Great Experience - LipoTherme on Love Handles and Lower Abs

I had lipotherme on my lower abs and love handles...

I had lipotherme on my lower abs and love handles on March 25th. I have to admit, I had read several bad reviews on line the week prior to my procedure and was nervous. I had done my research and found a board certified plastic surgeon that I had fully researched. I was made to feel very comfortable and was never upsold to do more than what I had asked for to begin with.

Day One: 7am took a valium. Friend drove me to clinic. Wore my yoga pants and an old t shirt. A wonderful and very sweet assitant took my before photos. When the surgeon arrived I took 2 more valium and was very relaxed and awake for the entire procedure. It took from about 9 am to 2pm. After he completed my lower abs, I had to go potty - so the kind assistant helped me to the bathroom. I was a bit hungry, so I ate a banana. I then took one more valium and he did my love handles. I had 3 occassions when it felt a bit painful but other than that, I found it to be very easy. So many reviews talked about horrible pain etc. I was terrified and found that it was SUPER easy with close to NO pain at all.

Ok, now I get home and the kind friend who helped me out had to change my dressings. That was comical. We tried to use our four hands to plug the 9 holes in my body! LOL I almost passed out from laughter and the fact that neither of us would make good nurses.

I never took the pain meds they prescribed me. I only took extra strength tylenol. I must admit that the compression garment is not the funnest thing to wear but makes everything feel better.

Day Two: Mom has flown in to town to help out. I almost felt bad because I was fine to walk around and do everything myself. I was a bit sore but kept taking my tylenol and arnica for swelling and bruising. I also drank a lot of pineapple juice. I would suggest buying a stretchy non stick wrap if you have had your abs done. Once you move in to only bandaids, wrap yourself up and then put your garment on. This keeps things in place and makes the garment feel better. I also used Arnica gel to help with brusing and swelling. I walked every hour as well as 2 20 min walks today.

Day Three: I still can't get over how EASY this all is going. I can't get in to any denim yet as I am still swollen but I can see the MOST FLAT stomach I have ever had. I am living in my juicy sweats and loving what I see so far. I walked again today.

Day Four: Walked on treadmill...might have overdone it a bit. Still keeping up on my pineapple juice, arnica pills, arnica gel and tylenol. Put on a bikini just to see what it would look like --------- LOVE IT.

Day Five: Took one last day off work to make sure that I was back to normal. I walked 3 miles today. I am still a bit sore but am ready to head back to work. In total I took off 3 days of work - thurs and friday and Monday of this week.

I am not sure what people are talking about with swelling in the pubic area. I had absolutely NONE. I had little to NO pain and can say that I would recommend this to anyone. My mom suggested I stop reading the bad reviews and just trust in my decision. I decided to do just that and am glad that I did!!

I hope this helps someone out.

Danville Plastic Surgeon

The entire office staff is wonderful, supportive, kind and experts. Dr. B is a board certified plastic surgeon and treats you like family.

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Hi Ladies, I really appreciate your comments on this site. I'm having my lower and upper abs, flanks, outer thighs and braline done next week. From all the comments I've read an equal number of negative comments as positve. I'm thrilled this doctor has more positive than negative. I am frustrated at myself for not shopping around a little more. I was told that I was getting a really good price but from your comments it looks like I'm paying more. I just hope that I'm thrilled with my results and can stop kicking myself for not getting a better price. I'll continue to keep everyone posted on my results.
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I am on week 7 and this is the first day I went without my spanx. I am still swollen and have lots of hardness/numbness. I see a big difference but I can tell that I won't see the full results until 3-6 months like the doc said. We all gots to hang in there and be patient, patients I guess!?! I am jealous of all you who saw immediate results tho!! :)
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Hey ladies!! Can't wait to hear your updates. I had my surgery with Dr. Bansal on 6/24. I had a great experience with him and the staff. I had my upper/lower and love handles done. I am no longer bruised but still VERY sore, the areas are still very hard and swollen so results are hard to see so far. It's only been a little over a week. I can't wait til the day when I burn or take a scissor to the Spanx!! Did any of you have to wear those rolled up bandages at your love handles for conturing. They are so hard to hide and I feel like I almost look bigger trying to wear clothes to hide them! Did you do the vela-shape at your 3 week? How'd it go?
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Week 3 -- Ok, I have to admit that when I get back from work for the day - I am sore because the compression garment is so tight that it cuts me right above my belly button and it causes a hard line across my stomach. I can't wait to stop wearing this thing. I do wrap myself with hurt free tape to keep the garment from indenting me - which does work. All incision sights are doing well and practically gone. I am still bruised on one side and on my lower abs - which I continually massage in morning after shower and at night after shower and before going to bed. I was told that I am still sore because the dr. was agressive. I am ok with that - I am still flat and am looking forward to seeing how many inches I lost in my waist. I am also happy that my clothes still fit. I wasn't looking to buy a new wordrobe. I have been roughly the same size since highschool and didn't want anyone to think -- "what have you had done" I look very normal but if you know me well - you can tell my rolls around my side and lower abs are gone. I am working out faithly 4 - 5 days a week. I am still keeping things to treadmill, walk outside or eliptical with some weights for upper body. I don't want to overdo process. I am looking forward to what ever procedure they are going to do to me this Friday. I was told it is a treatment they do after the procedure for additional tightening and smoothing of area. I do want to wear a bikini this summer and will probably have a few of those procedures done to ensure smoothness. I will let you all know what that was all about. Overall, still very pleased.
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Hey there. I haven't been on recently to post anything. How are your lower abs now? I am going in for my 3 week follow up on this Friday. I am still bruised...but was told that Dr. was fairly aggressive. While I am still super happy...I can't wait to stop wearing this garment and can't wait for my abs to be so sensitive that when I come home there are indents from the garment and my pants. What have you been told?
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Hi we have the same surgeon, he is really good. i love my body -- so far so good! i had my lower/upper abdomen, arms and inner thighs done on March 17, 2010.
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