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Very Negative Experience - Dallas, TX

This review has been a long time coming. I turned...

This review has been a long time coming. I turned 50 last year and was starting to notice my jawline and neck heading south. I was overall happy w/the way I was aging but wanted to do what I could to slow down the inevitable. I had virtually no wrinkles, even when smiling, but as stated I was starting to notice sagging. My biggest concern about Ultherapy was possible fat/volume loss. I talked w/several Dr's and was assured this would not happen. I was told that 20% percent of the people who have this procedure do not see visible results, but that even they benefit from increased collagen production. I had never done any procedures prior to this, not even botox. I was having a hard time with turning 50 and felt like this would be a nice birthday present to myself. Within the first 2 months of the procedure, however, my worst fears transpired and I started noticing volume loss. The most noticeable areas were around the eyes and upper cheek areas. I talked with the nurse practitioner who did my procedure and I was told that "I was imagining things" and that "I was one of those people who see things that aren't there" and that "I needed surgery all along but that I just didn't realize it." My face has continued to deteriorate and now my eyes seem to be affected. I have no idea why but my eyes look half open and much smaller now. I am very concerned and am going to have to see an ocular ps now. For a long time I was shocked when I looked in the mirror, now sadly I am getting used to my new appearance. I can't begin to explain how difficult this has been. I could elaborate but I'm purposely trying to downplay the emotions in the hope that my review is not dismissed. I have waited to write a review for several reasons. The main being that I simply did not want to do it. I know there will be those that for whatever reason will not believe my review or will want to discredit it. In the end, however, I felt I had to do what I could to warn others. I am posting pics of my eye and upper cheek area. I tried to find pics that show the damage but still allow me to preserve my anonymity. The before pic was taken about 2 months before the procedure and the after was taken a month ago. I am smiling wide in both pics. I want to emphasize that the person who did my procedure was very experienced and that she actually did training on Ultherapy, so an experienced practitioner is no guarantee that you will not have a poor outcome. My sole reason for posting is so that people can have all the information possible in order to make an informed decision. The one thing, however, I want to strongly suggest is that no one do this procedure on their upper face. The risk is just too great. If you are set on trying the procedure, please just try it on the lower face/neck. That's it. I've told my story and given my review. I hope this has been helpful. I'm trying to put this awful experience behind me, so I don't plan to respond to comments or questions.


I too had a terrible experience. It's been a year and I'm still having problems with cyst like pimples that I never had before ultherapy. My skin is so different now. I wish I hadn't done it. It was painful for me - felt like I was getting shock therapy the current was running thru my body. What was support to take an hour took 4 hours! It was horrible! I see no results. Waste of money and ruined my skin. My estatatition couldn't believe it . Were still trying to get these deep cysts to go away. My dermatologist is trying too. They wanted me to try it AGAIN for a touch up.I had to laugh. I have contacted the home office in AZ to discuss and have sent photos of my face to them as they say this has never happened before. They keep telling me I'm the only one that's had a problem with ultherapy . Now I see I'm NOT! All I can say is DONT DO IT!
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Yes, it was very painful and the nurse did not wait 30 minutes to administer it after Valium and I too have bumps that were not there. Even though I have complained there is no redemption! We can only save the others...sure one looks great after 24 hrs. because swelling is still there, but eventually you have to face the music!
indeed. there are legions of women, from one side of the country to the other, who have suffered terrible consequences from Ulthera. a surgeon told me the most important action for healing was adequate hydration. i add buffered vitamin C powder by Thorne to the water (68-75 ounces/day) so i keep my vitamin C intake at 4600-7000 milligrams every day. and the herb gotu kola in tincture form by herb-pharm is extremely helpful for all kinds of skin conditions. if your cysts have something to do with scar tissue the gotu kola is especially helpful. good luck good luck

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