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Hi, all. I've been getting a bunch of tattoos,...

Hi, all. I've been getting a bunch of tattoos, almost a full sleeve, as well as a bunch of other crap on my other arm (not pictured) lasered since December of 2012. All in all 10 treatments, split into halves, so everything has been lasered 5 times as of right now (December 2013).

After spending months and months researching laser before making any commitment I had been through it all. Jerked around by enough people and all of the misinformation out there. Luckily enough, I eventually stumbled upon a guy named Alan Faulkner of Fade Fast out in Dallas, Tx, a name that kept coming up in tattoo circles who seemed highly revered.

After doing some more research (can't stress research enough) into Fadefast, I knew this was my guy and I was going to travel out of state to see him. He uses the NaturaLaseQS laser which is the most powerful single pulse Q switched Nd:YAG laser available and also treats 10mm spot size, which is double, in some cases even 5 times the area that other lasers can treat with one zap. I'm not kidding when I say he'd just run down my arm real quick like BRAAAAAAAP and it's done. Speed and power. And yes, it hurts.

Needless to say this has been the most trying year of my life. I've heard it said before on here that it's all mental. So true. The anticipation, excitement, and relief of initially getting the ball rolling eventually subsided shortly after my first treatment. Then.. stress, lots of stress. My arm had turned into a blob and I was extremely embarrassed. Long sleeve button ups all year, that's all summer too. If there is anything I can recommend, it's to stay focused. I realized also that I wasn't always able to stay positive, and I had to accept that. I just had to stay busy and hang on at all costs.

Where I'm at now is I'm 2 weeks post the second half of my fifth treatment. I was told by the tech. in October that 5 would be it, to wait a few months, and I should be good to go for a coverup. When I saw him again at the beginning of December he told me that I was good to go. I am not relieved. I look at my arm and think I still need atleast another treatment, even though I was assured that I'd be good. I still have to wait a couple more weeks to go talk to an artist about doing a a heavy heavy traditional Japanese cover up. Dragon and floral possibly. I'm expecting the worst and stress is at an all time high. I slept 2 hours last night.

If anyone has any questions, or would just like to talk or vent, I'm always all for it. Just message me..

post 5th

What's probably going to happen now is this- I'll probably end up waiting a few more months for the full fading affect to kick in, then go get a coverup. I hope to be ready by then, and tattoos are supposed to still fade up to 6 months after treatment, but I don't know how much and everybody is different.
Awesome!! Thank you!
hey, thanks. no problem.

Thank you x10 for sharing our story with us, this is so helpful for those of us (including myself) working towards a cover up! I have not heard much about the NaturaLaseQS laser so I am glad you gave us some information. It does hurt, doesn't it!! I am on session #9! Do you use numbing cream? About how long does it take to treat your arm. Your fading looks great by the way!


Some things I try to do..

Along with various vitamins and supplements that promote healthy blood flow, lymph system, immune system, clays that attract opposites likes heavy metals, toxins, etc., and antioxidents, I've ( Just recently) incorporated a couple of other things that I feel may help, but I have no evidence (I have nothing to compare it to) to say 100% that it works.

I recently got my hands on a mini trampoline. Mini trampoline exercises are said to increase the immune system by as much as 15-20 times. If interested, there's a lot of good information on the web about it.

I also have a vibrator massager thing (I got it from my mom, chill). I also have no evidence that this works, but I know that it does increase blood flow on the areas that you use it on, but also wonder if it has any affect on the broken ink particles as well.

If these things don't work, at least I think that they might, so hopefully they'll at least act as a placebo affect.

I'm going with these rituals right now, almost obsessively, full force to get the maximum results from my last treatment(s).
Nice fading! I know what you are saying about having a terrible year. I have hated 2013, and can't wait for the New year! I also go without any type of numbing for my treatments. I have two tattoos treated with multiple lasers. The cooling machine works well enough for me. I get my mind in the right place, and just deal. I don't take breaks...I just have my doctor fly through it. She's always shocked at how well I tolerate the pain. People say Picosure hurts less...I don't believe it! I may look into the mini trampoline too, besides, I need some more fitness equipment! Take care!
hey, thanks. sounds like you and I pretty much are on the same page when it comes to dealing techniques. I think the cooling machine my tech uses plays a major role as well. one time i remember we didn't even use any ice on some script i was getting treated and he just held the cooling machine to it for a few minutes before he lasered and it was way better than numbing it with ice! happy new years to you too. heres to a better one..
I think I may try without numbing cream next treatment and just have them ice it as I think the icing was more effective anyways. She just kept moving the ice pack around during the treatment. Well here's to removal! Happy Holidays!

Good to go for coverup!

So last night I made the decision that instead of sitting around waiting for my tattoo to fade more, or stressing about if it even will, or about how it's still dark and how many more treatments I'd, and how much more longer I'd be going at this, that I was going to go visit the artist who I've been wanting to do my cover up work and show him what I've got going.

I was expecting him to say something more a long the lines of what needs be lasered more and how many times he thinks, or maybe not even wanting to take on the project all togather.

Well, one luck at my arm and he was certain that im good to go. NOT the news I was expecting. He's going to start drawing something up and them I'm booked in for early February. I did not think I was going to start the year out this way. At all. But, boy what a way too. Tonight I will have my first good nights sleep in a long time..
Hi. How did the cover up session go???
hey, thanks for asking. it went good. so far we just got the bottom half of the arm done, outline, shading, and background. ill go back in a couple weeks to add color. the artist works pretty fast. I have some pictures on my computer, I wasn't sure if they were good at capturing what was going on, since theres no color yet. when I get home from school ill post them on here anyway. im also in the market to get (hopefully one more) laser treatment on my other arm. I don't know if I want to travel all the way to dallas just for a little laser, but I don't know who else is trustworthy in my area, so I really don't know what im going to do.
Great work on the cover up . The fish is in a nice light area so the colour will really stand out. When was your last laser treatment on the other arm??

Cover Up Started..

Here are some pics of the cover up I started last week. The artist is Erick Melendez at Dapper Ink in El Paso, TX. He free handed it and really did an amazing job at hiding some of the spots that may have been a little too dark. It may be hard to make out whats really going on so far since no color has been added (any color that appears to be there is from the old tattoos). I should be going back in a couple weeks to get that done, then sometime shortly after that start on the upper portion of my arm, then touch ups, etc. so it's def. a journey but glad to get the ball rolling.
Looks great dude!
How exciting!!! I am so glad you posted the start of your cover up, looks like it's going to be beautiful, can't wait to see the finished result!
thanks, eva! I dry heal so my arm is itching way worse than any post-laser right now. also, after all of that laser you can tattoo on my arm for hours and ill sit like rock not feeling a thing. its kind of cool.

Pretty Frustrated..

I was on the phone earlier inquiring into laser at a clinic about an hour away from here. Over the phone I was quoted $400. That is completely unacceptable for laser removal in 2014, especially when all that is being treated is three tattoos on top of the forearm from the elbow down. At Fadefast I was getting as much as I wanted treated for $250, then dropped down to $200 because they were cutting me a break. Mike at GO! prices the same. I would make another Dallas trip, but I don't know if I have it in me anymore. The long bus rides. Overcrowded buses. Smelly buses. Buses with conflict. Getting attacked by tweakers and other general weirdos and trashy people. No way, no how. I am in New Mexico and willing to travel, if the prices are fair and has a good track record. I might look into what Arizona has to offer. If anyone can help with any ideas, please do. Thanks..

To Clarify..

If I were just starting, or had a ways to go still, I'd make the Dallas trip. Or if I were elsewhere, I'd still travel to someone else who's professional and reputable. Since this has been a journey, lots of treatments, lots of payments made, I can't stress enough how important it was for me to go see someone who wasn't "anti-tattoo" and wouldn't break my bank. I only should have one more treatment to go, and only on a small part of my arm (compared to the almost two sleeves I started out with), which is the reason I don't feel like traveling too far right now..
Congrats on the coverup! It's going to look awesome! So happy for you!
thank you! I go back to put color in on the 11th. then I will make more laser a priority. seems like so much to think about time wise and financially, but these things usually come togather for me when I just chill out a little..
Good points, man--I went to two consultations at dermatologist and I felt like I was being treated differently and besides, why would I pay twice what I pay now to not even get treated by the doctor. At one of my consultations, the doctor came in and looked at my tattoo for like 10 seconds (I'm not joking). I'm glad I ended up going to someone that is well known in the tattoo community.

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