One month post op...- Dallas, TX

Ok, So I have scheduled surgery and I am freaking...

Ok, So I have scheduled surgery and I am freaking out, granted it is 2 months away, but it may as well be this afternoon with the nerves I have! My biggest fear is the anesthesia and recovering from that...I have a complete total irrational fear of throwing up and will do anything to avoid nausea and vomiting. I am planning on having anti-nausea meds in the IV, as well, as whatever else they can give me ! I would love to hear others experience with anesthesia and anti-vomiting meds.

The corrections I am having done are correcting a crooked nose, removal of the hump, and reducing the projection. I knew I had a crooked nose, but never really internalized it until I got a new drivers license and thought "what the heck is going on there", as my nose takes a violent turn to the right!

Would love to hear thoughts, advice, words of wisdom, etc !
I may post pictures as some point, I am super self conscious in general, so it might take me some time to get the nerve up !

Oh my... only 18 days until surgery! I just have...

Oh my... only 18 days until surgery! I just have to say that I have emailed Dr. C's nurse, Jane, a million times over the past couple of weeks and she replies so fast and is so thorough!! This is very comforting. All I have left to do is get my prescriptions and grocery shopping. This all still feels like a dream...

So I figured that since I am 16 days out from...

So I figured that since I am 16 days out from surgery I should post pics... I will do everything to avoid having my picture taken. The only way I am ever in pictures is by accident or I am totally I took these myself with my laptop computer, hence the resemblance to the "FBI's Most Wanted List".
So there my nose is, in ALL its glory...crooked, humped, overprojected..yuck...

Ya know what else I am curious I am...

Ya know what else I am curious I am having my deviated septum corrected and I am worried about the cartilage memory...will my nose be straight for a few months then redeviate ?? Anyone encounter this problem ??

6 days to surgery !

I can't believe that it is 6 days away. I wasn't nervous until yesterday, now ....the nerves have arrived !!! This is still surreal, but I am hopeful. I also keep thinking back to college when I was called a "big nose B****", granted that was a loooonngg time ago, but still...
There are so many people that have posted their after photos that are beautiful ! If I can get even a portion of that, then I will be happy ! My nose is so crooked and from certain angles looks broken, not sure how Dr. C is going to correct that mess, but I am hopeful !!! I wish I had more before pics, but I do not allow my photo to be taken and I also realized that I cannot smile on command...???

Getting Cold Feet !

Surgery is in two days and although I am excited...I am super nervous and have a case of cold feet. I am not turning back, but trying to figure out how to manage these nerves !! All I can think about are the horror stories you hear about and do I have enough popsicles??

Splints out, Cast off !! 7 days post op

I am finally updating my status! It has been one week since the operation and things are getting better. One thing I wasn't anticipating was the emotional roller coaster this would be. I think my emotions were worse then the procedure and the recovery, but I am not sure why. First let me say that Dr. Cochran and the team and the Texas Surgical Institute were amazing !!! I felt very safe and cared for the entire time I was in their care. They were very attentive, thorough and professional. Dr. Cochran is a true master, granted I am far away from seeing the finished product, but his overall demeanor and bedside manner are so reassuring that you just feel like everything is going to be ok.
So, I didn't get sick !!! YEAH!!! I did have a bit of nausea, but I expected that and it was only aggravated when I moved around too much. I never took a pain pill, although I probably should have, but I only stuck with Extra Strength Tylenol. Icing is a huge pain, all I could really do was ice the sides of my face, it is hard to get an ice pack under your eyes or on your cheeks where you really need it ! Waking up from the anesthesia is a tad scary and my throat was unbelievably dry and hurt soooooo bad ! My surgery took two hours and Dr. C did have to break my nasal bones. He told my husband that I had one of the worst internally deviated septums he has ever seen. I think that earns me some kind of award or something !! I am extremely bruised and swollen, I guess from the breaking, but I still look pretty awful...thank goodness I have several more days before I am back to work. I can tell that I will be happy with the results, my nose is so much straighter, smaller, and has a nice little "swoop". I am anxious to see the daily changes !
Things I learned and wanted to pass on : Soft foods were my best friend, my teeth hurt and it was difficult to swallow for several days so thank god for soup, applesauce and sorbet. Popsicles were even difficult to eat since I couldn't open my mouth very wide at all ! Get your eyebrows plucked before your procedure...seriously !!! Make sure you plan your trips around the house well...go to the bathroom, get more to drink, snacks etc because moving around is exhausting !!
Getting the splints and cast removed was so liberating !!! I was more scared of this then the actual surgery, but it did not hurt at all and smelling and tasting things since then is like smelling and tasting things for the first time.
Anyway, I will try post after photos soon, like I said I am super swollen and bruised and not comfortable "going public" yet.
To anyone considering Dr. Cochran, you cannot go wrong ! He is truly amazing.

9 days Post op

I am finally posting some recovery/ after pics. I am still super swollen and bruised, I don't think the Arnica worked that well for me...I kind of confirmed this when I walked in the door from having my cast removed and my two male German Sheperds decided to have an all out brawl, well in the process of trying to break them up, I got bit...twice. I immediately bruised and swelled up like a balloon after taking Arnica for 6 days. Oh well, I can tell that the swelling is going down slowly. I am jealous of those of you that look perfect moments after cast removal, I am attributing it to Dr. C having to break my nose. I guess I just have to be patient. I am super happy with my profile ! My before "bad side" is now my better side, never thought that would happen.
So I have added a few photos from my recovery, one before, and two afters. Ignore the braided hair, not a lot of effort going toward that right now !

15 days post op.

Still swollen and bruised. I also still have a lot of pressure in my nose, which is starting to get annoying. I also still have stitches dissolving... I am thrilled with the results so far and can't believe how straight Dr. C got my nose ! I am still concerned about cartilage memory and fear looking in the mirror every morning, but alas it is still straight ! Can anyone comment how long the internal pressure lasted ?

One month post op- tomorrow !

I really can't believe that it has been one month already ! The time has flown, I am still swollen, which is causing my nostrils to be least I hope I am still swollen ! I also still have a lot of numbness, especially the tip. The pressure has eased up, but is still there. I have not started working out again, I am a little nervous to do so. If it will increase the swelling???
I have learned a couple of things:
1) I am not the slightest bit photogenic, I have taken a million "selfies" and each one I am like, "nope, delete". I would love to have just one pic that looks normal !
2) This surgery sent my skin in crisis mode ! Anyone else have this experience ?? I have typical combo skin, but holy cow !!! The oil...yikers! You can literally see the drops of oil on my nose when I wake up in the morning ! It is getting better...slowly !!!
3) I should be on the "Surgery Diet" all the time.
All in all, I am very happy with my new nose and look forward to seeing it refine. I did not post any new pics, maybe when I get that one in a million...
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Cochran because he is a specialist and had a great bed-side manner during my consult. He was very personable and patient !

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Hello, I hope you've been doing well. How has your nose been healing? Would you like to share your update with us?
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I am only 8 days post op, but I am having terrible skin problems. Mine is typically dry to normal and the amount of oil I have now is unreal. I feel like I am over washing, but can't stand it. I don't have any pressure anymore that was gone when my splints were removed. Hope the recovery continues going well!
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Thank you! I can't believe how horribly my skin has reacted, I am comforted that you are having the same issue! I wish you a speedy recovery! !!
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I think it looks great! It's truly going to be adorable and beautiful when the swelling goes down more!
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Thank you so much!!! I have high hopes!!
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Love the new look. And it will get more refined daily! Did you ask Jane about the pressure? I remember immediate relief after the removal of the nasal packaging.
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There was definitely relief after the splints were removed. I am attributing it to my nasal bones being broken, buf I think I will email Jane anyway!!
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Hi, I had a nose surgery with Dr. Cochran exactly a week ago, and my cast removal is tomorrow. The reviews and experiences people shared here on Realself have helped me a lot with making my decision and during my recovery. I joined Realself yesterday and am waiting for my review to be approved so I can post my pictures. I just wanted to stop by and say that I think you looked beautiful even before the surgery. I hope your new nose will keep its shape, so don't panic about the cartilage memory! It does not happen to everybody, and really rarely to such an extent that the nose looks like before.
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Thank you and congrats on your surgery. You will feel like a new person when you get the cast removed. I look forward to seeing your pics !! What did you think of Dr. C ? He is a master !!!
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I felt really great by his confidence. He knew exactly what he was doing and how to approach me as a client/patient. I did have some more questions after the interview was over, but I brought a few pics from magazines to show him before the surgery what I wanted and I really really didn't want. He said that the really really didn't want would not happen in my case. I was worried that my nose would start high up at the forehead and that it would be really wide between the eyes. I basically didn't want to look like a mountain lion :)
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Hahahaha! I told him I didn't want to look like an alien anymore!!
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My super long review got approved, and I added pics.
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One of the worst?!?!?! Oh, my... and he has seen them all. I cannot wait to see the new look.
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I know right!!! I don't know if I should be honored or depressed!!
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Honored! I hoped, I would make it in his book, but now... Sheesh!
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Omg!!! I didn't even think of his book!!!! ***fingers crossed***
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Hi Baratod, I also saw your review with pictures before making my final decision about my nose surgery. I was so appreciative for every review with pictures. Congratulations on your new nose - it looks great! I thought you looked very aristocratic before, your nose was the type that ran in a lot of German and Austrian blue blood. However, you look 10 years younger now! It's amazing! I noticed the same on my nose even with the tape on and splints still in - my profile makes me look 10 years younger.
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Thank you! I cannot wait to see your pictures. Most of my friends also mentioned the looking younger part. Since I didn't share my surgery with everybody, I give credit to the new make up I'm using. The old nose was the product of a Hungarian/Greek/Sicilian mixture. And now, I am finally ME.
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Congratulations, I am pleased it all went well. Looking forward to after pics.
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Thank you!!
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Hope it went well!
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Thank you! Surgery went well...recovery is less then fun...I will post an update when I have energy. Hope you are well!!
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I wish you the best Hun! I am 7 weeks post op. it's deffinatly been an experience. It's totally normal to be nervous. Try not to focus on the horror stories. People always seem to focus on the bad and put those reviews rather then the good. I had never been under when I went in for surgery and actually started crying when my mom took my son out of the pre op room. i had a panic attack attack when i got in there. They gave me anti anxiety meds and told me to think of something happy i smiled and I said on vacation with my son and remember waking up in the post op room. I know it can be scary but it's something we both waited a long time for! I wish you the best of luck I'm sure you will do fine. :D no cold feet just do it. I almost backed out too loosing my money kind of kept me from backing out lol
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Hakuna matata! I am 8 hours post op and in no pain... If you stuck this dang cast on anyone's face it would be uncomfortable, but that's about all. You really will just wake up not believing it happened. I was so nervous before that I wouldn't speak, but it's not bad... Look at the light of the beautiful nosed tunnel :) and definitely eat before/while taking painkillers. so far so good with preventing nausea with that. Hugs!
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Yeah! I am so happy for you!! Let the healing begin!! Congrats on getting through it. Post more when you can!!
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