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I've always been "padded" but after 2 kids by...

I've always been "padded" but after 2 kids by C-section, my belly went from perky fat to droopy and sad fat. I turn 40 next year and wanna be in the best shape I possibly can. Exercise and diet has just not been cutting it for me and no amount of crunches was gonna get rid of this belly.

I'm feeling more excited than worried as I am no stranger to abdominal surgery after the c-sections but still interested in any tips I can get before the big day.

Going for my pre-op tomorrow! Excited but still relatively calm. (So far...)
Congratulations on the big day and I can't wait for the update on your progress I know the recovery will be smooth and trust me you will not regret it. Keep me posted

OK, I had my pre-op visit yesterday and my PS...

OK, I had my pre-op visit yesterday and my PS office e--mailed me my "before" pics in all their horrific-ness so that I can share them with you all. I wouldn't even want to share these pics with my husband but since most everyone here is on the same or similar journey I am on, here goes...

I don't think I mentioned that I am having a TT...

I don't think I mentioned that I am having a TT and inner thigh lipo and the PS said he would also lipo my flanks, area below my bra on my back to give me "a great result." I can't wait!
Only 2 weeks to go! I will keep my eye on you! :)

OK. It's getting down to crunch time! Exactly 7...

OK. It's getting down to crunch time! Exactly 7 days from now, I'll be in a lot more swollen and in pain but (Hopefully) on the flat side! I'm busying myself with all the little details of being "out of the loop" for at least a week to 10 days-- returning my kids' library books, buying any presents for upcoming birthday parties that I plan to send my kids with my husband to attend. (I can't actually expect him to take the kids AND shop for a present for a 6 year old girl!) My child is liable to end up bringing a football or a Transformer to a party. I don't even WANT to think about how my girls' hair will look while I am recovering in case I am unable to help them fix it!

I am trying to strategically plan on when to do laundry so that the piles coincide with my expected "usefulness" days. I am making lists of groceries to buy to make frozen dinners for my family (although my husband will probably just take them to McDonalds rather than heat up a lasagna for an hour!). I am trying to clean up all my "piles" of things to do that I probably will not be ABLE to do despite being off from work for a few weeks! I dropped off my prescriptions so those are ready and waiting for me when I get home from surgery. My bathroom counter is getting more and more cluttered with my purchases from Target of scar gel and anti-bacterial wash that I refuse to "put away" in case I can't bend over to reach them. Somehow my list keeps growing but one way or another, I am gonna get to next Friday! I may not be sane but I'll be flat! :)
i guess your all done now! well done and do let us all know how you got on xxx
Good luck to you as well! The past week for me sounds similar to yours.... right down to the laundry and the lists AND the not putting things away. Every move I made today I kept thinking "I won't be able to move like that for awhile." I am also having lipo on my inner thighs, so I'll be anxious to hear how yours goes. I think I might be more nervous about that than anything. I hear it's painful. :( See you on the Flatside!
You are nesting! We all went through it! And it does keep the nerves at bay! LOL! Time will begin to fly by so don't forget to find some time to relax before surgery! We are all here if you need us!

I posted a whole update and I guess it wouldn't...

I posted a whole update and I guess it wouldn't take all my pics at once and deleted my post! Anyways, I had been doing well but today I have been having some nausea and finally had a vomiting spell about an hour ago but otherwise I had been good. Definitely getting bored with the laying around and the odd round of hiccups. I think I am going to have to start weaning off the pain meds as they are starting to make me loopy.

I still have a lot of swelling going on but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!
Hang in there.. before you know it, you will 4 week post op and the end result is great.. I was supposed to have my surgery today. but got canceled due to low HGB. I was about to be wheeled to surgery. Now i will be having IV iron on 26th and hopefully have the surgery next week. let see.
Hang in there, 3 more days and it will be 1 week. I know what you are going thru today is my 4th day too. You look amazing!
cute.belly button! that was my big thing, not.every doc seems to know how to make a good bb! :) hope you are doing well!

PO day 5 and I think my bruising hit an all time...

PO day 5 and I think my bruising hit an all time high yesterday. Today, the muscle soreness seems to have caught up. The bruising seems to be fading compared to yesterday but I swear my thigh muscles and my butt seem particularly upset with me today. I am able to move better than the past few days but the soreness is like having just done some serious squats and leg work.
I got through the night without taking a pain pill but it sure was hard to get out of bed this am! I probably slept better but I was stiff as hell!

On a good note, since coming home from surgery, I've dropped 8.2 pounds-- obviously fluid from the swelling but am I being overly optimistic to hope for at least 15 more pounds to come off? ;)

Appetite still isn't much to speak of. Amazing what a few bouts of nausea can do for me. Sadly, I WANT to eat but nothing sounds particularly good. Yesterday, I was barely able to finish half an apple at dinnertime. Well, I should have enough fat stores remaining to keep me going in the meantime so I will power on!

Happy healing to all you post op-ers out there and good luck to you all getting ready to start their TT journey!
How are you doing? Hoping you had a good day!
Hi there, I hope ur are able to eat soon. Have u tried apple sauce? U need something in your stomach. I just noticed you said that u had a drain free TT, how does that work? The Drains seem to be everyone's Lil evil shadow. What happens with all of the fluid if u don't drain?
The layers are kinda quilt stitched back together so they don't rub and create as much fluid buildup. It is nice not having drains as I had endured them in the past with a previous breast surgery and def don't miss them. I think not having them has really gotten me moving faster and better sooner than I expected.

So yesterday was my 15th anniversary and I spent...

So yesterday was my 15th anniversary and I spent most of it asleep. The night before I was able to get a total of 2 hrs sleep. The time we were together and BOTH conscious, we shared a pb&j and chips for dinner. (He cooked his specialty). I promised we can celebrate "for real" in a few weeks when I can actually walk faster than an 80 yr old with a walker and actually have a taste for something yummy to eat. Lately the only food that barely appeals to me is bland sandwiches and soup.

So today is day 7 since I had my TT & inner thigh lipo surgery and I can tell that my thighs are not nearly as sore as they had been over the last two days. I still have the upper abdomen soreness from the lipo too but surprisingly not as much. My lower back is still hurting but last night I changed up my pillow config so I was able to turn on my side a bit. Every so often I try to lay on my side but I can't stay there very long before something starts hurting.

I think if my scale was correct at 4:30 this morning, I'm also down 10 lbs of swelling fluid so that has to be good news, right? I swear this swelling is going to drive me insane. I keep changing CGs throuout a day to try to be more comfortable but my verdict-- there isn't a comfortable one! I try putting on the one they sent me home from the Hosp in that was too loose at night and then the one size down during the day. I tried my Spanx last night and the elastic on my rib cage is more annoying than any of the other CGs! I'm tempted to just have a "free-fall" day this weekend but the hubs and kids have plans of getting me out of the house to watch their dance class & sports games so I'll probably wait until next week.

I go for my 1st post op appt on Monday and I'm planning to drive myself since my Dr has an office 2 miles away. I actually took a little drive around my neighborhood yesterday just to see how bad it would be. Surprisingly I didn't seem to have any turning pains or problems with the seatbelt going over my incision area, etc so I'm pretty sure it'll be fine. I haven't told my hubs about my outing yet-- I can't jeopardize my pb&j source! Oh the things we do to pass the time while recovering...

So I was 3 weeks PO on Friday. I can definitely...

So I was 3 weeks PO on Friday. I can definitely tell a difference from the first few days pics. I think I was definitely depressing myself taking daily pics because I wasn't seeing a huge difference but once I compare my POD1, POD7, POD14 & POD21 I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still having some swelling and soreness but I don't think I am too far off from pain and activity wise as some other ladies on here that are at 3 weeks or reading back on others at this stage of their recovery so I am comforted by that!

I go back to work tomorrow so I am looking forward to having something else to focus on besides my recent surgery but I have a feeling I am going to be VERY sore and tired by tomorrow night. Happy healing to you all and I'll check in soon.
How are you doing? I also had same drainless procedure in Dallas! I'm guessing from your pics we have different docs. Hope you are enjoying your results!!
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I consulted with 4 different doctors. 3 were definitely in the running but I ended up going with the one that seems to have the most experience with the "no drains" technique and also made me feel comfortable with all my questions, his staff & surgery center.

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