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Thus morning, my cleaning lady is getting the...

Thus morning, my cleaning lady is getting the house ready. This afternoon, I am buying all the post-surgery needs. Wondering why suddenly the nerves are on overdrive...

I have been waiting years for this surgery after losing 175+ lbs. and taking a roller coaster ride through weight loss, anorexia, and now maintenance. I feel this is a milestone in my life and am so glad I saw each stage through to the end, but now...WHOA! Nerves.

I trust my doctor, I feel I have realistic expectations, I think I have plenty of support for recovery and if it is lacking am hopeful th online support will be of benefit.

Today, gratitude! I am so thankful for the people who helped me make ths possible and excitement! A flat tummy with no skin flap and no bulge! What will this be like??? Epic, I think.

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One day to go and I am a bit anxious wondering...

One day to go and I am a bit anxious wondering have I done everything as my body as ready as I cold have made it? Did I do enough research about the procedure and doctor? Shoul I have consulted elsewhere? Don't know don't know don't know...


MizM-- hey! My surgery went so well I can hardly believe it. Thanks for asking. Now that it's over I wish i had not gotten so nervous. The surgical pain was minimal and now I am back home. The best choice I made was to stay overnight with a nurse at the hospital. So very helpful. So worth it along with the power recliner. Very grateful for ths RealSelf forum. How about you? Where are you at?
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Glad to hear your experience is positive- that's reassuring. :) I'm two months away from mine, working to lose those extra 20 lbs but I'm really afraid this surgery will be too painful to bear. I keep trying to motivate myself but I hear horror stories- is it worth it? Does it look like you thought it would? Thanks for sharing your story.
Hi, I hope you are doing great. I would love to hear about how your surgery went and what it's like. You are so brave!
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