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36-year-old Mother of Two - Dallas, TX

Booked my TT and am about a month away. I am...

Booked my TT and am about a month away. I am extremely active, doing yoga at least 3x's a week, running and riding my bike. And I have an extremely high threshold for pain as I learned through giving birth naturally. But I am scared about the recovery. Anyone out there without a horror story or tips for an easier recovery?
Sorry, no horror story. :) My recovery was very manageable. I don't really have a high threshold for pain (natural child birth..bless you!). Definitely stay on top of your pain meds, even if it means setting an alarm at night and getting up to take it. If you stay on top of it and don't let it get out of hand, life is good. Will you have drains? If so, I found wearing boy short type panties helped to hold them instead of just having them dangle there (that just feels awkward..not painful). The only other tip I can give you for recovery is listen to your body and rest rest rest! I had my TT in December, so the rush of Christmas and everything made it a little hard for me. I forced myself, and thankfully I did because I couldn't be happier with my results. Good luck and I'm looking forward to following your journey!
you will be fine mostly since you are in shape
Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I am sure there will be some muscle repair, and I have an umbilical hernia. No drains though.

Liquid fast before surgery

When I consulted with one plastic surgeon, his staff mentioned a fast they put their patients on a few days before surgery. Did anyone adhere to a fast before their surgery and was it helpful?
No horror story from me either I have found the recovery much easier and have only had panadol for pain. I have lots of tips in my review that might help....I also am fit and watch my diet. I gave birth naturally (twice) and this is way easier just drawn out!

Four more days to surgery

I'm in the home stretch and feel nervous, excited and have moments of regret. I've always had a disproportionate stomach, despite the dieting, exercise, weight loss. I have moments where I think it can't really be true that I can have a stomach I won't want to hide.
Oh yay! Just days away! I can remember the excitement and planning. :) I am 10 days post op and the first 3 days are the most difficult. I wouldn't say painful at all, just tight and tender. I had lipo and tummy tuck, the extended pain med my PS used left me with VERY little TT pain. (only tenderness in the lipo'd area) Outside of pain when you cough and laugh (or sneeze I'd imagine) manageable pain. I stayed on the pres. meds faithfully first 4 days...mostly Tylenol since then. Not a thing to be nervous about as long as you follow doctors instructions, you will love it! Good luck sister!!!
(but...results are NOT immediate...I am still super swollen and hunched over)
I'm 10 days post op now & I can tell you that the first three days were pretty terrible, then little by little, days 4 thru 7, I started to turn back into myself. Still in pain, still VERY swollen, but I went back to work today and did fine. I am waiting until my swelling really goes down to say "worth it" ... But I can already tell that my stomach is really flat and tight. I certainly don't have any regrets (although if you would have asked me during those first three days, I might have answered differently).

Day Two after

Surgery went well, and my recovery has been pretty routine. I am completely happy with the results. Pain is beginning to lessen. I am still waiting to have a bm, but I don't feel constipayed. Overall, I feel great and I can already see definition in my stomach. Can't wait until the swelling goes down.
Congrats!!! Welcome to the flat side :-)
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