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I've always battled my weight. I've never been...

I've always battled my weight. I've never been (and will never be) a skinny girl. But my sexy weight was 165. So whenever I succeeded in circling that weight, I considered the battle Won. And then I got pregnant and had a baby. The battle has gone downhill ever since. I've been between 183 - 193 since my DS was born 3 years ago.

It's hard enough to find time to diet and exercise when you the working mom of a toddler. Yet it's most difficult when you diet and push and sweat but see no results. The scale would go down, but my belly stayed the same. After a few weeks of this, I would just give up and give out.

Then for some reason I came across the term Tumescent Lipo. I can't even remember how or where. I began Googling more information on it. Saw great results, minimal pain and bruising, and best of all: Affordability. I was like "Eureka!" This is it! This will give me the head start I need to get me back to my sexy weight. I'm currently 5 days post-op. I am still extremely swollen - almost to pre-op size (measurement wise). But I looked at my Before and 3 days After shots and I can see a change is gonna come.

One Week Follow Up

At my follow up appointment. Turns out I am more swollen than usual. My PS reopened one of the surgical incisions (did not hurt at all) and pushed out A LOT of fluid that has been building up. I felt better immediately.

He is prescribing antibiotics and wants me to do a better job at keeping my compression garment tight. (Any tighter and I'll have to be placed on a respirator. But oh well. Doctor's orders.

More Pics to come soon. Since I'm so swollen I'd prefer to take more After photos in another week or so.

Suck it in!

Me after the doctor wrapped the binder around my "loose" compression garment to tighten it up.

I can feel my esophagus in my throat its so tight.

3 Liters

The doctor got out 3 liters. My waist is currently 3 inches smaller than pre-op. Still, I'm very swollen. Can't wait to see the results in 6 weeks.

Before Photos

A few 'Before' photos. It's funny because the first few days after the procedure you're so impatient and skeptical. You want to see immediate results and then your minds begins to creep into the "I don't think there's much of a difference. Did I waste my money?" negative thoughts.

It helps though to see how far you've come. Even now, with my swelling, it's obvious that there IS a difference. Wow. I'm stoked.

I took it easy last week. Ate less, but did not start an official diet. But now, I'm stoked. Ready to start making changes for a new body. I'll probably do a low carb (50g) and low calorie (1200) diet plan. It's a doable diet, especially with how tight the compression garment is. I can hardly breathe, let alone overeat, in this thing.

Doctor Approved

Me in the doctor-approved Lipo Express compression garment. It's tight and I hate it. I have actual anger towards it. But my doc has gotten great results with larger bellies than mine, so I'll follow his orders. Who needs oxygen or to feel sensation in the lower half of their bodies anyway, right? '-)
Hey twinsie! I think they removed way more fat than you, than they did me. I wish my dr was a little more aggressive, now that the pain has all gone away. You're new diet plan sounds like a good one. Starting on monday is the best way anyway! Hope to see some progress photos! Do you have a follow up with your dr anytime soon? Mine is on Wed. Do you wear spanx under the compression belt? Lucky you, yours is black. I have a white one and it looks butt ugly but i actually love wearing it now. I sleep with it and wear it all day. It feels weird when i dont have it on.
I have another follow up scheduled today. From my research, I believe I've developed a seroma (hard fluid build up). I'm hoping my PS will drain it today. It's quite painful. Like a burning sensation in the areas with the fluid. I also don't want my results to be ruined by calcification. I wear spanx under my garment but only because I got the garment with the butt cut out. While the butt opening looked cute on the model on the front of the package, it does NOT look good on me. The garment is so tight that my fat is redirected (squished) up and out into any openings. So I looked like I have big boobs and a big crazy a$$ - not the good kind either. :) So the spanx push my butt back in. Now I just have crazy huge boobs and a tiny waist. Jessica Rabbit post-lipo, I suppose.

Two 1/2 Weeks Post

Still very swollen, but overall my pain has been very minimal during this entire process.

I have a lot of fluid/swelling in my belly. From touching and pushing on it, I'm guessing it's at least 3 inches of added girth to my belly. I'm down 4 inches since pre-surgery - at least mid-belly - so hopefully the final 3 will make a total of at least 7 inches.

Last night I massaged and then slept on my belly all night. I noticed this morning that I'd lost another 1/3 inch. Not sure if that aided in my body reabsorbing the fluid or if its just temporary. I'll keep you posted.

I'm posting several "One week post" and "Two week post" photos.

I'm seeing some changes from week to week. Notice how my lower belly flap is diminishing. That's surely a wonderful thing.


The Side


Two Weeks Front - Still very swollen

Hi thereā€¦can you post updated pics? I'm about a month post op and would love to see 5 month results, if possible.
you look great hunni! Im worried about if lipo would just help my stomach check out my page and let me know what you think!
Elm, you are healing very well...I have a LOT of peeling to the degree that I will not post those pictures because they are too graphic. But my shaping up is a lot like yours. I look really nice in a pair of jeans and shirt that I put on 1 week post-opt, but that only lasted a "cute" minute. I don't want anything touching me right now...LOL. Not sure why I had so much peeling, from what I read, it seems to happen to people that tend to retain more fluid after the surgery. Nonetheless, you look GREAT!!!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures so that it will continue to encourage me! Take care.
Dr. Nathan Long

Very personable and interesting to talk to. Is very hands on. He even helped me put on my shoes after my first follow up visit. His staff is very much like him. A great trio of helpful ladies.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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