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Consultation was a few weeks ago due to a coworker...

Consultation was a few weeks ago due to a coworker recommendation. She had nothing but positive things to say about her results. I am a 27 year old mom of two and I have a pretty annoying umbilical hernia that has got to go! Dr David godat was my second TT consultation due to recommendation. I did have a prior consultation with another dr that has office in the same building months ago but was skeptical of how he performed closures. I'm pretty set on Dr godat and next preop scheduled for next week! If all goes well.....I'm gonna be one hot Barbie mom! ????
Numedica pre and post vitamins. I got mine through Amazon same ones the doctor uses. They also have the protein shakes and greens for your healing. My TT was yesterday not sleeping to well in recliner but it really helps with getting up and down.
Great! Thanks for the tip. Happy healing to ya


I weighed myself today and I've lost 5 more pounds!!! Yippie!!! Now just over 135 pounds, which sounds very thin but I'm only 5'2 so that's about average I think.
My umbilical hernia has been painful today and I can not wait til this thing is gone, along with the excess skin and rolls. I have a large side tattoo on my stomach/flank area so it will be interesting to see how it shifts with surgery, although it's definitely undergone many changes through two pregnancies ????I'll have to upload pics soon.
My surgery date is as if now scheduled for April 04th and needing advice on most helpful vitamins and post op garments?!?

Pics of the belly and it's hernia bulge side kick


I finally uploaded pics, so now I feel like I'm apart of this crazy cyber tummy tuck world. Lol! Don't mind the boobs, I'm sure I need a lift but I'm only doing this tummy tuck hernia removal combo because it's almost necessary. With my last delivery the genius dr thought to wrap me with a compression garment in order to get my baby girl in the birth canal as she had absolutely no support from my abdominal wall and kept falling over with every contraction! That's how stripped my stomach is!!!! Well, any preop advice is happily accepted. Besos (kisses)ladies!

Gym gear

Another pic with clothes on preop
Hello Barbiemom14, your day is getting close, u will due great im due on4/10 and so excited.
I'm excited with a hint of anxiety. My pre op is this week and just praying that all outcomes are positive and I heal quickly and have a waistline I'll love. Do u know of any post garments that are good to purchase?
Hey Barbiemom14 look on my last picture, I am going to order the Columbiana one, it got extremely great reviews across the board and I love the way I seems to really create a hour glass shape regardless of size and booty enhancement. I am going to get the above the knee one though because I know that probably my entire lower extremities will swell and when the swelling subsides I want it to have created a slimmer , more rounded look to ALLLLLLL of me.

It's getting REAL!!!!!

Just got back from my post up and I am sooooo excited!!!! My hubby came with me so he can hear for himself what to expect as well. Dr David Godat staff is so nice and helpful. I really want to add lipo to my procedure as most if you ladies seen to be happier with results of your tummy tuck with lipo at the same time, but I'm having to convince my hubby if the extra expense soooo I have about another week to try to convince him :/ LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!!!!
So excited for you!! Hope the next week flies by for you!
Well thanx!!! I can't wait!
I know, it's so exciting!! :))

Getting few more ponds off

Work it!


About a week from today I will be crossing the flat side!!!! I CAN NOT wait!!!!! I spoke to my mom last night and she will be coming in from out of town Thursday night. I really need her help, but hubby and her don't get along all that well so I am praying they somehow bond during my healing process. :/ I can't wait to post pics of my new body soon ladies!!!!! If you know me personally, you know that fashion is a HUGE part of who I am and this belly won't allow me to wear certain trends sooooo my wearable fashion experience will be on overload once healed. EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Psyching myself out :(

Going through different reviews, it seems like a lot of ladies start to feel this way once surgery time creeps up. I've been researching myself crazy, and starting to completely feel beyond scared, not to mention I've seen multiple post about girls/ladies dying during or post surgery in different places of the U.S. and Central America. I have two little girls that depend on me. All I keep saying to myself is that God will be with both surgeon and I during operation and prayerfully healing process will go as smooth as ever!
Sending positive thoughts to you girl!! You're going to be fine, and you're going to look amazing! xoxo
Aww thanx hun!!! Today is my last full work day until my leave and it's really really starting to get REAL
It will be ok just pray and stay positive

Countdown!!! The flat side is just a peek away!!

Today is my last day at work until my scheduled surgery And I'm only working a few hours. Woohoo!!! Any ladies on here ever have just a hernia repair in past then undergone an entire muscle repair and abdominal plastie? I know it's a lot more extensive, but how did the pain and recovery compare? My hernia repair recovery was easy breezy and hoping I have a similar experience. (Wishful thinking) :/
I know the fear side. I always tell my hubby what if I don't wake up. But for my experience having that open discussion helped me to actually overcome those fears. I also used the overwhelming info from this site to educate me and not to scare me. Try not to think about the procedure. That helped me big time. In terms of vitamins I took the vita medica pack. I asked my doctor about it and he said it's fine but not something of a big deal from how he reacted. It's not going to hurt so i bought one anyways. Make sure to take colace as soon after the surgery. Will help big time for constipation. Take your nausea medicine even if you are not feeling nauseated. Lastly try to just drink lots of fluid. Shake water juice as long as it's fluids. This will help you a lot. Clearing and cleaning your body plus letting your body focus on healing than digesting. Good luck and feel free to ask any question you may have.

Today is the day!!!!

Nerves are cray cray!!!! I'll be going under the knife in hopes of a new pretty flat and healthy belly today!!!! Prayers!!!!
Prayers going up for you !
Sooooo excited for you!!! Sending positive thoughts your way!! Can't wait to see your first post-op update!! :)
Today is your day! Post as soon as you feel up to it. Hernia girl here myself, having a previous umbilical and ventral hernia repaired 6 and 8 years ago, the hernia repair surgery was like a dental cleaning compared to the tummy tuck. I also had ventral hernias repaired with this TT, I don't think it has added to the pain with the MR. The MR has been the most painful for me and this recovery. Because I did have a previous umbilical repair there was a chance my BB wouldn't survive, but here I am 2 1/2 weeks PO and my BB is pink and healthy!!! Sending positive BB healing vibes your way!! Good luck.

I made it!!!!

I'm doing okay. I feel like I just got ran over by a train, but I'm still alive!!! Lol! The nurse said I did really well and still in hospital this afternoon. I haven't seen anything under all the compressions, but it seems flat under here. I have three drains that seem to be draining properly. All in all Ive had a great start to my road to recovery. Thanks your prayers and thoughts.


Yay you made it. Can't wait to see your after pics. Rest and take it easy.
So happy for you! Hope you're doing well!

End of day 1 post op

My dr came in and told me about my previous mesh and how it was rolled into a ball just sitting around the hernia area. YUCK!!! I got a sneak peak of my belly and it looks amaze so far. My Incision seems super low from what I can tell. Once I attempt to shower I'll try to get a quick snap shot in, but it's coverd in lots of tape. The pain SUCKS!!!! I'm hoping it gets better. The thing that bothers me the most is my throat and feels like mucous in it, but coughing it up feels like my inside is exploding. Other than that, the pain is manageable with meds.
All good things! Glad to see we are in the same boat! And yes that mucous thing is a little brutal! lol
Yaaaa congrats mama u made it.... Im right behind u just a few days away
Thanks! Taking things real slow, but everything looks good so far.

Few snaps of post op day 2 with swelling

Pics.... Swollen

Glad to hear its going good

Post op day 3

As of today I feel a lot better! I no longer have that mucous in my throat and the nurses in the hospital gave me this breathing tool to use in order to help me cough and it worked tremendously! I took a shower yesterday and the warm water hitting my back felt amaze. I am also a lot more mobile and able to get in and out of the recliner on my own pretty much. The first day I felt light headed even with help so my progress is moving along. My drains have to be emptied once a day still and hopefully I'll be able to get one or two of the three removed on my Thursday post op visit. Results as of now are looking great even with the swelling. I haven't seen my bb or scar yet, but I'm pretty confident in my surgeon and how well and healthy he said it looked during operation!!!! All smiles about my decision so far!! :)
OOO I am jealous of that shower. Might have to try that today myself. And the mucous...not at all sad to see that go but I will say today it has been so much easier to cough it up! Sounds like you are doing great! Can't wait to see what your doc say Thurs. Have you taken a naked peak yet? I tried but with the hunching over it was hard.
Yes, I feel 100 times better than post op day 1. My dr said I have to leave tape on even while showering(some kind of medical tape that's water resistant) so I haven't seen full view with scar and everything. I can just see the contouring and feel my abs tho!! I think it's the arnica that's really helping with the soreness plus drinking lots of water, protein shakes and green naked juice. Glad to hear you are doing well with recovery as well. Can't wait to go bikini shopping :)


I finally did it! I had a bowel movement post op!!! I'll spare you the details, but I'm glad I had one. Lol!
Wow... how did you have a shower with your drain tubes still in. I had to wait until mine were removed. They were removed on my first post op visit which was 5 days later. The first day a lot drained the second day a little under a half then day 3-5 nothing so day 5 they were removed. I am 15 days post op today and headed to my 2nd post op visit. I will try to post pics.
Yea, I was surprised when my dr came in the hospital room and advised me I could take a shower too, but as u can tell from the pics, he has me taped with this medical grade water resistant stuff over my incision, belly button, and drain sites. My first post op is in a an hour and will be my first time seeing my belly actually bare!!! Eeeek!!!!!
I had the same thing with the mucos. I assume that came from the tube placed in our throats during surgery. It was hell trying to cough that up. I thought I was going to cough my new BB out of place.

1st post op visit

Ok, so as you guys already may know my Dr. uses this special medical grade tape that promotes healing and keeping infection out so today was my first time seeing my bb, scar, and lower belly area. I'm not gonna lie, Dr Godat's bedside manner is not the best but his confidence in his work, plus his nurses, assistant nurse, and administration team more than make up for it to me, as they are all wonderful and knowledgeable.
As far as the revealing of my results, I am amazed and love what I saw so far. Only things is my bb is kinda flat and one side of the scar is a little high, to avoid dog ears per dr. Of course there was swelling and I got two of the three drains out!!! Happy, flat girl here!!!!
I had my 2nd post op visit on Thursday and my PS wasn't thrilled with my BB healing process. So he gave a steroid shot in the BB and place a spongy corky thing (looked liked an ear plug on top of it and retaped. He said the added pressure will make in settle deeper into place. I thought it looked good. He had to do a hernia repair of my old hernia repair done 30 years ago...
That's good to know!!! I think my bb is starting to look weird to me, but I've also had some bowel obstruction complications that came up so I haven't had time to focus on the bb part yet! :(
He told me " let me worry about that. I can make it look better" . I was OK... Lol

Road to recovery

Been a roller coaster of emotions the past few weeks but here's an updated pic. I had a huge hernia where my previous bb was and my PS saved it instead of creating a new one hence very shallow inset.
Hope you are doing better now! You look great!!
Congrats and happy healing! Hang in there it only gets better....your results look amazing by the way!

Pre op vs. 14day Post

Yes, much better! Thank goodness. Thanx.

New me debut!!!

Today was my first day out and since surgery and complication issue last weekend and IT WAS GREAT!!! I'm starting to feel good now! I also was able to put my faja on today (has to be put on in first thing in the morning with minimal swelling or it won't fit) and I love that thing. I got the one with butt lift support and it does make a great difference to enhance and lift the bootay. Lol! The kids had a blast at church and a great lunch afterwards.
I don't know if this is TMI, but my husband gets turned on by the faja, I'm guessing because it crotchless. Lmbo!!!! And I'm too scared to have intercouse especially with complication issue recently resolving itself. My paperwork from PS says 4-6 weeks so he has a few more weeks to go :(
Hope you ladies had a great weekend as well :)
You look good.......
Why thanx zetagyrl00 :) hope all is well.
You look fabulous!!! Congrats and happy healing!!!

Another post op visit

Quick update. All is well, very mild swelling and one side of my belly is harder than the other, but my PS said it will even over time. My belly button still looks kinda funny to me, but when I look at my kids belly buttons there's kinda do to, so maybe we just have naturally odd shaped bb? Lol! I start back to work Monday and kinda ready to back to normal. My hubby has been my angel through this whole process so I agreed we could get another newer car so here's a pic of me by the car :)

Squeem review

I think I like it even better than the faja. It's sturdier and I have thick thighs and the one I ordered has nice butt lift but uncomfortable on my legs. The squeem is comfortable with no rolling and has improved my swelling!!!
Girl you look fantastic! Those bathing suits! Adorable will you be getting them? You totally should!
Thanx girlie!!! I haven't got them yet since I've never tried on a high waisted bikini and scared of how my hips might look, but I've always thought they were cute. :)
You are looking great! Hopefully the bb will work itself and look good. My hubby gets turned on by the fajas too. Especially the ones that have the butt support. LOL!! Once you are able to, you should have sex with it on, he will love it.

Change of scenery


Looking real flat girl!! :-)
You look great!!!


You look great

Long time since update

Hi there ladies!!! I hope everyone is healing and looking fab this summer! I'm in the process of moving and found some pants from freshman year of high school. Guess what? They fit!!!!!

New bikini

Dr David Godat

Dr Godat has confidence and takes pride in his work, which could easily be misunderstood in bedside manner but he has an AWSOME TEAM to compensate for that part. From his nurses, assistant, operating/hospital team and administration team all more than make up for it to me, as they are all wonderful,knowledgeable, and more than willing to find a way to accommodate your requests. As far as the revealing of my results, I am amazed and love what I have experienced so far and that's what we pay for. Happy, flat tummy girl here and already considering him for other body enhancement for the future.

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4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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