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During my first visit to get a rhinoplasty...

During my first visit to get a rhinoplasty estimate, I had asked the doctor if exercise would help my neck that was just starting to lose some elasticity. He recommended neck lipo-suction. I was shocked and told him that I didn’t have any fat to suction. He said that it didn’t matter because the procedure creates an adhesive that will tighten the skin on my neck. It just didn’t make sense to me so I wasn’t interested but 3 times the doctor and his assistant spoke of this “scarring that creates an adhesive which tightens the neck” so I began to think it must actually work. After changing my mind back and forth, on my last appointment before the surgery, I was talked back into this surgery.

I had horrible results. I am one who works out several times a week, has always been in great shape and looks young for my age. Something went terribly wrong and for two months, I would not leave the house without a scarf or turtleneck. I was so embarrassed that I kept my office door closed.

My neck is still tender and sore, swollen, and saggy. I kept asking them if it was ok to have all these surgeries at once and was always told it was better to have them all at once. Well apparently, wearing a chin strap is an important part of the recovery process and because of my brow lift, I was not given one to wear until a week later but by then my neck muscles appeared to have collapsed and I had swelling all the way to my collar bone and around my neck. No risks were ever mentioned to me about this surgery and I never signed a consent form.

I'm very sorry Shannon...that's a shame. I may need fillers for the sides of my nose. Can't tell you how many times a day I wish I wouldn't have had this done.
Omigosh Faith! A doctor in Danville did a very similar thing to me. He lipo'd each side of my chin, with horrible results! I didn't need it at all. I've always looked years younger than I am, but this was horrible. It was about 15 years ago and since then, I've had fillers put in at regular intervals, but there is permanent scarring. I wonder if it was the same doctor. I never went back to him!

Hi Faith, I'm sorry you haven't had a positive experience. If you're interested we will be doing a live video chat with one of our Top doctors tonight at 5:15 pm (PST), specifically around chin augmentations, implants, lipo where anybody can ask questions and get real-time answers. If you're interested, sign up here.


July 20, 2012 - 8 months post Just added 2 more...

July 20, 2012 - 8 months post

Just added 2 more photos. The 2nd to last photo was taken 2 months before surgery and the last photo is at nearly 8 months post surgery. Unbelievable. These surgeries were supposed to help me look and feel better but instead have hurt me in many ways from low self-esteem and confidence, embarrassment, depression, etc.

Be careful your homework and be very selective picking your surgeons..... better your natural self and beauty.
Edit to my post below, sorry I made a typo, it was meant to say it reduces it WITHOUT leaving sagging!
To Faith2012 and others that have had this type of result, please try a much less expensive option such as Tripollar STOP or Tripollar POSE for firming up and fat reduction on your necks. I'm not connected in any way with Tripollar, I had a double chin myself which I am using the POSE for (the STOP is meant for face and the POSE is meant for body so reduces far more fat) and my double-chin is nearly gone now, it reduces it with leaving sagging. It uses radio frequency technology to melt the fat and makes your skin produce new collagen and become more youthful. There are other brands out there too and if you're careful you can order cheap ones from China (there is a company called that is an intermediary and doesn't release your funds to the seller of the device until you are happy it is received undamaged and in full working order) so your purchase is pretty risk free. You might be able to find one on eBay alternatively. Look for RF, radio frequency or tripolar machine (or the Tripollar branded one) on eBay (there are also monopolar and bipolar ones but the more poles it has the more effective it will be). It's worth a try for a few hundred dollars rather than having to pay thousands for surgical revision. Best of luck.
Wow your post is making me think twice about getting chin lipo. I think you're right - that the negative results may have been caused by not wearing the chin strap, causing your skin to be stretched from uncontrolled swelling. Personally, I've dealt with loose skin before from pregnancy. Dr. Pickart's copper peptides along with MSM, Vitamin C, and flaxseed supplements help, but the process can take a while. Thanks for posting these pictures.

added photo

Here’s a photo that was taken one month post. The amount of swelling was substantial and lasted so long that the skin on my neck has been permanently stretched and is now very saggy. Again, I was told to do this as a preventative measure to tighten the neck. I can’t believe I fell for this. The doctor actually told me that my neck looked like this because of the way I was standing when he couldn’t take a decent photo. He also said that I didn’t need to be covering it up with turtle necks and scarves because I looked fine.
Oh, you poor thing! I hope you are suing this doctor! Can you go in for a neck lift to correct this? How awful for you.
Hi Globaljuju, thank you for your comment. I would love to have this fixed but this surgeon also ruined my nose/breathing so I'm saving to have that fixed first. I had requested a refund but he did not reply or respond to any of the issues I am facing. He and his assistant acted like there wasn't anything wrong my results and I was told that I now look "amazing."
He thinks his work is "amazing"? You have to wonder why surgeons like this are not on the same page as everyone else. Did their parents raise them to believe they can do no wrong? Do they need glasses? Whatever it is, botched surgery like this needs to be exposed so others can be aware. Make sure whoever does your revision(s) agrees these results are cosmetically unacceptable; otherwise, don't let them touch you.

My looks have been permanently RUINED

This photo was taken yesterday (7-16-14). I was very embarrassed as someone posted it online. It’s been well over 2 and ½ years so it’s pretty safe to say that this is my final disastrous result. My previous neck was near perfect but I was told over and over again by Dr. Cheng and his staff that I should have this procedure done since I was already taking the time off work and had the surgery room paid for, as a preventive measure. They all repeated the same sales gimmick line that this procedure creates an adhesive that prevents any future sagging. They have ruined my looks and instead of apologizing or trying to rectify this horrible outcome, I was told that I look amazing and didn't need to be covering up my neck. Dr. Cheng and his assistant hid from me, stopped any communication with me and attempted to have the other doctor do some damage control by telling me how wonderful they all are. Be careful people…just because some surgeons may have a nice office and wear a white coat doesn't mean they’re not money-grubbing sociopaths.
I would sue him. Can he do a facelift to take the neck wrinkles out?
Thank you but I really want nothing more to do with that doctor or his employees. He has proven himself to be not only inexperienced but untrustworthy. They’ve ruined the quality of my life immensely by their deception and I can’t even explain the degree of pain they’ve caused me. I hope and pray no others ever fall victim to that office again.
Sorry this is very unfortunate that your ps was NOT experienced and did this to you. I hope another ps can rectify this disfigurement and you can walk around without scarfs and not be embarrassed. Best Wishes,i hope it a works out for you.
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