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I have been addicted to this wonderful web site...

I have been addicted to this wonderful web site since I started my tummy tuck journey the beginning of October 2014. I am a 34 yr old mother of two my youngest is 17 months. I will be getting married to my long turn bf this spring! I have wanted a tummy tuck since my first child, which was 15 years ago. I never thought I would be able to do it but I have been blessed. I am so happy and scared at the same time, I have so many emotions. Overall I want my surgery and recovery to run as smoothly as possible. I am 5ft and 150 lbs. I was 115 before children but I think I was too skinny and my breast were too big. My ideal wght is about 135, I don't want to loose my curves and I don't want to be skinny. I am getting a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks. My ps said he doesn't recommend muscle repair because it wouldn't be worth the pain. This is the only thing that concerns me, if I'm getting this done I want it done right and to my satisfaction. I wonder if there is anyone who had full tt and lipo without mr. I would love for my waste to be about a size 24 and my stomach to be really flat, with no love handles of back roll..lol I am counting down the days, 10 more and by the grace of God I will be on the flat side!!! If anyone can offer some advice I would really appreciate it.

Welcome to the community.  So excited for you and can't wait to see your results.  

We are all here for you so please keep checking in with us.

Thank you Kimmers25, I so excited and now I'm more scared than anything, but I can't wait to see my results. I hope that I'm satisfied and everything goes well.

I know, this is a scary process.  You will do well and we are all here to help you through.


More fat pics

I tried to update these pics days ago..but couldnt figure out how. .
Good I think that will help a lot and oain is not that bad overall. U will be so excited about u new body it kinda eases the pain lol;)
Hello everyone!! I hope you all are doing well and if you're in the Midwest I hope you're keeping warm! I have been so busy with school, kids, preparing for the holidays, and trying to make sure I'm ready for Monday (my big day). I am a NERVOUS wreck!! It seems like I'm running out of time and I haven't finished half the things I need to get done. I went to pick up the last of my meds and my ps prescribed my celebrex..It was a freakin 214.00! I left it at the pharmacy because I had no idea it was that much. Is this something that you all took, or is it there a substitute? I know its a pain med but I also have percocet, valium, and was told to take 81mg of aspirin. Is the celebrex really necessary or can I take ibprofen? I'm a little sad that I won't be able to hold my 1 year old and I won't be able to sleep in my bed. PLEASE keep me in your prayers, I have ONE more day before I'm on the flatside and I can't focus on much on anything else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
Try to stay calm u will be fine and sexy giod luck will be praying for u

It's aout that time RS!!!

OMG I'm counting down the minutes, please pray for me. I haven't been to sleep yet..I'm due to be at the hospital in an hour..hopefully I can post pics later today!!!
Congratulations and good luck. Happy healing!!!
Thank you chicaLa, I sure do need it!
God be with you thru the surgery, you will love the new you

I made it to the flat side!!!

Hi real self...thank God my surgery went as planned yesterday. I wasvin pain but it was tolerable .I will give details a litte latet but I'm going to upload q couple of pic for you all. I hope everyone is doing ok.
congrats shashaboo!
Thank you BIEE!!!

Can't believe I did this!!!

Hello RS.. I have been taking it easy. I had a lot of family over for the holidays. I must say, I have not had any bad experiences. I thought the procedure would be a lot worse. I haven't had any bad bad pain, just swelling and stiffness. Also I was really weak for the first few days, now just more tired. It's been four days and I have not really been taking the meds since post op day 3!! I had a bowel movement earlier today with no problem what so ever. I did take one colace for three days straight but that was it. I really miss sleeping in my bed with my hubby and holding my baby. Cant wait to see my results once my shape starts to form. My next post op visit is Monday, hopefully my tub, and staples come out. I haven't worn a cover garment yet, my ps said he don't always recommend them. I also miss taking a shower, I haven't been cleared to do that yet. I will try and post pics.

4 day post op pics

4 days post op

OMG I had to cough yesterday!!!

You all the coughing in NO JOKE!! That has been the worst part of this whole experience. I have been recovering better than I expected but I had to cough ever since the tub was taken out, well yesterdayI couldn't control it and it was freakin horrible. I felt like I was being tortured, then after it was over I had no energy left. Other than that I have been fine. Tomorrow I go see my ps and hopefully get my drains and tub out. Again the tub has not been an issue for me and I didn't even have a pain pump.
Iam six month post and when l sneeze still hurts, :-o, keep a cough drops near you it help a lot.be patience you have a long way to go, my dr said that it take a year or more for our body to feel normal.
OMG trguena I can't imagine going through that for six months!! I am definitely keep the cough drops on hand!
Hey there .. For the coughs.. When I know it's coming I drink water.. It helps a lot.. And then I try to cough in my own time .. Don't wanna let phlem or anything just sit

post op day 7

Well I should have posted this yesterday since I made it to one week. I went in for my checkup and I git my drain and staples out. Getting the tub out was the worst part of my experience besides coughing! You all it felt like the tube was wrapped around something and I unable to move for bout five minutes. ..that ish was no joke! The staples weren't to bad, just didn't know I had so many. Afterwards my nurse Katie put ther steri strips on and I was much better after that. I am still so very swollen and walking hunched over. I can't wait to see the final result, although I am happy with what I see now. I just pray that I end up being really flat with no complications. I really haven't been taking any meds only 1 aspirin a day for clots. I took one percocet before going to my appointment. The staff and my ps has made this experience really easy for me! I will post pics shortly.

pics from today 10 days post

Still swollen, sore from lipo, and bent over. I'm starting to feel the depression that I read about. Just tired of feeling like this and anxious to feel normal, get final results, and get back to my old routine. Feeling some type of way...


How long did it take for you all to start really seeing your results..I'm feeling a little discouraged today :/

more pics that didn't post before

Hi there! I got my TT a week after you. I feel tired and swollen too. Wanted to keep in touch. Would be great to hear from you. Hopefully this last week has been good for you! Did you discuss your incision with your ps?
Hi Working mum losing weight!! So good to hear from you, I still am very swollen and my tummy is really hard at the bottom. I still have a hard time standing straight. I am a little disappointed that I'm healing so slow, I just want this part to be over! I'm ready to feel comfortable and fit into my clothes!
I'm positive we had ours done on the same day .. I am just thankful that I am not where I was .. The swelling will go away.. Rest is important !!!! Over doing it can cause swelling to.. At my post op .. My PS was pleased ( both appointments) now that I have all of the drains out I feel like a new woman.. I can decrease the CG to 18 hrs .. That is the blessing .. But without it sometimes I feel too jiggly

3 weeks post-op!

Today makes three weeks for me and I'm feeling much better than before. I got my steri strips off today. Now i can really see my scar. I have been to see my ps twice and my nurse has been giving me ultrasound massages to soften my tissue from the Lipo. That is what's keeping me so swollen. I am almost standing straight but there's still a lot of tightness. I was a bit worried because I didn't feel like I was going to be as flat as I hoped to be but I slowly see my shape coming in...guess I'm a late bloomer..lol. my back doesn't hurt as bad from the lipo which is good. I do have one side that is more swollen than the other but hopefully I won't need any revisions. Her are some pics I took over the last couple weeks.

more pics

more photos

You look great!
U look great. I'm 13 days post op and I also had a mental breakdown, Lol. Just tired of not feeling normal and the lack of rest. Happy healing, u look wonderful
Davenport Plastic Surgeon

So far I so love the staff and my ps makes me feel really comfortable. They answer all of my questions and concerns. I love the facility, its really modern and comfortable.

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