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Ulthera, Day 2 - Daly City, CA

Pros- non invasive, good reviews,skin complexity...

Pros- non invasive, good reviews,skin complexity improved after procedure
Cons- pain,result may vary

I am a 46 year old woman. Done Ulthera yesterday. It was painful, 5/10 level, took iboprofen 800 mg and vicodin. Had redness for about an hour after. It's  only day 2, my skin looks smoother and brighter, fine lines on forehead almost disappear. Eye brows lifted about 1/2 cm. My face is still swollen and jawline looks worse then before the procedure. The whole face feel tender. I have high pain tolerance level, so to me the pain was manageable, but I would imagine many could easily be too uncomfortable.
Will keep posted. :)

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Day 3, most of the swelling is gone. Area under...

Day 3, most of the swelling is gone. Area under chin looks lifted and toned. All neck is not as loose as before. Area around eyes is more smooth and toned.

I feel some numbness on my cheeks. It got better since the first day, but is still there.

I am taking vitamin C, 1000 mg - it helps to build collagen. Will get shot of Vit B complex ( helps to reduce inflammation, I am worried about my nerves being affected)


Since ulthera does create inflammatory responds and nerves could get involved and not being able to transmit signals ( I feel numbness below the cheekbone area) it should be mentioned more often as what to expect fron ulthera. II saw dermatologist here commented on it. In my case it' s getting better, however, once again the expectations about the procedure should be more realistic. It's not lunch time quick and easy treatment. It's painful, you might need pain meds and can' t go to work same day, better even plan to stay home next day.
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It sounds like you are seeing really good results - that is great to hear! You mentioned you are concerned about your nerves being affected, I'm curious where that concern comes from. Did you read something or did the doctor say something about that being an issue?

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3 weeks mark. All pain is gone,so is numbness. The...

3 weeks mark. All pain is gone,so is numbness. The temporary improvement that I saw after the procedure is also gone.


Hey, I saw that you marked Ulthera as "Worth It". I'm assuming you have continued to see good results then? :)

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Yes, I have! My swelling form the procedure, pain and numbness went away completely after 4-5 weeks, then between week 6 and 7 almost overnight my face began to look even slimmer, nasolabial folds flatter and overall younger. My Mom didn't see me since the procedure and commented that I looked 10 years younger ( she is usually very critical). I do want to post pictures, but can't get the right light to make it look as close to before pics as possible.
Hi, Is your result better even better??? I am interested in this procedure. So the price you posted is for the whole face????? HOw long the whole procedure take?? Thanks for the information in advance.
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I didn't meet the doctor. The procedure was done by a NP (allegedly).

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