Tummy Tuck with MR, Lipo on Flanks, Lower Back - Dallas, TX

I am a mother of three beautiful young kids...

I am a mother of three beautiful young kids ranging from 5,3,and 2. I had always worked hard to be a size 2 back in the days but it is getting difficult with the life with small kids! I have been thinking about this procedures for years now but I couldn't bear the thought of having this long scar across my body. I've tried to work out after each pregnancy but realized that no matter what I do and how much i lose, my abs muscles will never be the same, and the loose skin will always going to be there. I'm at peace with my decision to having this procedure done hoping to get back to my pre-pregnancy body! I'm still young enough (32) to enjoy sexy clothes and darn it I deserve it!! :)

I'm still back and forth on decision to lipo on my inner and outer thighs but I'm just afraid that the recovery time will be longer or more difficult. I need to recover fast and get back to my routine with work, family and kids! We are not having any help from anybody else since most of our family members live out of state. I'm terrify and oh so nervous!! I've read and done alot of reading but the 'what-ifs' are still inside my head! I love my surgeon's personality and his before and after pictures are amazing! I can't believe I only have 3 more weeks before having this done!! Ahhh...what did you ladies do to calm down your nerve beside valium?:) Will post before pictures soon.

Welcome to the community.  I can tell you that the scar is not a big deal!  I had the same fears but quickly got over that once my muffin top was gone.  You will love it!

Recovery does take some time so please try not to rush this.  The first week will be the toughest but it will improve after that.   Just know that you can't rush this healing process no matter how quickly you want and need to be back up.  Pace yourself and let the body heal properly.  You are young and healthy so I know you will do just fine.

Soon you will be loving the new body and feeling good about how you look.

The count down is on.


Today I've mailed out all my payments to pay for...

Today I've mailed out all my payments to pay for the procedure in full! So there is no turning back! I've also decided on having my inner and outer thighs done as well. For some reasons, I'm not too scare any more but not excited either. I have had three c-sections with three kids so I kind of know what to expect after the surgery. I just hope it will go well and the pain will not be more than a c-section pain since I did so well with those! I remember at my last c-section, the nurse was so surprise at how well I did since I just 'swung out of bed' only a couple of hours after the surgery. I kind of nervous of the lipo more than the tummy tuck itself! I guess in my mind that the tummy tuck with muscle repair is the MUST HAVE, and the lipo is more like 'the icing on the cake' so I feel a bit guilty for having that. What if I'm not happy with the lipo? What if I ended up having saggy skin on my thighs? What if my surgeon did not take out either fat and I went through the pain for nothing?! hahah...I know these thoughts are just silly but I can't help but thinking about the what-ifs!..
I already picked up the solution to shower with the day before and on the morning of surgery, gauge pads, advils (can't find tylenol anywhere!) since there was a recall for it. I will be taking an early thanksgiving vacation this week and won't come back until next week. Once I get home, I will only have one week left before the surgery!! Yikes...
Thank you for your encouraging words Kim! I'm a bit 'numb' right now and feeling very anxious as the count down begins. I'm not excited like I should be, but not too scare either. I'm somewhat at peace with my decision and hopefully I will be ecstatic once I see my results! :)

Oh you will be don't worry!   The fog will lift and all will go well.


So I accidentally deleted my previous post!! I...

So I accidentally deleted my previous post!! I have 2 more days to go and I'm still 'numb' and don't know how I'm feeling...We are not telling anyone about this procedure so bless his heart, my husband will be handling 3 kids, work and me all by himself for at least one week. Gotta love that man since he's so supportive and has been so kind with this whole process. He understands that I'm doing this for me and that I've given up my body for 3 kids and I deserve to get it all back!! He was asking me about our summer vacation and was excited that I'll be okay by the summer....Ahhh...I don't think it hits me yet eventhough the hospital called me yesterday to confirm my registration. Dr's office said that they will call in for my medication tomorrow and I've been showering with Hibiglens...but still..not hitting me that I'm going through with it and that I will be having my skinny tummy by this weekend! :)

Tomorrow is the big day!!! There are so many...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! There are so many things I have not done to prepare for the upcoming week but I will try to bury myself with stuff to do so that I don't think about the -what ifs- anymore. Yesterday, a nurse at my hospital called to go over my health history and answer any questions I may have. I had to call Dr.'s J office at 3:45 to confirm on medications but she was so busy and didn't call me back until an hour later to say that she did call in earlier in the afternoon for ONE medication! She said I'm only getting something for my nausea and to take it 2,3 hours before the surgery. What happened to my pain meds?! I'm a little bit irritate that she did not call in for my pain meds so that I could have them all ready even before I get home from the surgery! From what I've read from our forum, everyone seems to have everything ready before hand, am I right? Like I had mentioned, my hubby will be taking care of me, and three kids once I get home on Saturday (will be spending Friday's night at the hospital) and there is no way he could drive three kids around to get stuff for me!!! My kids are so young that they can't stay at home with me and not having mommy to do stuff for them! I will have to confirm with our nurse today on that and see if she could call in for the rest of the stuff today! Nurse also emailed me their consent forms a few days ago for me to look at and send them back by today's afternoon.
Tomorrow will be somewhat crazy for us since we have to get three kids out of the door and to three different places by 8 AM. We have to drive an hour to get to this chosen hospital that I'm pretty excited about since It is brand new and wonderful! Dr.'s J's nurse had told me a few days back that they will be moving my surgery's time an hour later (noon) but she needs me to be there 3 hours ahead. Geez, I will be one nervous hungry woman to wait until noon for my surgery!! Husband has to drop me off and be back to work since I didn't want him to take off work and stop the world for me just because of my choice to have this done. We work for ourselves so there is no covers at work. I do feel guilty somewhat that he has to run around to take care of us in the future days. I guess I'm so independent and not use to 'receive' helps from people that it's hard to have people taking care of me! I don't want to bore you and ramble on much more so I will update you guys tomorrow, once things are done! Will see if I could get up for it, but I think things will be okay. Pray for me! :)

Tonight is the night before the surgery and I'm...

Tonight is the night before the surgery and I'm still not scare or even excited!! What's wrong with me? Trust me this procedure is a much needed one once you see my before pictures!! Why am I still not looking forward to it? I guess after 3-sections in 4 years, and the last one was only two years ago, I'm still remembering how much 'fun' the recovery part was! I kept thinking about the 'trade-off' for this procedure and If It will be worth all the pain. I know many women will say YES but I just hope that I can live with this decision if something doesn't go right! I just have to be a bit more positive about this whole process and be true to my honest feelings about this. So It was a misunderstanding about the medications but Dr.'s office did call in for ALL of them and not just one thing. I did not expect to get so many different meds for this procedure thinking I will be getting them all at the hospital just like with my c-sections. My nurse called in 5 different things for me today: one pill to take 2-3 hours before the surgery to prevent nausea, different nausea pills to take after the surgery, antibiotics, stuff for muscle spasms, and of course the ultimate pain meds!! I asked my husband to drop me off at the hospital tomorrow but he said he would stay with me until I go in and then he will go back to work. I am so proud to have such a good husband? I just know I will convince him to go home tomorrow since I'm such a weird loner who likes to face her fear all by herself! I know once this procedure goes well, I will definitely feel easier and perhaps get the 'girls' done to complete a mommy's makeover?! We'll see.
I've cooked and prepared some food for the next few days, prepare a spot next to my bed for all my needed stuff, put all my lounge clothes in a higher chest drawer knowing that I will not being able to bend over for quite some times. After this, I will go take the infamous Hebiglens shower and go to bed. Wish me luck guys!!! and Pleaseeee pray for me!!!
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Please pray for me guys!!!:)
Oh wow!! With all of my drama I didn't realize u go tomorrow to the flat side. Soooo exciting!! Keep me posted.

I am thinking about you and sending hugs your way:)


I was in the surgery room for 5:30 minutes. Today...

I was in the surgery room for 5:30 minutes. Today is Sunday's afternoon, so it was approximately 2 days. I have to give Dr. Jejurikar many thanks for doing such a great job on me! I have not seen my incision or anything beneath the body suit yet but the fact that I've felt NO PAIN is incredible. Day 1, I was very sleepy and itchy due to all the medications but beside all that, nothing else was major. I spent the night at the hospital for that peace of mind and Dr. J came for a visit Saturday's morning to check up on me and did my discharge paperwork. The only problem was that I couldn't pee on my own!! For some reasons, I did not have this problem with my 3 c-sections but this time it took me 6 to 8 hours to encourage it to come out! I was trying to hurry up to go home with my kids and it was very to not being able to do to this incident. They made me drink tons of water and walk the hall way many times. Also, because of all this walk, I believe my mobility came back very quickly so now I can walk almost 100 upright and feel no pain what I do all this movement. I'm still trying to hunch over a bit, and take it easier but I I try not to. I'll upload my pix up once I feel up to it but I can tell my stomach is already a lot flatter than It use to be. Oh, the liposuction's on my flanks are more sore than anywhere else once I sit down but nothing for me to scream out yet. Over all, It went great!! Thanks again Dr. Jejurikar. I'm pretty anxious to see what's under all the dressing and If things are smooth and straight then it would be awesome!!!:)
Thank you Kim!! :
I did it Friscopeach, and I had NO PAIN!!! It's only been day 2 and I already feel fabulous, I will post up the pix soon. I hadn't take the pictures of me with incision yet since I'm still in this big body suit from under chest to thighs.")

Day4 and still NO PAIN!! yAYYY..i Think it was the...

Day4 and still NO PAIN!! yAYYY..i Think it was the combination of his method of pain management and the iV pain pump that connected to the IV for the fist 24 hours that help me not to feel anything much. He said he took out around 2 and half liter of fat from me, but I didn't ask what what area or just a total number~~ My prayers had been answer since I was just hoping that it would be easier than an C-section and it was. I'm sleeping all day still, and only wake up to eat and walk around a bit. Walking if pretty comfortable for me and I truly have no complaint!! I will let you'll know what the incision looks like, so far it looks pretty low so I'm pretty happy about that. Stay tune....:)

Day 5: Still feeling fabulous!! very minimal pain...

Day 5: Still feeling fabulous!! very minimal pain but can't seem to stay awake. I'm still itching all over like crazy, has anyone had this problem?

Day 5, Still no discomfort or pain!! Eventhough I...

Day 5, Still no discomfort or pain!! Eventhough I didn't get to see the full view of the scar but it looks pretty low, let's keep our fingers cross. I woke up this afternoon with my pants kind of wet with no smell, I thought to myself' Am I that numb to go without realizing it? ' Came to find out, It was my right drain that came completely out. I honestly happy that it was out on its own since it has not put out much from the get go. I called my Doctor right away, and he picked up the phone within 2 rings and know exactly who I am, caller ID? ":)... It was my first time calling him though! Since my appointment is tomorrow's morning, he'll take a look at it then. hopefully he won't have to put another one in me! My stomach, hips, and legs are pretty swollen right now that it's hard to get exited about but time will change and I know I'll be very happy with the results!!

I can't believe tomorrow will be two weeks, time...

I can't believe tomorrow will be two weeks, time seems to be flying when I get to be on vacation and pretty much do nothing at all! This journey has been amazing since I didn't feel any discomfort, pain, or any concern accept my second drain stayed a bit long but it was fine!! I try my best to take it easy at home but since I feel so good everyday with no pain that I feel a bit guilty just t doing nothing at home just to make sure not to pull any sultures off from the muscle repair from the inside. In all honesty, I could have gone back to work after day 5 if I wasn't been so sleepy for the first couple of days due to the medication but I chose not to. So girls, if you're wondering if you could just take two weeks off for this procedure and go back to work, I'd say it's doable! I didn't rent any hospital bed, no walker, NOTHING and it turned out that I did not need any of it. I have to say my doctor has been God's send and his staff were all EXCELLENT!! So if you are in DFW area or in Texas, please come see Dr. SAM JEJURIKAR in dallas. He has won Most compassionate doctor and best doctor in the D- Magazine for a reason!! I was not trusting all those things at first to be honest but after this journey I can say that I've made the right decision. I will sure up load pictures at one point to show you what an amazing job that he had done on me!!! Trust me he did not pay/ask me to say all this! Pictures will tell. I was just waiting for this last drain to be pull out before I upload the pictures for you guys to see. Even with lots of swelling, my results are already amazing. Since I didn't really get to my goal weight before deciding to get a tummy tuck, but due to my extra work on the lipo and an amazing skills that Dr. J has, I'm already feel like a barbie with a tiny waist (even only at week 2, along with tons of swollen) and my normal size D breast! I didn't really know what I would feel, or even excited since I'm not sure how things will turn out but I have to say my Doctor really did listen to my concern, my wish, and did all that I ever wish, hope, and more for me!!! My scar was very low, same line as my previous c-section and it was straight and super thin!! My thighs are still swollen so I can't really tell much yet but I already can tell that some areas are already improving drastically even with all the swelling at week 2! So I can tell you that I would do this again in a heart beat!!

As we all know, one of my drains fell out at day 4...

As we all know, one of my drains fell out at day 4. On day 14, my PS decided to remove my second drain out even though the out put was still high (around 70-80cc) a day because my site started to be irritated and painful. My order was to still wear my compression garment that I've been wearing since day 1 and wear a stomach binder extra tight on top of it!! The pain from the compression of both 24/7 was killing me that I had to retake prescription pain meds again around the clock!! At the end of the day and especially in the middle of the night, my whole stomach gets so sore and painful from all the tightness that was compress on my body without any breaks!! At this point, I'm seeing him once a week still. At week 3, we found out I've developed seroma!!! The water bed, the wave, the sloshing inside my stomach below my incision and all! NOT FUN...So my ps had to aspirate the fluid out of me. I thought my stomach was still numb but I guess not. I have an amazing pain tolerance but to have a long needle poking around and turning all over in there trying to suck out fluid was PAINFUL!!! At one point he accidentally went too far to look for fluid that he accidentally hit my stomach wall! OUCH!!!!!!!...my stomach was swollen and so painful for the next two days with needle feeling and I could still 'feel' the needle sites. I will see him in a few more days for my week 4 post op and I know he will have to aspirate more out because I still have alot of water in there sloshing around. I still try my best to bear the pain as much as I could wearing two types of compression garment extra tight 24/7 to compress the fluid and prevent fluid build up but I feel that It does not help much!! The second I take off the binder, it looks like you just turn on the water faucet back on with gravity pulling all the water down under the incision that makes my stomach looks like a spare tire!!! I'm crossing my fingers he will not reinsert the drain back in me!!! Even after all that, I still love how much smaller my stomach looks without the extra fat/skin. I still can't wear any of my old jeans but at least I can work out and someday I can be in it again without the spare tires!! I'm still pretty swollen but I can't see or feel it but my ps said there's alot of it. That's it for today, please wish me luck that this seroma issue will get resolve soon!!!!!
I am wondering what has happened to you now with the seroma and the fluid???? I know it was a long time ago, but I hope everything turned out ok.
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My surgeon is a member of RS and I just happen to run into his website with amazing before and after pictures. He has a very laid back attitude and great personality over all! He sounds like a detail kind of person and a perfectionist which I totally appreciate!

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