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Had Total of 6 Vials Done...over 2 Years = A Lot of Money :( - Dallas, TX

FIrst of all, I do think it's impossible for...

FIrst of all, I do think it's impossible for people to give a thumbs up or thumbs down immediately after the procedure on their results since Sculptra does not give immediate results.
In addition, like many of you, I read and re-read so many reviews about Sculptra and unfortunately, I am stubborn enough, and I don't think I could have been talked out of this procedure, once I was determined to do it. I get something in my mind and I'm sure it will be the answer to a younger more beautiful face.
I really was the perfect candidate for Sculptra. I have been thin all of my life and as I'm aging (I'm now 47, I started this at 45) my face unfortunately was getting thinner. I just needed some fullness back in my cheeks and temples....which is what Sculptra is all about.
My PS who did the procedure is actually a trainer/teacher for Sculptra, so I felt very confident in his hands. He was professional and the actual treatments didn't hurt at all, because of the numbing shots he gave me and the lidocaine that was mixed with the Sculptra.

The reason I would never recommend Sculptra is that I really don't see a difference at all in my face (and I spent $4500...YIKES) but more importantly I have lumps up and down my cheeks. I feel like I did everything right and the nodules still came.
-I only got injections in my cheeks and temples (nothing around my eyes)
-I massaged like crazy, longer than 5 days because I was convinced that I was not going to get the nodules that everyone talks about.
-I went to a PS that has been injecting Sculptra for years and does a ton of it in his practice.
-My nodules didn't show up until months after I had the injections.

You can't see my lumps and bumps but every time I touch my cheek, I get sad and angry at myself for doing this procedure.

So please don't be stubborn like me...Please listen and do NOT do it. Their are too many other great fillers out there that don't have this side effect. I think the one thing that convinced me is "how much longer Sculptra last" than other fillers. Thinking about that statement now is crazy to me, yet that was the selling point for me. Because really....what difference does getting a filler every 18 months as opposed to every 12 months make....none!!!
Can you tell, I am so upset with myself for what I did to my face! Uggggg


Abby, Yeah, I agree a second consult just helps clarify your options. At your consult on Monday did you discuss trying to accomplish a good eye result without the need for a brow lift? Of course it depends on your current brow position but even if slightly low, there is a great deal of improvement that can be had IF your PS uses a technique and is skilled at optimizing the eye lift procedure. You can always go back later for a brow lift if absolutely necessary. grace
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Abby You posted to another site that you were having a consult on Mon about eye lift surgery. Did you do that and did you go to more than one PS?
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I did go on Monday to a consult with my first choice in PS. I had made another appt with a second Doctor in which the consult is next week. Even though, I think, I plan to use the Doctor that I saw this past Monday, I don't think it hurts to have to a second opinion.
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