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A little about myself I'm a mother of 2 wonderful...

A little about myself I'm a mother of 2 wonderful children. After my first children I got extreme stretch marks that are so ugly to look at. I gained so much weight with her. Went from being 95 lbs to 140. I lost the weight in about 1 year and keep it off until I got pregnant with baby # 2. After him I really could lose the weight like I wanted to. Plus it doesn't help that I'm only 5 ft tall. Anyhow, I have wanted a TT for 7 years now but have been way to scared. The hubby finally said it was time plus I'm getting a BA as well. I was so excited at first now my emotional have gone up and down since I scheduled the surgery. My biggest fear is not waking up from the surgery and my family not having me. Had everyone else had this fear? I'm a healthily 34 yr old but you just never know. Plus I think I might be getting a cold. Calling dr tomorrow to see if I can get meds so I don't have to postpone the surgery.

Today has been a bit emotional for me and I...

Today has been a bit emotional for me and I haven't even had the TT and BA yet. I'm scared, nervous, getting a cold and excited all at the same time

But I'm fully prepared. Dinners ready for 2 weeks after, all meds filled and helpers ready to stay with me.

5 days til the flat side!!

So going to have a big dinner tonight since I have...

So going to have a big dinner tonight since I have to be on a clear diet all day tomorrow and then the bowel to that!! Lol. So my emotions about being scared of not making through surgery has now shifted to worried about the pain. My ps wants me off pain killers at noon the day after surgery. Seems like he wants to torture me but says it will be better. His theory is the pain meds cause swelling and bloating which can ultimately cause more pain and discomfort. So here's to finally be able to look like my old self.

I'm home with all drain and bind and pain pump. I...

I'm home with all drain and bind and pain pump. I have to say I had a rough day after surgery with the MR (he found and fixed a hernia and the extended Tt and ba but day 2 I was much better. Can't take off my binder so only and ugly pic.

Got overwhelmed today and couldn't stop crying....

Got overwhelmed today and couldn't stop crying. But got pain pump remove and one drain gets removed tomorrow.

Going on an son had a soccer...

Going on an son had a soccer tournament this weekend so I decided to get out for a game. A hour drive there and back. Wish me luck!!

Today has been a bad day. I'm so over the cg feels...

Today has been a bad day. I'm so over the cg feels so tight and uncomfortable. I had to do everything for the kids for the last two days because my hubby has a stomach bug on top of trying not to get sick from him. Wash hands wash hands. Clean anything with Clorox wipes over and over and over. I'm tired.

Today has been better I had my parents come back...

Today has been better I had my parents come back over because I've been doing everything for two days since my hubby had the stomach bug...including caring for him. I also calle the doctor Because my right hip is super swollen and she said I could take off the corset for a little while but leave the foam and binder feel better because that corset was so so tight I couldn't breathe. Didn't realize I would be in the foam this long so I didn't have enough yoga pants so I went shopping today for some more. If you plan on surgery with doctor white he has a very strong about keeping the foam and binder on at all times and for a really long time so lots of yoga pants for months. Anyways, I get to take off the binder tomorrow of the first time in 3 three day for my twice a week 8 min shower!! Happy about that.

Po day 17. I'm feeling pretty good over all. I...

Po day 17. I'm feeling pretty good over all. I do have a love hate relationship with my cgs. It feels weird without them just for the 8 mins I can take them off for (only twice a week). Got the Bb stitches and boob stitches out today and my bb looks amazing. I have energy but I'm drinking an ensure a day still and a vit c packet. Super super swollen still though and can't wear my old jeans yet.

Po 1 month. Went to the doctor today and got to...

Po 1 month. Went to the doctor today and got to remove the foam and binder. Thank god. Was moved to the bodysuit and corset. Feeling super tight in the new cg. Also, got to move to new bra. Size 32 e. what?? I don't think they are that big. But I can see them now that the multiple layers are gone. Lol. Also, got a stitch cut out on the back side and got a bb plug. Feeling great. Down 7 lbs and still swollen on lower part of tummy.

9 months PO

Feeling mostly back to normal. But only recently started doing and again and I've been swollen. I haven't been to sore though which is a plus. Alittle disappointed that I have to go back for lipo on my hips. I've been working out like crazy and I can't lose them at all. My doctor said before surgery I probably would need it done but I didn't want to believe him. Wish he would of done it at the same time.

9 months

Feeling pretty good

It's been 14 months post op. Working out like crazy. Still get super sore in the abs after a hardcore ab workout.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. White and his team are amazing. He is the most well prepared plastic surgeon I've ever heard of. He has you fully prepared for everything from before surgery (getting the right pillows and meds) to after surgery (knowing what position and angles to sit and lay in for less swelling) It's been a hard recovery and will be a long recovery but I'm sure I will look amazing. He even repaired my hernia that he found when he was in there. Looking forward to this amazing body to come.

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You look awesome!
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I'm thrilled with my results and I think you look wonderful. Dr. White suggested I wait on Lipo and I trusted his judgement but still may consider it in the future. Best of luck on your continuing journey.
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wow great results!
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You look great, can't wait to get to the healed stage.
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Wow your scar looks great! You can barely even see it. I will look for the cream you mention in other comments. I am sure you are so excited. I am ready to get my TT done now.
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Hi!you look beautifull!I must say looking at your pre pics I wouldn't mind if my tum couldve even looked like that.:-)enjoy your beautifull tummy
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Did you use any treatment for your scars? It looks invisible!! Also, does your BB go in so you can't see scars? I'm 3 months and my bb still looks like yours at 3 weeks! You look sooo amazing!!!!
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You look amazing. So glad for you. I am doing Meso on above my incision. Hopefully that will take care of a fat pocket that I have. Take care girl.
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You look fabulous!! Congrats!!
  • Reply the dress!!
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Thank u.
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I promise not to tell about your cheat day... Haha! You look great in that dress - love it! Also, your scar looks fabulous. I think Dr. White is amazing :).
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Pls don' I paid for it the next day. Swollen and hurting alittle bit. He is the best for sure. I can hardly see my scar line. It's crazy.
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You look great, your scar is amazing!!
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You look great! Congratulations!! I will be 6 weeks po on Monday. Energy is back, but, like you swelling won't go away, especially late afternoon and evening.
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you look fantastic! :) cute suit, where did you get it? your scar looking awesome, what are you using? are you massaging too? do you still have stretched out skin when you slightly bend from your stretch marks? above your belly button? i do and i'm hoping it goes way. :( sorry for all the questions. lol
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Serenity7. The suit is target. I mixed and matched them. I had the strips the doctor put on right after surgery for 6 weeks. At my 6 week appt I bought the cream they recommend, which is called biocornuem. It's amazing stuff. I don't have stretch marks above my bb just looks like it from the Cg.
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thanks! i use biocorneum too. :) you look great!
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You look awesome and your scar looks great! Happy healing!
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Thanks. I'm amazed with how small the line is. Dr white is a super star surgeon. Wow.
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You look great. Did you get lipo done?
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Just a tiny bit right on my butt cheeks so the scar wouldn't poke out. Not any in the front or sides
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Love the bikini pic!!! You look amazing!!!
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You look very good already
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Thanks. It Been a long journey just this week started feeling like my old self.
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