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I just ordered my wraps. I've been hearing it...

I just ordered my wraps. I've been hearing it works and doesn't on some ppl. I have 3 kids im usually 118 lbs but after my last baby last july can't seem to get rid of little pudge I have (I'm 126)very slight but I want to look as close to before I had him. Since I just ordered my wraps from a friend distributor she's over- nighting me a free wrap. She is also a mother of 3 and had lost a lot of weight. I heard you should drink A LOT of water. So ill be taking some before pics and after pics after each wrap. Really hope it works so I can get some for my mom :)


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Thanks, I did drink a lot of water that day. But I don't normally drink so much water. I didn't know it was for the whole 72 hours I will be doing my second wrap today. So pics coming soon

"it works" body wrap

I just did my second wrap heres some pics. I do see some change.


I tried this product as well and it did nothing. You can make money from the company if you can get people to buy their product from you. Proceed at your own risk.
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Does look good! How long do your results last? How long do you keep the wrap on for?
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Now that you've tried a couple wraps and have had some time to think about it, do you think they work?
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