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Pleased, So Far, but Still a Ways to Go - Dallas, TX

I had my procedure done 4 days ago (May 27th). I...

I had my procedure done 4 days ago (May 27th). I have mixed reviews about my doctor and his staff. My consultation wasn't with the doctor (though, my other consults were with doctors). The staff didn't seem very friendly, nor were they rude. They just seemed to want to be polite, do their jobs, and move on. However, I decided to go with him because of how he performed the procedure (he combined SmartLipo, VASER, and VibroSuction to get the best result). Also, he has videos of him performing the procedure on his site, so I felt comfortable (and I did get to see him during my pre-op). Aside from that, I read a not-so-good review of one of the other doctors I had a consult with, so that made my decision even easier, in choosing the doctor I went with.

Well, on to my experience: I got my upper/lower abs, love handles, and inner thighs done (finally getting around to removing the pooch and thick thighs my pregnancy gave me). I went into the office, and they gave me the "cocktail" (antibiotics, hydrocodone, valium, and something else) just before the doctor drew on my stomach and thighs. He did inform me that my thighs lacked definition at some particular point where most women's thighs do, so he could not guarantee I would get the best result there, but he assured I would be very happy with my abdominal area. I did bring a list of questions to my pre-op (many of which I got from reading reviews on this site), so during the day of my surgery, he asked if I had any more.

I was pretty confident I had all of the info I needed, to proceed. I laid around a while (I guess so the meds could take effect), then it was time to take pictures and head to the procedure room. The numbing and tumescent fluid were no problems (the doctor told me I would feel a stick and a quick burn for each of the areas, and that's exactly what I felt (nothing more, nothing less). I didn't feel any of the incisions, but the SmartLipo procedure was mostly tugging and pulling (a little uncomfortable, but not bad).

However, I had a necesary medical surgery earlier this year and one of the entrance areas was my navel. So, needless to say, that scarred area was extremely painful when the SmartLipo laser was used around it. I kept jumping and that was angering my doctor. He gave me more numbing medicine in the navel area, but, he would start back with the laser before he gave the meds time to work. So, I continued to jump and moan, and at one point he said the reflex from my leg kicked him (though, I don't remember that).

He became frustrated and left the room for about 10 mins or so, then re-entered, telling me how he was using sharp objects inside of me, and I needed to start simply telling him it was hurting, instead of jumping when he hit the painful area. By then, I was in so much pain that I was shaking like a leaf, and couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried (the trembling also aggravated the doctor). Well, finally, after giving the extra dosage of meds time to numb the area, he was able to finish up with no problem.

I had a pretty good amount of leakage on the first day, but after I changed the dressing, only a few areas leaked the next day, and now, 4 days later, my thighs are still leaking heavily and are very bruised (which I was informed would happen). I can already see good results with my stomach, and can't wait to see the end result in a few months. The jury is still out with my inner thigh area. They don't look any smaller than they were prior to the surgery, but they are obviously still filled with fluid, bruised and swollen, so, I'm willing to be patient and see how this will work out.

I'm still pretty sore and still numb in both of my sides (love handle areas), but I try to move around a lot. I seem to stiffen when I sit in one position for a long period of time. Tomorrow will be my first day back to work, so this will also be interesting.

My first post-op appointment is this coming Monday. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

Tomorrow will be one week since my procedure and I...

Tomorrow will be one week since my procedure and I am pretty swollen (mostly my inner thighs). I have gained 6 lbs. and I'm not happy, but, I guess it comes with the territory. Hopefully, this will subside soon and I'll start to see good results. Still pretty sore, especially when I stand up after sitting, but once I start moving, I feel much better. Onward....

Yesterday made 4 weeks since my procedure. I had...

Yesterday made 4 weeks since my procedure. I had a few sessions of lymphatic massage (which have helped quite a bit). Unfortunately, last week, I had to have a hysterectomy, so my abdomen is now swollen again (hopefully, it'll go back down). My thighs are still sore and a bit swollen (I know it's a little soon, but I'm still not very optimistic about the outcome of those). Both of my sides (lovehandles) are still numb from the anesthesia. Is anyone else still numb in some areas one month after the procedure? I know the Dr. told me it could be a few weeks, but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing.

So, in essence, I was pretty satisfied with my abdomen and sides, but since I had to have "real" surgery, I will have to wait a few more weeks to see if the results will stand.

Well, this is month 5 and I haven't seen any...

Well, this is month 5 and I haven't seen any further results since months 2-3. At about 3.5 months, I went for my 3-month check-up and my Dr. said since I had the hysterectomy, it will delay my final results by a month or 2. While I have seen results in my abdomen (except for the skin-tightening--the jury is still out on that), my thighs haven't changed much. Although I'm mildly satisfied with the results, I'm not certain it was worth what I paid. (I haven't posted any pics because the Dr.'s office couldn't email the before pics and I didn't take any on my own. Therefore, you all won't see anything to compare it to).

Well, tomorrow, I get my outer thighs/hips and my...

Well, tomorrow, I get my outer thighs/hips and my knees done. This time, I remembered to take the "before" pictures, which I will post later. I think I mentioned in a previous post that my hips appeared larger after my waist was done last year (though most people said they don't see it, but hey, we're always our own worst critics. LOL). At any rate, we'll see if there will be a major difference after the surgery. I'll be back in a couple of days with an update (I'll likely be too tired after surgery tomorrow).

I have finally added photos from my second surgery...

I have finally added photos from my second surgery. I didn't take any before the first surgery in May 2011, but I didn't forget this time. I go for my 3-month checkup tomorrow and I must say, I'm very pleased with the results so far. As usual, I look good in the morning, but during the mid-day, that swelling rears its ugly head. LOL! There still quite a bit of itching (especially around the knees), and with pressure, there is still soreness in around the knees and outer thigh area. But again, I'm very pleased so far, and am happy that my thighs are beginning to fit more comfortably in my jeans.
Dr. Bill Johnson

The doctor and his staff didn't come across as very friendly, but they were polite and seemed to be there to do their jobs as effectively as they could. The doctor is very thorough in answering all of your questions or concerns, and he answers them honestly.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! Can't believe you are still sore/itching after 3 months, though - sorry! I am still swelling mid-day, too, and it's been a year since my first procedure. I hope it stops some day, lol!
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I am with you - I am at 5 months for my abs and, while I can see that the "pooch" is gone, I am still wearing the same size pants and still have the same measurements. I am still numb along my waist. I had the abs/waist done in May and the thighs/hips done in June. My mom-in-law passed away 3 days after my second surgery and we flew to her funeral - the flight made me really swollen and they told me it would delay my results by a month or two. I am starting Smooth Shapes next week (I think it must be like your Vibrosuction?) as they say it will help, but I am not holding my breath at this point...Fingers crossed for both of us! :)
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Robinette, first, I want to extend my condolences for the passing of your mother-in-law. Now, regarding my surgery, certain parts of my waist are still numb as well (it's slowly getting better, but I didn't think I'd still be numb after 5 months). Like you, my pooch is gone, but the skin-tightening they claim I'd get has yet to be seen, and my stomach isn't as flat as I'd like it to be. I will have my outer thighs/hips done after my 6-month mark, but I'm considering having traditional lipo for that area, instead of the Smartlipo. I did lots of research on Smartlipo, but not much research on traditional lipo (though I heard they no longer use that large cannula). Overall, how satisfied are you with your thighs, and have you seen a major difference? I'm really wondering if I'll get better results by doing traditional lipo, instead of spending money on Smartlipo again, and not being completely satisfied.
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Hi Tender, Thank you for your condolences (lung cancer - please everyone - DON'T SMOKE, it is a horrible way to go!! OK, off my soapbox...) RE my thighs, I am happy with them so far (4 months post-op). They told me the thighs take the longest time of all the surgical places to get final results but I could see that the saddlebags were gone from Day One. I can tell the difference in them in my jeans/pants, too. Funny thing is - I measured everything before surgery (abs, thighs, etc) so that I could watch myself shrink and here I am, still measuring EXACTLY the same. Go figure. Not sure about traditional lipo - I didn't research it either because I heard it had a longer recovery time plus you usually have general anesthesia instead of just taking "happy pills". I am posting new photos this morning on my Smart Lipo review if you want to take a look. I took some for the Smooth Shapes review I'll be doing (I am starting that today).
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I agree - I swell more when I move around or when I am out of the compression garment (my surgeon said to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks post-surgery).

Question - I am having my thighs done on the 25th. Which area do you think is more sore for you - your stomach or your thighs?
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6 weeks? Wow, I was told I'd have to wear it for 2-3 weeks following the procedure.

To answer your question, my thighs are extremely sore. My stomach is still a little sore (mostly with certain movements). However, my thighs are really sore, swollen and very bruised. I'm anxious to see the results within the next month or 2 (so far, I don't see any improvement yet). I had my inner thighs done, so I'm walking funny due to the padding between my legs (I have to walk with my legs spread farther apart because the pads rub together).
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Hi i went to bill also and i wore my compression garment for a month Maybe a tad bit longer but not 6wks...i feel like i shouldve worn it longer for better results
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Just some helpful hints here - I had my surgery (upper/lower abs and flanks)on 5/13 so I am about 2 weeks ahead of you (I'm on week 3). The 2 things that help most with the swelling are:
(1) drink one half of your body weight in ounces of fluid per day (so if you weigh 120 lbs, you must drink 60 oz of water/day). This helps to flush out the fluids/melted fat/etc. I actually lost 1.5 pounds by the end of week one by doing this. I am still swollen but I still weigh less than before surgery on week 3...
(2) get arnica montana pellets/tablets at your local Whole Foods or similar-type store that sells homeopathic remedies (or order online at Amazon). This is a homeopathic medicine that reduces inflammation and swelling. I was given 3 "tubes" of it by the surgeon and told to take 5 tablets at one time, 3 times/day (15/day total). They are tiny and you hold them under your tongue until they are dissolved. Because they are homeopathic, you aren't supposed to touch them with your hands (you turn the tube, which dispenses them into the lid, then you drop them from the lid to under your tongue). Also, no food, water, or mint for 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after you take them. Also, you want the ones that say 12C on the side (not the higher numbers like 30C).

Others have mentioned bromelain to help with the swelling. I have taken that on a hit or miss basis because you are supposed to take them on an empty stomach and I never seem to remember to take them when it's empty, lol!

I hope this helps!
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Thanks, Robinette. I have been drinking water, though not as much as you indicated (I will have to drink a little more to equal one half of my body weight). I just bought arnica yesterday and have started taking them. I have noticed a little change, but not too much (it's only been one day, so I'll be patient). I did notice that I swell more when I've been moving around a lot. I went to the mall yesterday to look for a couple more long dresses (my thighs are still draining quite heavily, so I can't wear pants/jeans yet). After about 1 hour, I was extremely exhausted from pushing through the soreness in my legs, and I was swollen like a balloon. After I came home and relaxed a bit (and took more arnica), most of the swelling had gone down and I felt much better. I also noticed, the weight gain was due to swelling. I've lost 4 of the 6 lbs I gained. I'm ready for the misery to be over, and get back to my normal activities.
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