Mommy Makeover! Sagging mess of stretch marks and scars - Dallas, TX

I had 2 lovely kids that helped, along with too...

I had 2 lovely kids that helped, along with too many hamburgers, turn my tummy into a sagging mess of stretch marks and scars. 9 long years later, I am 2 weeks out of changing that. I'm excited, nervous and anxious. Dr. said that my fixed tummy will match my frame now. I'm 5'1 and 107 lbs. YAY!

I am officially 2 weeks out today and one minute...

I am officially 2 weeks out today and one minute I'm super excited and the next very scared. Not really of the pain, I'm scared of the swelling, I'm scared I might have a funny looking belly's nuts! Lol! I've been reading stories and overall I'm thinking this is a great procedure - guess i am anxious as I have never had any type of surgery. Not sure what to expect from anesthesia. My hubs says its great and not to worry. Great?! Really!? When I think great I think Snickers Ice Cream, not being zonked out on a table. K. Enuff rambling for now.

I hope that my support system is as loving and...

I hope that my support system is as loving and patient as yours. I have read so much about how your hubby has helped. I'm afraid mine will get sick of me being down and out.......

I sat in the bathtub for over an hour this morning...

I sat in the bathtub for over an hour this morning thinking about how different my body is going to look. No more sucking in my gut and buying clothes that hide me. No more being embarrassed when I'm naked in front of my husband. That alone is making me smile. How wonderful to feel sexy because you know you look sexy. Big changes are coming. I used to be so very self confident and somewhere along the way, it slipped away from me. I'm realistic that I'm going to hurt and swell and look like I was beaten from the bruises and not feel sexy for a few months, but I'm focused on healing and the future when I can stand in front of a mirror and say..... You look good girl!

The days are going so fast now. I had a breakdown...

The days are going so fast now. I had a breakdown yesterday about not being able to take my girls out for the rest of the summer. I feel like I need to jam one month of fun into one weekend. I haven't told them about my surgery as they are so young (9 and 6) so I'm really struggling with this. I don't know what to do. Ladies- please help! I have not wanted to worry them about Mom being "sick". Guess that's what we Moms do. I need help with this one.

I have all of my supplies finally purchased and...

I have all of my supplies finally purchased and all of my comfy clothes ready to go. It's becoming very real now that in a little over a week I'm going to be looking down at a different body. Wahoo!!!!!!

Today I kinda lost it a little bit. I slowly have...

Today I kinda lost it a little bit. I slowly have things arriving to me from and today my 6 year old saw the box of supplies I thought I had hidden. I haven't told them yet as I don't want to worry them. She asked me point blank what was going on and I just froze. How damn hard is it to tell your kids that your going to have tummy surgery? When they are staring at you with wide eyed innocence, pretty hard. I told her I was stocking up and felt so terrible as I dont lie to my kids. she seemed satisfied with that but then I started thinking of everything that I am going to miss over the next few months. It's summer and I can't take them swimming or to the beach. I can't pick them up and twirl around or play just dance. At least for awhile. I feel like I'm being so selfish for doing this. I have wanted it for so long and saved and saved and now that it's here I'm feeling totally guilty and ashamed. I have been excited and positive up until this point but today I feel so low and upset. My husband told me last night that he hates that I'm taking this risk over a few stretch marks. I feel completely unsupported and alone. I have not told any of my friends because I don't want to be judged. Just a valley I suppose. Tomorrow I will probably be raving about how I only have a week to go. Or maybe this is all PMS as yes, you guessed it, aunt flo decided this would be the best time to make an appearance. Really?...

Well, my Last post was a Debbie downer but I was...

Well, my Last post was a Debbie downer but I was feeling very low. Today I woke up,worked out and am walking around with a smile. I took my kids to a waterpark this weekend and felt Terri Lu uncomfortable in my swimsuit as usual. A teenage boy elbowed me in the gut and turned to his friends and giggled. Made me upset and happy all at the same time cuz next year my gut will be gone and he will still be a teenage boy. Lol! Going to tell my kids this week. That has be more scared than anything. I don't want to scare my girls or cause them worry. But I want them to know and know that mommy loves them more than anything. Image purchased everything I've been told to, prepped my home, and Thursday is my last day at work for over 2 weeks. Let's do this. Nim ready to get that flat tummy I've dreamt of.
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How are you feeling today? I hope you are able to rest. When you are up to it send us an update. Big ((((HUG))))!!!
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Ana - I'm home! Thanks for checking. I'm about to post.
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Good luck!! Today's the big day! Keep us posted on your recovery and post pictures when you feel better. :D
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Everything went perfect! I am in my recovery hotel room! Mt PS was amazing and I'm not in a lot of pain. I soooo wish I could see my tummy but they won't change dressing until tomorrow. ;-(. This was so worth it and I'm so happy iwent for it,
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it's nobody's business but mine. I don't tell people how often I work out, what I eat, nothing. I did this for me and me only. I'm the one that had to look at myself in the mirror. And, if this procedure got me all jacked up and deformed I don't have to answer the stupid questions from nosy noses wanting to know even more personal stuff. in a year, if someone sees me lookin good next year, all they'll think is damn, I need to get active too.
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Lol! You're very right. I am doing this for me.
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Right now I am so happy I could whistle in a cemetery. My mental health has been supported by reading about the experiences of others; I really get a lot of mental support from people who are still sharing several months later. I've also read a lot of the Drs answers to questions. Having total strangers who are anonymous gives me a boost, since I haven't told more than 2 people what I am actually doing.
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I haven't told anyone either.....tough place to be
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I am 3 days po and have come to realize that my presurgery fears are now challenges to overcome. I saw my abs last night and tears came down my face. I know there is recovery ahead but after that glimpse it's all gonna be worth it.
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Congrats ABS! How are you feeling? Are you mentally feeling well?
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Hi Ana, you look amazing!!!!!! Any tips to help along the recovery road?
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Thank you so much! Watch your sodium intake and drink lots of cold water. It will help with the swelling. this is a process that may get you down some days but there's a flat tummy at the end of the road :).
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Stay still no matter what or how good you feel. 2 weeks of sitting still accelerates recovery by a couple months.
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Great advice!!!!!!!
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Hello Happy :). You have a georgeous figure now so your results are going to be stunning! Everyone heals differently and patience is the name of this game. First 2 wks were rough for me and swelling was awful. But that was me and you are younger and in better shape. The best of luck to you!!
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