I have wanted this procedure for mulitple years....

I have wanted this procedure for mulitple years. My ex promised me he would pay for it, but considering he is my "EX", I am fortunate to be able to take care of it on my own. I am scheduled to get a TT w/lipo to the Flank, however I am hoping to be able to also afford to get lipo to my back waist and to the back rolls under my bra. My God the price goes up so much. As I also INQUIRED about the cost of a BBL from my ps and he quoted 6K. After reading all of the reviews and pics of ladies getting the BBL, I get sad, because Ive NEVER, EVER, EVER had a butt, and for some reason both my kids daughter 22 and son 14 they were blessed with VERY nice bottoms. My son doesnt event need one. I at the point of OBSESSION and I reeeeally want some Fat transfered, but just as Ive been patient with this TT, I will also have NO choice but to have patience for the BADONKADONK.

Sorry Ladies...I just started rambling and didnt...

Sorry Ladies...I just started rambling and didnt tell you about Friscospeach.. myself...I am 42 and it seems that I may be the ONLY one online that is 6'0, it seems most of you are 5'0 or so, anyhoo, I have 2 kiddos, a 22 year old daughter and 14 year old son. Both of mine were 8lbs, but even before having kids I had a pudge, so I was NEVER blessed with a flat stomach even as a teen, and I was very athletic, played soccer, ran track, the High Jump, Pole Vault, Basketball, and still no Flatness, even my daughter is playing Professional Basketball and she still does not have a flat stomach. Well it just got awful after having babies and I really do think the other devil to blame... SUGAR....it has to be, becuase since I saw my PS, and he told me that in order to get the result I would like, I should lose, now I knew that even before he suggested, but it was the PUSH I needed, because I loved my soda's, my salt and SUGAR...I am now soda free, I do not put salt on anything and I am losing W/O exercising. Now I will admit ladies, I am one that could give a Rats Ass about what anyone has to say about my reasons for getting my TT, or if I do or DONT exercise..I JUST DONT CARE what anyone has to comment on regading it and also dont care what anyone has to say about me having the procedure. So Im a lil different when it comes to those issues. Its my body, my money and God has blessed me with my God given rights to make my decisions. Ok moving on I have a Master Plan, it started with moving my son to live with his dad, after his dad had asked to raise him after our divorce and I was like "Hello, that is my BABY, and you choose to EXIT the situation and move out of town" and this was at age 9, so as boys get older they start doing things that us as girls we just didnt do, one big one is not wanting to listen to their mothers, not wanting to do homework was a biggie. So here started the thought of my Master plan...After a year of talking to him, advising him that if he could not be obidient that he would go live with his dad, well Im not sure about any of yall kids, but my son does not believe that Fat Meat is Greasy, because he blew me off for the entire year, didnt want to mine, didnt want to do his homework, was putting the garbage in the bushes instead of taking it the dumpster, leaving his trash on the floor, I would ground him, take away his electronics and he just would not do right...so guess what... I decided that I would send him to his dads, move in with my aunt so she could help nurse me (while saving), travel with my daughters college "TEXAS TECH" watch her play on the road, save my dollas, GET the DREAM of my LIFE..well after the dream of getting married and having kids...but you know what I mean...Get a Tummy Tuck, purchase a House & New Car. So now its all about me and now about to give myself the Greatest Gift and get rid of this Awful Fat Meat on my waist...I have live with sucking it to look nice , I have to wear clothes that will HIDE the awful thing and so on you guys know how the story goes. So by Summer next year I will have God Willing a Flat Stomach and My Home, a new car all that I purchased on MY OWN!!! that feels and sounds so Wonderful. Now my son asks' on a regular basis..."Mom can I come home I wanted to graduate from Frisco High", well I wanted him to also graduate from Frisco High. He says that he will listen and do what he is told to do....Really? I tell yall his dad is on his *&**, lol...he came I say HOME because home is where is Mom is, well he was sleep on the couch and I went to tell him to get up because we were getting ready to go somewhere and I mean yall he jump up so fast, you would have sworned ants were bitting is ass.....LMAO!!! I was like "son, why did you jump up like that".....guess what he said....lol!!! Because Dad makes me......LOL, now with me it took about 5 times . son get up, son get up, son will you get up please...I walk out of the room....come back son get up.. he says "oh I thought I was up mom" ....BS!!! That ass is getting up now...on the first go around..LOL!!! But ladies I really wanted to see my baby boy live day to day life with starting to like girls. But that is how my story goes. So Day 57 is about to close and I have 56 Days to go.

Has Anyone here Not taken the Arnica Montana...

Has Anyone here Not taken the Arnica Montana and/or Bromelain? It seems the entire site has experienced Swell Hell. Would love to know if anyone bit the bullet and passed on the additional vitamins?

OMG, OMG!!! its getting close, so many things to...

OMG, OMG!!! its getting close, so many things to purchase and right in the midst of Black Friday. I have 30 days to go, just got off the phone with my PS office to inquire about having my sx videoed. Waiting now for the call back. I know people will not agree with me on this, but its ok, its for me, I guess I am nosey, more like intrigued with what will be going on, so when I wake-up I would like to see what happened in that 4 to 5 hour time. One thing however I have a TON of worry and concern about the "under-the bra FAT", my PS says that there's no way to totally remove it as it would create loose skin, so that is TOTALLY dissapointing, I have 2 of those dang rolls on one side and 1 on the other side and the 2 sided rolls drive me crazy, I can feel them and it gets so irritating that sometimes I put my hand in between the rolls when Im standing for a long time. So Does anyone know how one can totally eliminate "get rid of" those dang rolls and excess skin?

Unbelievable, this PS office is off the chain, I...

Unbelievable, this PS office is off the chain, I met a lady here on realself that had her TT done by my PS, she and I talked, she advised me of somethings to be cautious of and to ask and make sure I was "CLEAR" on as far as expectations. So I called the office and asked if I could speak with maybe 2 other patients they had amazing results, and asked a few more questions as my quote was $9,925.00 for a TT w/flank liposuction with MR, Lipo to back rolls. Mind you Ive already paid my 1K deposit. So I assure the office that I chose this PS because of the carefull detail to the BB and the way his line seemed like perfection, but the Patient coordinator asked to call me back, and I could here in her voice that she was NOT happy that I had spoken to another patient on RealSelf and I had more questions to ask per my conversation, and still letting her know that I thought his "work" seemed great via online pics. Ok to get to the conclusion. HE DOES NOT WANT TO DO MY PRECEDURE AND WANTS TO REFUND MY DEPOSIT AND PER HER WORDS "FIND ANOTHER PS TO DO YOUR TT"!! I am in totally disbelieve and SHOCK as my TT was scheduled in 28 days. And I even asked her to go back to him and let him know, that was not my intention and that as a VIRGO, I am very analytical and a worrier and just had questions and needed them to reassure me it was all ok. So she went to speak with him YET again and call me back saying NO, we will refund your deposit, and the doctor thinks you need to find you another PS to do your TT. So....my feelings are extremely hurt, I am very dissapointed as everyone in the world knows Im getting this done, I have taken off work, my entire family has made plans around my date. I have been waiting for Dec 20, its seems for an eternity. so Im not sitting here without a PS to do my TT on Dec 20th, because I called and mentioned another patient I had met, OH!!! let me say, that the lady that I met here on RS, said that they NEVER, NEVER called her back after surgery to check on her. And I asked, "do you guys call to make check-up calls, after the sx is over" she said that they schedule you to come in for an appt. But was immediatly upset. So I was NOT supposed to expect or to ask, about AFTER-Care? Apparently, They don't follow-up or care to call patients to checkup on you...well at least that is what the lady told me happened to her. She said that if she never called them, she would have not ever heard from them, until SHE called to make her Follow-up appts. I am sitting her at work in totally disbelief. So I dont have a PS, its holdiay season and those dates are probably filled. Im trying to hold back the tears.

Still looking. :-( with hopes of Dec 21 date. I...

Still looking. :-( with hopes of Dec 21 date. I actually had gotten very discouraged and said I would put it off till next year sometime and focus on buying my house, in which I had all of this planned out. I was not happy to make this decision, was actually quite sad for a few days, then I got some kind of epiphany and was like, let me get back on the "wheel" and get to looking again. Ok so to give you some idea of my search after the madness, went to consult with 2 Ps, which would be my official 2nd and 3rd Consults, the 2nd guy was ok, didnt, however his quote was $10K ok so that meant I needed to come up with a bit more than I had saved PLUS this did NOT included the over night stay that the previous PS quoted which was $500. and included in the $9925.00 quote, 2nd PS quoted 10K PLUS and extra $650 for overnight stay, ok, now the 3rd PS OMG! I thought I was going to like him at the beginning of our consult, then he says to me "you need to get off REALSELF, you are reading too much", then when I referenced (PS), he was like OMG...that sounds like Realself talk (rolling his eyes)" ok, well his quote was $12K and he was in the SAME office as the 2nd PS, WTF!! I was already trying to figure out a way to come up with the $10K PLUS $650.00 and thought $9925.00 was a good amount to have saved being Im a SINGLE parent, I have worked soooo much OT to pay for my own surgery, total sacrafice and mentally learning how to NOT shop, eat out pretty much doing nothing but saving my check after paying bills. So I immediately got a severe headache while in his office speaking with his coordinator....($12K) wow...so I left there thing OMG! so I decided that night to just CANCEL the entire thought for 2012. I was soooo sad afterwards but thinking it may be for the best, STILL sad. So by Thursday morning - Nov 29, I had decided to get back on the "wagon/wheel" and start scheduling consult #4. And today I have #4 and #5 scheduled for next week. At this point I am humble to my questions just want to have enough funds and be confirmed for Dec 20th or 21st. SMH.....

Ladies one thing I haven't asked much of is for...

Ladies one thing I haven't asked much of is for your prayers. You have been extremely supportive and I haven't even has my sx yet. You guys are amazing. What blessing it is to have tons of Cyber BFFs....A huge one. Please pray that I am successful next week in locating MY PS and I am Happy.

Ladies I am at my Preop appt, very Much confused....

Ladies I am at my Preop appt, very Much confused. Ok it went fast and all that I knew and researched has been null and voided here. This is my 2nd visit and the first visit I was shocked while speaking to the ps that he does "Drainless" TT. So I'm sitting with him in total shock because I'm now " processing" what he just said as his website does not mention Drainless procedure. So as we're talkn now about 15 to 30 mins. He stands up and is still talkn to me he finishes his sentence and walked out of the room.

Not sure what happened after he walked out i wrote...

Not sure what happened after he walked out i wrote another several paragrahs entire story as I'm here on my 2nd visit. I will have to rethink and rewrite the rest of my story of today's exp. I can just chunk this phone across George Bush!!! Also posting on my iPhone turned the pics upside down. And I apologize as that bothers me too.

Ok ladys, Happy Flatday to those who are now home...

Ok ladys, Happy Flatday to those who are now home from their sx. Ok today is such a better day. yesterday I was not a happy camper at all, so as I was saying I was back at the 4th PS office (the one I wanted soooo much to love-to be done with looking) well, I dont love him nor do I really like him. And yesterday and last night I was feeling really bad and wondering if it is just me. Well I went ahead and put down $5,500 and that secures the deal and I am set for Saturday Dec 22nd, the (1) good thing is that he did come down 1K to accommodate me, so I am EXTREMLY appreciative of that. However, I just wanted the HIGH that the rest of you ladies have and wanted to reeeeally like this guy and actually had hopes that my 2nd visit for pre-op he would do better, well he tried he stayed in the room with me and waited to answer my questions, however I was yet again STUNNED, in filling out paper work with his nurse, she informs me that the doesnt recomment the CG, I will NOT be leaving there in one, nor does he want me to wear one PERIOD. this PS goes against everything that I have researched since September. So Im processing and feeling really weird, wondering so what happens to the swelling I thought the CG was to reduce swelling and etc....it has many benefits I thought and now I hear no your not getting one and you will not wear one in your entire postop. None of these particulars are on his website. The Drainless precedure, no CG OH AND ALSO, he does not even offer the opportunity for a night stay. Ok so Im just Throwed, and completely discombobulated at this point and guess what I DONT REALLY HAVE QUESTIONS FOR HIM AS I AM IN SHOCK AND STUNNED, I accepted the appt the day before and I dont think it sunk in that it was my actually "pre-op" appt, you know the one that we all wait for. then he askes me if "it would kill me if I waiting 1 more month to get my BMI down" I am I thought I was 6ft, but the scale shows Im 5'10, which I would much rather be shorter than taller, but I just dont believe that, and I weight 214, he said he would prefer if I was 200 :-o, I was at 226 in Aug and have mentally been through it....NO SODA, NO SUGAR, NO Fast Food, no this, no that oh NO SALT....and this guy wants me to put it off SMDH. I told him yes it would have an effect on me to put it off, Ive already went through the mental idea of cancelling and it had me sad. So its on and popping. Also I met a lady in Wholefoods that knew of him and said he is good. Oh also, he doesnt recommend his patients to use ANY supplements. Go Figure. Has ANYONE EVER heard of the non use of a CG PERIOD? Ladies I am asking for your prayers and to walk with me. Apologies for the upside down pics.

Ladies I dont mean to be a "debbie downer" but I...

Ladies I dont mean to be a "debbie downer" but I just have to research and look up everything, so as I asked yesterday about consitpation, the PS Dude mentioned "ole faithful" so I wanted to just ready with the web had to say about Colace and this is what I found.

Serious Side Effects
MedlinePlus indicates that Colace can cause such serious side effects as vomiting, stomach pain, trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), a skin rash and fever. Vomiting, like diarrhea, results in bodily water loss, dehydration and low potassium levels. Frequent bouts of this can be potentially life threatening. Trouble swallowing can lead to weight loss and choking on your own saliva or food. This, too can be potentially fatal. Drugs.com indicates that Colace can cause rectal bleeding, severe stomach pain and a lack of a bowel movement. No bowel movements can be potentially fatal as your body is not able to get rid of its waste products.
Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/71717-side-effects-colace-capsules/#ixzz2EPm8lNxi

I have never taken colace however I have ready hundreds of posts of women who do, and the one thing her that is a HUGE Red light for simular concerns is "Vomiting" "trouble breathing" and "skin rash". what do you ladies think? I know there is a warning in everything, but it just seems to be some simular side effects that is happening.

3 more days. It's stressful getting everything in...

3 more days. It's stressful getting everything in order, I am staying at the hotel Friday night, Wake up Saturday Morning to Dr Dude, hotel Saturday night, Sunday night and check out on Monday, I will pick my son up from the airport and then to FT worth for Xmas eve and to meet my lift Chair I had it delivered there. Ladies I am asking for your prayers and to be happy with Dr Dudes work. It's gets expensive getting your list filled, getting prescriptions filled. Again ladies please pray, pray for me. Happy Healing to my December running mates.

Day 2 PO, stayed at the hotel Saturday &...

Day 2 PO, stayed at the hotel Saturday & Sunday night. Saturday was a good day not bad, I'm sure it was the injectable pain meds, as I did not have a pain pump. My mom is amazing I am so happy she is with me. She is takin great care of me. Also I had no nausea, I had the patch and Emend. I actually have a HUGE appetite. This internal itching is for the birds it's awful!! The percs also make me itch so this has been my issue. The handicap toilet at the hotel was great, especially now that I am at my families for the holiday and it seems like the toilet is on the floor. I slept in my Lift chair Monday night and slept pretty good. The trick is to use your legs to lift yourself.
The one thing tht I am worried about is how thick my incision is. Can you ladies look at it tell me if it looks normal? It is the quilting stitching without drains. But damn my scar is as thick as my thumb, how in the hell will it decrease in size? Your advice please ma'ams.

Hello ladies, well today is day 8, I am not happy,...

Hello ladies, well today is day 8, I am not happy, I am super hard and feeling miserable. The interesting thing is that I have been ok pretty much through this process because of this site I was mentally prepared, but nothing preps u for what feels like cement in my stomach. This is something that I don't know or not have I processes how to deal with it. Does anyone know or can help me? It's not painful just very very uncomfortable, bumpy and hard I don't even want to move its so hard. . What is this? I had a driainless TT so I am assuming its fluid. Your thoughts please ladies.

I have read many many ladies that get emotional...

I have read many many ladies that get emotional and are crying. I thought I was a soldier and there was absolutely no way this would bring me to tears but I found myself texting my mom yesterday to thank her for taking great care of me. She did a wonderful job I underestimated her and I'm missing her now, my daughter is here but she is a Lil impatient, I don't even want to ask for her help. I haven't missed my mom like this in years. I was actually very sad when she left, my daughter came in and my mom said she was off the clock I had mad such a huge deal about wantin my daughter to be here and now I just want my mom. And am very disappointed in my child.

Day 9 Major hump back. I can not stand straight. I...

Day 9 Major hump back. I can not stand straight. I am not in any pain off narcotics day 2 only Aleve and Advil. Stomach is full of cement. No change. Only progress is no pain and I can get on and off the toilet myself, took a shower last night it was hard to stand. And I was outbid breath gettin out and resting on the bathroom counter. oMG that is the struggle and the worse now. Went to see the ps and he says I look good BS!!! My friend asked me to stop sendin pics because it was bothering him. I look awful nothing at all to brag or b happy about. I'm tryin really hard to keep myself cool and not get depressed. I don't regret it at all, I'm just not happy about the way it is looking. Not the dream I had or pictured. Another friend is telling me to b patient it is healing, but I see tons and tons of I ladies happy by day 9 THIS is what will send me to depression, I know it's possible and it is doable. Just apparently not for me. Smh!! I'm tryn now to just not have hopes and to just heal to go back to work to continue that life. Work and no man. At least this have me hope off own personal happiness with myself now I don't have that.

Day 10 I feel much better, I can raise up to stand...

Day 10 I feel much better, I can raise up to stand painfree, I can bend down to pick things up from the floor a Lil better not good but better, walkin is ok, still hump back and limited time to walk, I am still exhausted if I walk around the house too long, I want to get to my recliner quickly and I'm huffin and puffin and so tired, it's the back that can't take it. Your core must be strong to handle this pressure and my core was not strong.
Happy healing to those of you who have crossed over to the flat side. And Happy New Year! May God Bless U and Urs in 2013!!!

Hello ladies. I haven't been here in several days...

Hello ladies. I haven't been here in several days because I had NOTHING positive to share. My ps is an AWEFUL man. My daughter tool me to see him for my original PO visit, but 2nd time seeing him. So she told me NOT to ask him ANY questions. But HELL!!! I have questions. My incision looks like a rope and its gathered at both side ends. Can you ladies PLEASE look and advise me. I haven't seen anyone with gathered skin on the ends. He told me that he had told me before that it was ok and that I'm askin the same questions, he is very nasty!! Y'all told me not to go to him and I made a decision. The one good thing I say is he did the no drain quilting, I was never on much pain... He even mad a nasty comment about he doesn't Know why I wasn't in pain because this procedure is painful. Ok but I never expd much pain. I would say the worst part about this is the freakn fact that I can't stand up straight and I'm on day 17, my core tries to hold me up along with my knees, but I want like I have osteo disease at 90 years old. I got tons and tons of stares while out. Then I get a wheelchair because I can't stand for long times especially not walkin, then there comes EVEN more stares where they don't look away, they keep looking. My belly button looks atrocious so I ask him " can I ask you about bb please" believe me I can b a bitch, but I'm being extremely nice because I want it on return especially after I just handed u several thousands of dollars. I paid cash. This dude says its looking fine and its expected. I have waited and haven't picked at it until today just peeled some of the glue. My incision was glued along with my bb. I will add pics but the only change is swelling from all of the walking and the glue that has come off. I want to go back if not this asshole but someone to finish my lipo. I could afford to include it with my kiddos being in town and me being off work. Need extra play $$$ while they were here. My son is 14, size 14 shoe and 6'2. So he needs to fees like every 2 hours. Imagine tryin to find food that fills him up. Dang!!! Ladies thank u for your concerns and opinions/advise. Happy healing and good luck to those waiting for their day.

Binder and the CG I was never advised nor given...

Binder and the CG
I was never advised nor given either of these. Can you ladies share with me what the difference is on NOT usin either, most of U ladies that use a binder swear by it. I wondered what support Would do for me so I went out and bought a tank that allows u to wear your own bra with tummy support. However I put it on for about 10 mins and it put 2 deep gashes in my side stomach wear the seams are. So I immediately took it off. But what should I do for support.... Mind u my ps says not to wear anything and my bb is also fine. Please advise the picture is posted of the tank support

There is hope. Still get winded when standing for...

There is hope. Still get winded when standing for long periods. But I so see a difference today in my stance. 2nd night to sleep on the couch, first night I slept upright, 2nd night I really wanted to lay down flat on my back and on my sides, it was a chore, got winded trying to get comfy...lol, but it worked ( I've been staying at my cousins house since back from the hotel- extremely peaceful here). Also FYI I was happy to read another profile where someone else had a huge swollen ( vajaja) ok so this seems common. My girl is so puffy and too swollen it look weird. No pain, just still the discomfort of the tightness and cement I'm carrying. Thank you ladies. What would I do without your comfort and blessed thoughts and encouragements. Oh and for those of you looking forward to coming over to the flat side please know that we r all different. I didn't have pain, it managed well by my percs, but never ever was I in tears or regretted it because of pain. My worse exp is NO control to standing straight and gettin out of breath walkin, the pain on my core/back this to me is the worst. And I don't want to take pills for that. So that is about it for my exp.

I feel fine, still walkin hunch back, not a good...

I feel fine, still walkin hunch back, not a good look at all. Fok stare at'cha and shi****.
It's 8:06 in Texas. Just gettin off work didnt go in until 11am. And I'm ok, panties r sucking into me about now, so I don't know how I will handle it Monday, hopefully 2 days I will do some proving.
Happy Healing ladies.

Day 23 and day 2 of walking straight with a slight...

Day 23 and day 2 of walking straight with a slight hunch when I get stuff from sitting at my desk and at the end of the day. I was ECSTATIC yesterday when I realized I could stand straight without getting winded or aching. However Friday I did have a hunch on Day 1 back to work I even considered asking for that day off to allow 3 more days to try. I was aching late Friday night after work so much I took half of a perc and a muscle relaxer and rested all day Sat. Got up Sunday and when grocery shopping and stood up straight with ALOT of tension and tightness, but straight. I was too happy and no back ache either. So today at work I was 95% straight with much tension and a lot o tightness. Sitting down all day is not good for me, every time I got up to walk away from my desk I had to stop and take a moment to stand slowly I got real stiff. So I really wanted to share and give hope to others, you guys know I was down in the deep dumps. Oh and another good report my lefts side rope look is thining " who would have ever thought" it would transform to b smaller? The right side is slowly getting there also just a Lil behind the left side ( I messaged and rubbed that side more). On the downside I think I am swollen. Today I started my diet back I was in holiday heaven. I never lost my appetite. It seems it no from over eating because on surgery day I was 213, afterwards I was 218, and today I am 208. Weird huh? So I thnk I have the infamous "Swell Hell" and I eat Good I thought....today I had awful baked chicken with Ms Dash lemon & pepper (no salt) seem like no season either and some horrible steamed Brussel Sprouts Eyulk!! Had a Special K protein shake for breakfast the chicken for lunch and a Lean 1 smoothy strawberry and banana from Smooty king. Dinner was baked fish, Ms Dash no season, with fresh squeezed lemons and a bit of butter shoots does it get worse swelling from eating that no flavor crap. It's 11:35 pm cst and I'm already hungry again. Lord please help me with my cravings. If you ladies have any ideas on how to eat healthier please share your rhyme to the reason. Oh ad mostly water today. Had a Sobe green tea Diluted it with water for some flavor. Oh has anyone noticed a difference on holding your bladder? I can't hold mine like I use to even when drinking tons of water. Let me know. So ladies that are newly in your stages please know there is a light at the end of the hunched back road. And I sawy light on Day 22. Please note though we all heal different. Many Many blessing ladies.

The rope effect had started to thin. New pics added.

The rope effect had started to thin. New pics added.

Now the hard part to MAINTAIN

Now the hard part to MAINTAIN
Name not provided

NOT using Dr. Weider, he is the PS that refunding my deposit, because I was asking too many questions and told him that I had spoken to one of his patients from Realself. I went with another doc inbox me if u. Interested In going Drainfree Drainless

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Oh I'm so happy for you! It was such a bumpy road at the beginning, literally! You look great!!!!
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You look awesome Frisco!! It will only get better :).
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Hey Beautiful Peach!!!! I can tell such a difference since you started using the tucks pads!!! Looking wonderful!!!!
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What a difference!! It has relaxed so much! Keep up the massaging. It really helps. Thanks for the update :).
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Awesome frisco! Huge impovement! I am sure that scar will lay down nice and flat eventually....on your way :) and looking great already...
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Shellerz my darlin YOU called it. This scar has done an amazing turn for the better. Thank you for the encouragement and stayn positive when i had 0 hope.
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looking hot
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I forgot to yell u that when my incision was puckering with swollen stretch marks I used tucks pads every day after I got out of the shower and it helps with the inflamation. My puckering went away in no time. Try them they work!
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Lay them on your incision completley covering for about ten minutes.... then squeeze the fluid out of them onto your incision..let dry. Really works. No one told me thisbi figured it out for myself and want to share with others that it works and helps soothe.
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Remove wheat/gluten from your diet! You won't have many cravings and it will help hugely with daily life. Lookin good stay positive!
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Thanks!! Will try that next :-)
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Hey Friscos, looking good girl, continued happy healing to u!
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Thanks Ms Beas! :-)
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Hi Frisco! Your new pics are unbelievable! You look so good. I tried posting yesterday and this thing froze up. I wanted to let you know about the boy shorts I use. They are super comfy. I get them at target, Gillian omalley brand, 2 pair on a hangar. They come up to just below my bb and are seamless. I have been using them for months. I'm still healing from my hip revision and these are perfect with no Seams hitting my scar. I hope you are having a good day today :).
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Ooooo thanks for the 411. Will def look for them also thank u for ur kind words
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Woo hoo u look amazing girl
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Thanks needed to hear those words!! What would we do without one another?
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Lol peach I dont know im glad I have all my tummy tuck sis to share and continue this journey with.
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Woohoo looking good girl! Sexy mamma! I find myself winded when I don't have my binder on. It's weird. It should be the other way around. Have a good weekend!
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No more out of breath. Sleeping in my bed is still a challenge but hey one moment at a time. Thanks for listening.
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Also drink lots and lots of water and avoid salt like the plague!! My hubby talked me into Chinese and I SWEAR to u I looked 4 months prego I was so damn swollen. It made me throw up because I knew it would be high in sodium so I drank about 50oz of water trying to flush it out.. It sucked and I am still swollen 2 days later. My 14yr old even commented on it today saying wow mom u don't look as flat!! I wasn't upset because I knew why but it sux. With the surgery out lymph nodes that push the sodium from our body are damaged that is the reason we have to avoid sodium. It makes us swell when we haven't had surgery so now that out body is damaged it is uber swelling!!!! I am learning that I can not have sodium even once a week!!
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Frisco I also had a very hard spot on my tummy... My ps said to massage it and it helped. I also had a stainless with quilt stitch my incision was thick (not as thick) but it is looking great at 6weeks. I also used surgical pads on my incision but nothing on my BB. I was told to keep it dry and apply cream on it 1-2 times a day. U r looking better and this is a LONG process! I feel great one week and bad the next. I am not a cryer and have not cried I just try to keep a positive outlook. I would def use a Compression Garment, It helps with swelling and hold ur muscles in and that helps u stand straighter. The one think I am most concerned about on your post is the shortness of breath, that could be serious!! I can not think of the medical term but it could be a blood clot in ur lungs. Look it up, u may need to get checked out. Good luck and keep your patience, I hope that u will be happy in the long run with the only regret being having a jack a** for a dr!!
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Holy smokes you look awesome! You look like a new person!
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Thank you I seriously appreciate the very kind words. Back to work Friday.
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Oh, and your quilting on the sides will lay down eventually...promise. However, your scar is really thick. One day it should lay flat, but I suspect it will be quite wide. You should be able to go for a revision with another doctor. As for the BB, don't sweat that right now. I have seen pictures comparing 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and a year and the BB has a mind of its own...really! It changes so much as it heals. It will take a long time to see final results. For now, focus on how great you are looking in your clothes. Also, try to see if you can gently pull yourself to being more erect. To some degree standing straight happens naturally, but you can and should help it a bit. When I started wearing compression, I immediately stood straighter too. Hang in there!
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