOU yet, but will get there as I continue dropping weight)!!! I go back to my doctor next week which is good. Last visit she mentioned that we could "fine tune" after a couple of months. Not sure what that means, but hope it's free :-)

Question, are you getting sort of a burning feeling? I've been getting that lately in my abdomen, like the feeling you'd get from doing a TON of sit ups. Weird and a little uncomfortable.
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wow, sorry to hear that ur having a bit of a problem. I hope he is able to fix it wit as little surgery as possible. I'm glad ur in a swimsuit cuz I sure ain't, not yet. Imma try to walk off a few pounds and then reveal my new body at my daughters bday party next month. I'm glad every thing else is going well wit you... I can't wait till were a few months out, I know we are gonna look so hot! Haha. Well make sure u let me know what ur doc says, hopefully its nothin too serious...oh, and pix, pix, pix...ttyl8r, gurl!
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Girl I know I'm all messed up. Naw I'm kidding :) I'm doing a little better I did go to the dr and he told me its not an umbilical herni like I thought it was so that's refreshing. But he did say if it doesn't smooth out and the swelling doesn't go down in a few months he will have to do spot lipo or a mini tuck up under my breast and pull the skin upward to tighten. Crazy huh? But he know better than I do. I'm just happy its nothing major. He said it might be the stiches in my abs that he put in there and they re just healing slower. Other than that I got over my big thigh issue and took my but to the public waterpark with my kids. I was noided at first but I got over it after a while. I guess its cause I haven't worn a bikini in public since I was a teenager. But I'm getting more comfortable. My girl told me " girl you just look like one of those thick strippers in the atl. I guess I should take that as a compliment lmao!! I don't know. Anyway, I believe you should put yor prety self in a bikini and run to the nearest beach. You are beautiful and you look great!! If I can do it you can do it!!! Let me know when you do. And how are you feeling? Ill post more pics in a couple of days ill let you know
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Hey girl, where you at? How ya been doin?
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Hey girly, loooooooove your new pics. You look so pretty!
As for wassup with me. I think I may need. Revision done on my tummy. I have an appt with my dr on Tuesday and see what he says. There is a bump above my navel that makes me think I popped something. And I have an area where I still have some skin that won't go flat above my cut. Its either extra skin or fluid. Because everything is flat but that part. Now don't getme wrong I look wayyyyyyyy better than I did before the surgery and for that I am thankful. I'm just concerned that if I work out that part will stay the way it loks now......I'm worried. But ill keep you updated. And ill update my pics.
On a good note I have been to the swimming pool and the beach wiht my kids a few times. That's a big deal for me because its something I never wanted to do before surgery. But I don't really care what these people think around where I live.....ill tell you how I fair once I go to south beach in 3 weeks. Kinda nervous.... I know I don't have a great body sooooo kinda thinking I may be wearing a one piece lol! I'll let you know how my appt goes
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