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I am 42 years old and have had some unsightly...

I am 42 years old and have had some unsightly bulging veins and spider veins in my left calf for the past couple of years that only seemed to be getting worse. I saw a vascular surgeon who confirmed via ultrasound that I had faulty valves in the greater saphenous vein and I finally went through with the Venefit procedure one week ago. I was very anxious about the procedure but in the end it wasn't that bad. I took some valium but to be honest I don't think it helped all that much. The actual procedure was kind of uncomfortable - mostly just getting the local anesthetic but it was fast, I think it took 20 minutes total.

Pain after the procedure hasn't been that bad. I only took advil once the first night. Wearing the compression stockings isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The bruising is pretty bad at the incision site but i was told that would happen. And the best news is that the ugly bulging vein in my calf is gone even though the discoloration from some spider veins is not. So I go back in a month and I imagine will need sclerotherapy to clear up the rest of the tiny veins. Again, I was told ahead of time that clearing all of this up is a process that takes time, but the first step is fixing the greater saphenous vein.


Thank you for your great review! You made a really good and helpful point about fixing the greater vein first. Glad to hear the procedure wasn't too bad...I think I would be taking a bit of valium too. Did your surgeon say how long your results would last? Looking forward to hearing about your next appt!

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Update on 3/26/13 I am exactly 2 weeks out. ...

update on 3/26/13

I am exactly 2 weeks out. Bruising still pretty noticeable at both incision sites. Pain has never really been that much of an issue but i do feel tightness along my upper inner thigh at times. I am still wearing the compression stocking all day every day and only remove it to bathe and sleep. The big bulging veins in my calf are completely gone and maybe the spider veins are a tiny bit better but I still need some work done to fix those. Also, where the bulging vein was on my calf, the area is discolored. I am not sure if that is the vein visible beneath the skin or some kind of pigment change but i will ask the doctor when I see him in a couple of weeks.


Did insurance cover this procedure?
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I'm supposed to have the VNUS procedure done for the lower saphenous vein. I had the laser ablation done years ago on my upper thigh. The recovery was worse than I thought and I had a complication, therefore I am really scared to do the VNUS procedure this week. My varicose veins are not that bad, it's just that I did sclerotherapy and now it looks worse, because the saphenous vein is incompetent. Did you have your procedure done in your thigh or calf? Your recovery seems to be going very well!
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I had my upper thigh done. I do have issues with the lower branch as well but haven't addressed that yet. My MD said doing the upper might help many of the symptoms and it did, at least for now. I do know after talking to my MD, that doing sclerotherapy can cause discoloration that lasts for longer than a year. Is that what you have now? What was your complication? Also the laser ablation is different from the VNUS procedure so maybe you will fare better with this technique. I didn't think it was that bad at all really so hopefully you will have great results. Did you get discoloration after the sclerotherapy? I know that can be a big problem. Good luck!
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