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I am a mom of 3 in my 40s weighing about 122lb...

I am a mom of 3 in my 40s weighing about 122lb starting to look for anti aging everything. I stumbled upon coolsculpting one day and realized how much love handles I actually had when I grabbed onto my sides and saw bra bulges.
I have post baby stomach SKIN - which, one of the clinics told me was possible to treat with coolsculpting (they suggested after a 2 minute consultation, 2 small applicators for sides, one big applicator for stomach). I had to get a 2nd opinion because I really wondered about whether or not skin would disappear. There's no way, according to elite md spa- who suggested I do 4 smalls on sides only.

I am currently sitting on the bed getting both sides of 'love handles' suctioned and frozen as I write this. The initial shock of suction was really surprising as it grabs almost 5-6 inches do your skin in. Unlike some other reviewers, I am not comfortable enough to fall asleep with 10 minutes remaining.

They took off the first set and OUCH it does hurt for about 2 minutes as you thaw out, keep massaging as this apparently kills more fat cells!

Now I'm getting the backside and its is overlapping some of the first treatment, I'm thinking double whammy will give a better results so we shall see.....

Elite MD spa combines an ultra sound massage 2 weeks after the procedure which does not kill fat cells but shrinks them, I like the sounds of additional treatment to help cool sculpting that they offer.

Immediately after the first treatment

Almost 2 weeks past

Itchiness and sensitive ness has now subdued but its been a sensitive two weeks with Spanx wearing for 10 days. Skin around the area is still numb to touch but the bruising is gone. I honestly don't see any difference, though my mind might be thinking my pants are fitting better. I don't think I see a difference so here is a photo.

After vazer

It's been about 2.5 weeks and here are my before and after vazer

Vazer experience

I had my vazer done yesterday and was pretty excited, except the vazer got pretty hot on my belly that I was apparently done after 20 minutes.. Instead of an hour. So I felt a bit cheated but my belly was shocked with the sudden heat. I honestly don't see an enormous amount of change.. Seriously, is this really going to work out in the end??? @:@?

not sure if the change is dramatic

husband says i'm definitely narrower, I can't see it but then my clothes are for sure looser around where I was cool sculpted.

as for the follow ups from eliteMD spa, no one ever called once for any kind of a check up following my appointments. my before photos are laying around in the office somewhere. I won't be returning to eliteMD.

Elite MD spa - spent almost 2 hours answering my initial questions. However, no follow up phone calls. Staff seemed wonderful to get your business, I have not met any doctors as my procedures were done by assistants. They definitely holds you for a great consultation but absolutely fizzle out once you sign on to receive treatment.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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That's strange they only did 20 min. Did they tell you why? But honestly when I had my first one done almost 2 weeks ago, a few days after was the first time I felt and seen a diff on my belly. Im going back this Monday for the 2nd Vaser shape. It's Been almost 1 month since my CS and I'm def seeing a change. I went through a lot of pain for it so I'm glad to see some results! It's not a huge Diff yet but looking forward for the monthes to come. I'll def put up my before & after pics. Good luck & hang in there!
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Hi mommy V- I should've asked why mine was only 20 minutes long- would you be willing to ask if the session is supposed to last longer or if once the skin layers are heated enough one can stop? I see a little improvement so would love to know about your 2nd treatment. :)
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Just an update.. It's been 3 days since my first Vasershape on Monday and wow, For the first time since I had the CS done a little over 2 weeks ago I can actually see some changes on my belly. Not sure if its from the Vasershape but right after the next day or two my belly seems to have gone down a bit. I was not expecting to see any results so soon so its really inspireing. I actually had to tighten my belt notch 1 more hole. I'v been been sceptical lately that anything would even happen. I wish I would have took my own before pics so I could now compare. Soo well see!
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Hello I also had cool sculpting done on my lower Ab on Oct 7th @ the Martin Center in Mobile Al and It wasn't bad at all. I am 45 yr of age 5 ft and I weight 145 lb but I am what they call solid I am a weight watchers life timer and I try to keep my weight down but since I have started going through Menopause its been truly hard . I have had 3 c-section and I have a Kangaroo Pouch that I just can't get rid of. I have look into Lipo but it is just out of my "Price Range". I have taken pictures but not yet posted them I have been told by my co-workers that they see a difference but I don't know if its from me doing my weight watchers but I do see a difference its only been 2 weeks so I can't wait to see what I look like in 2 months.
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Awesome, hope it works for all of us! :) I feel like I'm waiting and looking for something every time I look in the mirror... I hope my mind isn't playing tricks on me at this point :)
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Same here but I want to find out about this vaser heated sonogram I am going to see if there is someone that does it here in Mobile.. But I have friends that tell me they see a difference but I am just going to wait until the 2 months to really make sure i do see results but so fare I do like what I see and I feel good I have some Pic but I haven't posted them
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Lovinglife45...also wanted to tell you that I'v been reading a lot of reviews and researching the coolsculpting and in most cases it can take UP TO 4 monthes to see your max results but usually will start to really see them within 2-3 monthes. So hang in there and don't get discouraged as I'm trying to as well :)) it's hard not to look in the Mirror everyday and think about it, so I just try not too and go about my day, since its only been 2 weeks for me too. The tech where I went started to see slight results after 2 weeks too wen she did it. So hang in there Girls!
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Hello, I too just had this done at EliteMdspa in Danville! My first one was right before yours on Oct 11th. I had both love handles done & my upper abs, but it was too painful to finish my lower abs so I went back the following Tues, Oct 15th. The pain was worse than I thought but they took good care of me there, their awsome. I'm making my first vaser heated sonogram apmnt tomorrow..can't wait. Iv been talking w other girls on here that's done the cool sculpting at other places but wasn't offered the heated sonogram treatment after nor had even heard of it. So it's only been about 10 days & of course I can't see any results & don't expect to but I'm trying so hard to be patient :) I'm 5'5 and weigh about 136 & all my fat is in my belly/flank region so hoping this is going to help instead of the invasive laser lipo suction they offer. I didn't think to take before pics of myself but they'll be giving me my before & afters afterwards. I'm thinking of going for a second & final treatment after a few monthes to hopefully get max results.
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Wow did you? How did yours turn out so far? Did you go for the two wk post vazer yet? Going this week, hoping it works magic! Good to know someone else ho went to the same place. :))
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Hi yes me too! Also just changed my profile pic actually of them doing the coolsculpting on me. It was on Oct 15. So yeah I went yesterday for my first Vasershape treatment at the ElitespaMD and it was amazing. She massaged my whole upper & lower Abb's & my side flanks (Everything I got done) w the very warm sonogram like machine for an hour. It just felt so soothing and it's supposed to loosen up the dead fat cells to speed up the excretion of it from my body. Have you done your first one yet, they should have thrown it in for free? So they recommended I get 2 more done every 2 weeks. But now their charging me $150 for a session. But I think it's worth it...hopefully :) Oh and for Lovinglife45, you should really look into it as well. But since they didn't offer it to you after your coolsculpting then it will may cost you a lot more. Where I go in Danville Ca, they charge $350 a session! That's if you come in & only want that done, then not sure if its worth it.
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I'm going this Friday and excited :) ill let you know what they tell me. That doesn't sound too bad for an hour of vazer, have you seen immediate results? Did you take photos of yourself? :)
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Ok soo I had my first vaser done yesterday as u know, and I'm not too sure but today is the first day that my belly felt a little smaller. Although its still hard to tell, But it seems the vaser made a difference. I also forgot to mention that the Vaser treatment is supposed to help a lot w tightening of the skin! That's one of the main things for the treatment & I can def need that. Pls let me know how it went Friday :) good luck!
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Can't wait to see your pictures
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