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My TT W Muscle Repair and Lipo Was Part of my "Granny Takeover" - Dallas, TX

I'm 64 yrs old and 4 weeks post op today and I'm...

I'm 64 yrs old and 4 weeks post op today and I'm STILL having issues with my incision!

I have 5 places that have yet to heal. 4 are about the size of my fingernail, but the fifth one, which is below my navel and just to the right is about 2 inches long and 1 inch across.

I've used peroxide but my PS office said that was too drying. I've used these neat clear plastic bandages that supposedly allow the would underneath themm to breathe and heal but it didn't. Now I'm using a gauze thing that comes with medication already in it and supposedly doesn't stick to the wound.

Anyone else have this issue. What? It just takes time or did you find something that helped?


Hi there, and congrats on your Granny Takeover!! Having spots that are still healing at 4 weeks post-op is not that unusual, especially for people in their 50's and 60's. Our bodies just don't heal as fast as we age. Your doctor was right - peroxide damages any new cells that try to grow because it is so harsh. Unless you have an infection, harsh things aren't necessary. Use whatever he recommends. Those clear plastic coverings work really well, but you cannot expect results too quickly - it takes weeks! I was 39 when I had my surgery, and there were spots that took 4-5 weeks to heal. Also, I strongly recommend taking in high amounts of protein and taking a vitamin C supplement. Both really help tissues to heal and new collegen to form. Try adding 2 protein shakes a day for 2 months to your diet...the kind bodybuilders drink (like Muscle Milk or something similar). Might really help a lot! Good luck to you, and keep in close commu location with your doctor.
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*communication, not commu location. Stupid phone.

Im a SNAKE!!! Shedding skin!

I tend to go ashy and shed skin when the weather changes each fall but this is somewhat astounding!

Here are some pics I took this morning. Open wounds in TT incision are still slowly closing. A little Neosporin and these clear breathable wound covers from Eslgreens seem to be working. Still swollen in left breast and lower tummy. Have 2nd post op visit in the morning. Can't wait to see what activities he releases me to do!

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Is this tightness in my tummy normal???? How long....

And will it go away? When? I still walk straight but funny...like my middle, my tummy is soooooo tight I can't swing my hips (like I'm the new hot mama I am). I get stiff if I sit too long in a restaurant or movie. Still can't sleep in my bed - still using recliner with 3 inches of memory foam. It cradles me like a baby and feels soooo good. Can't get comfy in bed even though its somewhat cushiony.

Still swollen at ends of TT incision at hip bones.

I'm 5 weeks and change post sx. Incision alllllll-most completely healed on the outside...one little tiny spot left to scab over.

Still numb feeling across my tummy - very weird. Hope it diminshes but the feeling didn't go away for 25 years after my hysterectomy.


PS gave me some experimental antiobotic wound are cream.  It has def speeded up the process.  All are now healed except the largest one which is small enough now for a small band aid or even a circular band aid.  Will be closed in 2-3 days.  Yippeeee!
Very very good! So glad to hear it! I bet you feel wonderful. :-)
I guess I'm a slowpoke jenfrogrn.  I can't say I feel wonderful as yet.  I'm just not used to being uncomfortable in my own skin.  I think I'll get to feeling wonderful once all these little annoying things resolve themselves.  Ex:  The tightness and numbness across the lower belly.  And when I wear Spanx, which is 24/7, when I walk they "pull" down on my tummy.  Very weird feeling.  I just keep focusing on the future with regard to this process because I know it will all resolve itself.

2 weeks later and no change in tummy tightness

This coming Friday I'll be 2 months post op. Well I guess the tightness and numbness is staying with me so long because my bb got repositioned and my PS pulled my midriff down so far? Hahahaha I don't know but it's getting boring for sure. Wearing jeans or any pants with any amount of spandex in them pulls on my belly. I'm numb and tight from left to right and bb down to my mons. Oh, by the way...since my PS pulled my mons up to meet the midriff, there's a lot less slack down there, if you know what I mean. Should make my hubby happy. That is if we EVER have sex again! I bought a couple new bathing suits. Sure is deceiving looking great in a 2 piece yet feeling so lousy in the tummy area. Still very tender in all the lipo places and the ends of both my TT incision and my BR incisions. Oh well. I'll just keep focusing on the future when this all goes away.

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