Started Sculptra Treatments for Acne Scars and Some Loss of Collagen in my Temples

I did the activeFX laser a few months ago with...

i did the activeFX laser a few months ago with subcision and restylane. it definitely improved the look and texture of my skin, but not enough! i see people with perfect poreless and unscarred skin and i get soooo jealous. a few months ago i also started getting perlane fillers to plump up my cheeks and really love the way it makes my cheekbones look.
my dr then suggested scupltra treatments because i would be the perfect candidate for it for loss of collagen and also for the acne scarring. so here are some befores, a few afters and i will keep this updated for anyone who is interested in what sculptra did for someone trying to fix acne scars.
1 vial total-8 syringes with multiple stabbings from each syringe....


Do you have anymore pictures now? Since I'm sure most of the swelling has gone down.
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Yes let me add some :-) I have another session nov 1 so I'll be posting periodically.
my temples right now look like yours and i was wondering whether that's considered hollowness. i guess it is! how much volume will you gain there with this procedure? is the pain that bad? i am scared now lol

Ok on my way to get my second treatment!!! Ugh took a Xanax because it DOES hurt!!!ag

On my way for second treatment are my before photos. Try not to gag at my pics lol I'll do the immediate after.

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Lidocaine on face 2nd treatment

Ok I'll have this lidocaine on my face and then ill post post op pics!

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I would love to see pics As well--'my temples REALLY need some filler
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Immediately after 2nd treatment

Not as painful as first time but definitely uncomfortable.

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3 days after 2nd treatment

Still swollen and I never bruise. Still a bit tender in the temples but overall great!


Looking great girl! Is it me or have your scars faded considerably? I noticed after my second Sculptra treatment that the first changes I see are the tone and texture of my skin, then the fullness starts to come. Looking fab! Keep us posted!
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Your results look great so far. I just had to vials 2 weeks ago and I see improvement already. Im 30 but don't sleep much and have had a lot of past stress, so my skin reflected that. please keep me posted with your success u look great...telisha
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Did you get injections on your cheek area or temples? I think you must misunderstand where the temple area is because the after procedure pic where you have the blood is not where the temple is located.
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save your money….

I've spent almost 3k so far and had 3 treatments. i havent seen ANY improvement whatsoever. maybe you guys that are reading this will hopefully get better results, but i wish i had saved my money and spent it on chemical peels or dermrollers…this treatment is expensive, uncomfortable and i didnt see the anticipated results so i cannot recommend this.


I had sculptra in my temples & jaw area a couple years ago. I didn't notice any change, I knew it takes time but never saw anything. Now I wouldn't want to go for it anymore after reading reviews on it. You can get lumps & they don't go away. I have one in my jaw but I massage it & it flatens out. I too have scars, I went for Erbium laser & came out worse. Got fat loss, a dent & tons of scars from the procedure, he made huge scars around the scars I wanted removed. I've had 7 fraxel treatments, 4 from dual & 3 others along with smoothbeam, perfecta & affirm. Still have the scars, a little better from the treatments but now I just needle & get the same results. It does take time but instead of wasting all that money & coming out worse then going in I'll stick to needling & putting vit c on after. A little juvederm in the dent & deeper ones. But he had some left over & put in under my eyes, just a tad but now my one eye is puffy & it's been a month so if you go for fillers & use juvederm don't get any under your eyes. Don't put any permanent fillers in your face. Don't take the risk if something goes wrong & you can't change it. Your a beautiful girl. I know how scars can make you feel. I've been dealing with them & now more of them thanks to fraxel all my life.
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i had 4 vials two separate visits August and September. no significant difference. just a lopsided face. ripoff
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oh wow I'm sorry :-( that is really crappy if you got BAD results!! i am starting to see some improvements in mine, patience has never been one of my strong points. my acne scars are still there but they're more shallow. i havent gotten bad results though....will your face fix itself since this is not a permanent treatment???

one month after 3rd treatment.

ok so yeah, i may have spoke too soon. i am starting to see some very subtle changes. be aware that this is not a treatment you will see results from right away minus the initial swelling. BE PATIENT!!!! he showed me that my temples HAVE indeed filled out and my face just looks different. my skin is far from perfect and it never will be what i want but its as good as its gonna get! i am going in for another sculptra treatment feb 3 along with one vial of perlane in my cheeks. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!!

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unfair with makeup...

ok i forgot about the 2 pics i took yesterday morning. NO makeup and flat lighting. i need some better ones but this shows the tone and kinda the texture but more importantly you can see the shape is a little different.


You are a really pretty girl, your eyes are amazing. I wish i could do my make up like you do and what ever scars you have you hide very nicely, i see big eyes and rosy cheeks and pretty hair.
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How has everything been going With you're fillers?
Ok, amazing...but I do want to say, again, this stuff always gives me hope because of the way everyone thinks they have such bad scars or hollows or whatever, but really...its only because its yours you thought it was bad. I swear, I could scarcely see any scars at all, but, yes it does look beautiful and extra smooth now! I realize, I am focusing so hard on the dents and wrinkles in my own chin, I forget that people, decent people, dont look for bad things! those who do are nasty critical men out to hurt women just for getting older. You do look smashing!
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meh...not worth it.

not worth the money, time and discomfort spent on this procedure...

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Dr. Benjamin Bassachis

I love this Dr. He is caring, knowledgable and I would not go to anyone else when it comes to fixing my face! His staff is amazing too and I HIGHLY recommend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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