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I always dis-liked my nose from when I was in my...

I always dis-liked my nose from when I was in my teens. I sustained a nasal injury that left my nose crooked from my teens and on. I always wanted to get rhinoplasty but was too scared to make such a drastic decision and HOPE I like the result. I couldn't imagine going through the process and not liking the outcome. After my wedding this past April, I saw all my wedding photos and it was at that point that I decided I was going to finally do it. I couldn't stand seeing my crooked nose in all my wedding photos and the bump from the profile view.

I am 3 days post op now. I get my cast off and splints out on Tuesday and look foward to seeing what I look like. He advised that the swelling will be very present on Tues and not to be alarmed. I currently have a lot of pressure in my face and nose. My nose is very sore and the swelling has moved down my face. I look like a chipmunk hiding nuts in my cheeks. lol. I had 2 black and blue eyes and was very swollen. The black eyes are starting to fade and the swelling is just moving downward now. I can't wait to not feel so congested. I look foward to fantastic results. I plan to post some before and after pics soon!

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I am 5 days post op right now. My black eyes and...

I am 5 days post op right now. My black eyes and swelling have really subsided. I only have yellow and a tad of purple under my eyes. My face is back to normal since the swelling went down. I am only taking 1/2 pain pill twice a day for when I clean my nose. It is still very sore and sensitive esp around the stitches. I get my cast off, splints removed, and stitches out tomorrow. I am prepared to see a swollen nose with not much definition. It's all a part of the healing process. I am so happy I decided to go with Dr. Cochran from The Gunter Center. He and his staff have been so wonderful from day 1. Jane, the nurse, always takes the time to promptly answer my emails or phone calls, and Dr. Cochran has been fantastic. He really listens to your desires and works hard to achieve the best look for a well balanced face. We met again before surgery and I felt so comfortable going into surgery. Hearing his excitement when he came to visit me in recovery was very assuring. He told me how well the surgery went and that my nose looks great! I look foward to seeing my new nose tomorrow. I will try to post some pics soon!


Thanks Angie! I love this site. Found a great number of people who are going through this same experience at the same time. It's a great little support group, so to speak. :)
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I'm glad your surgeon warned you about the swelling. It so helps to know what to expect. Thank you for sharing with us on RealSelf. I'm excited to see your pics!

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I am exactly 1 week post op. I met with Dr....

I am exactly 1 week post op. I met with Dr. Cochran yesterday to have my cast off, splints removed, and stitches out. It felt amazing to BREATHE!!! Not only from the splint removal but from fixing my deviated septum. The air flowing through my nose is amazing! Looking in the mirror for the first time was a neat experience. My nose is definitely swollen, esp from the front view. My profile looked great right away although i could see the swelling from the side also. I felt great after we left his office. My husband and I went out to eat ... a bit of bruising and swollen nose and all! I didn't feel insecure going out. I was just happy for my new nose. As the night went on, the swelling went down slightly more and even a bit more this morning. I am so excited to see the definition take place over the next few months! I can already tell that I am going to love it! I am so grateful for meeting Dr. Cochran! I was so reluctant to go through with this procdure and I finally did it! Very happy I did and would reccommend Dr. Cochran to anyone considering rhinoplasty/septoplasty! It wasn't even close to as bad as I thought it would be to go through all of this. I will start posting more pics from the 'After' part of it.


Good!! Pictures will come at some point... I'm in the middle of moving from a house to an apartment in Alabama (for school) and it has been back and forth from Texas and there too often! As soon as everything has settled down I'll post some pictures.
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Thank you so much! I will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow! The results have been fantastic so far! I hope the positive results continue over time :) It's true, Dr Cochran is one of the best! I would recommend ANYONE to him. People just rave about him. He really changes lives and you can tell that he is such a good person! My blood pressure was high too and their response was "Nervous, huh?" lol. The team at his office and the surgery center were fantastic! I can remember my anesthesiologists name but he was so nice and comforting :) Thanks for checking in... so far, so good! I would love to see some of your pictures!
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Texas Bunny I'm so glad to hear that your surgery with Dr. Cochran went so well. I'll be 5 weeks post-op on Thursday (time sure flies!). I also had Dr. Cochran as my surgeon. I feel like everyone's reviews are so similar but let's be honest, it's all true. The week before my surgery was more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I have epilepsy and my fear was having a seizure going in or out of anesthesia. I'm happy to report that it didn't happen! His team is quite amazing. For the pre-op stuff I had a friends mom from high school that was my nurse. That really helped me out with being nervous, although my blood pressure was very high! Anyway, I hope you didn't have any problems in recovery. I was in what I guess you would call the post-recovery room with my parents where you got to have a soda or what not- but ones they were giving me the pain meds I broke out in hives on my chest. I was told that I would have to get a shot in my leg to get rid of them but thankfully I found out they could put something in my IV. Anyway, I hope your recovery is going smoothly!! I can't wait to read more about your post-op experiences.
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Well, I have hit the 2 week post op point. I have...

Well, I have hit the 2 week post op point. I have posted some new pictures. I decided that I need to add the 3d imaging pics of the before and projected after result. My 3d 'after' profile, in my opinion, looks spot on! And my frontal view, although still swollen, looks even better than the 3d imaging. I am so thriled with my results so far. I know they are going to continue to look better as time goes on. I still need that definition in the tip of my nose. I am happy enough with my results already that I don't mind being patient. I still have swelling, I am tired of cleaning my nose with a qtip, and I am very dry in my nose. I am breathing great though. I feel that my incision site healed up very quickly and it has been closed up for a while.... but I still look a little pink and "raw" in that area if you look close enough in the day light. I imagine that is to be expected. My one nostril is pinched a tad more that the other but I have been told that this can be expected with swelling. My nose is still very tender in different places and my right nostril is still super numb and my left one isn't, lol. People don't even notice a difference (even though it's a major improvement all over!!) until they see my profile view. Which is funny to me... I mainly had the rhinoplasty because my nose was crooked from the front view. I guess people noticed the bump on my profile more than anything?? My sister is visiting from out of town. She forgot about it until I asked her what she thought. And then SHE noticed that my nose was much more straight...yay :) Glad that was her first reaction. I think people noticed more from the profile is because I am still swollen from the front and my profile looks more small and natural now. Thank you Lord and Dr. Cochran ... let's continue with the positive results :) Feel free to ask any questions!

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P.S. I look back at all my post surgery pics and...

P.S. I look back at all my post surgery pics and laugh at how awful I looked. I looked miserable because I couldn't even smile because of how swollen I was and my upper lip was so stiff. My husband and I are so hilarious together and we made my recovery song "Stiff Upper Lip" by AC/DC. lol. I promise I am not that mean looking in real life, lol.


Yes, my profile turned out EXACTLY like my 3d imaging and my frontal view turned out even better than expected! I will post the 3d pic soon!
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Just wondering did your nose turn out exactly like the 3D imaging or come close to it?
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Hey NN! Everything is going really well. I hope yours is going just as great :) I do feel A LOT of dryness. I do not use the nasal spray (Ayr or Ocean) as much as I should be using it. I only end up using it like once a day plus we blast the ceiling fan at night when we sleep...ptobably not good. I do not have any stuffiness really. Mine (tip) is turned up just very very slightly but I know that he said the swelling will cause this. Remember how they told us our noses will do some crazy stuff for the first month? heh heh. I haven't seen a whole lot of change. It's been pretty consistant with minimal swelling going down here and there. I did notice today that my swelling seemed up a little bit in the morning. I have read from other patients that it can go up and down from one day to another for the first several weeks. I have been drinking A LOT of water so I haven't noticed anything with salt. I am glad eveything is good so far. I finally took some new pics today!
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In 2 more days (Aug. 1) I will be 3 weeks post op....

In 2 more days (Aug. 1) I will be 3 weeks post op. Will post some new pics then. Today was my first day back to the gym. I take a cardio kick boxing class. I did some parts at low impact. Tried to avoid any jumping. It all went great and I felt great. No throbbing or swelling. I think I am ready to back full time to my regular gym schedule! Swelling continues to improve everyday. It looks so normal, nobody notices but me. I am starting to get more feeling back in the tip of my nose and nostrils... finally. I can't feel when my nose is running, lol, and that can be embarressing. Overall, I am still loving my results! So far, so good!


Wow! Perfection! :)
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Thank you!! So far, so good. Still healing but I'm pretty happy!
So happy for you. Your results are wonderful....you look fantastic!
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I am currently one month post op. It was great to...

I am currently one month post op. It was great to get a phone call from Dr. Cochran at my one month mark to see how I'm doing and how I feel about my nose so far. I am very happy with the results so far. My nose is still sensitive to touch (tender), mainly in the tip. The swelling has gone down in my bridge and I still have some swelling in my tip. I can feel the swelling and my tip feels like a rock. Because swelling went down in other places and not my tip so much, my tip looks up-turned right now but nothing too drastic. I can only really see it. It's getting better each day. I'm sure in the next several weeks, I will start seeing more definition in my tip. I still clean with q tips all the time and I try not to blow my nose. My incision site is just a little bit pink yet. Dr. C said everything I am explaining is the normal healing process. My right nostril tends to run much more than my left. Overall, I feel great, look great, and I still look like me. Barely anyone has noticed so far. A few people made comments that I look different. My husband loves my new nose and so do I! Such an improvement!


Thanks. I'll try!
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It's pretty much just the hump. They are taking out some of the septum and doing a small cartilage graft in the tip to make it stronger cause it goes down when I smile. It's going to be an open rhinoplasty which I wasn't crazy about at first but when they explained why, it made sense. My doctor is Etai Funk. He's double board certified in Cosmetic surgery and ENT so he only does facial work and does about 100 rhinoplasties a year. I'm very comfortable with him. Just nervous about the actually surgery. But I know things are usually never as bad as you think they will be! I just hope it turns out how I want and I'll be glad I did it! Thanks for your comments.
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Sounds like you are in great hands. You will do great and will be happy afterwards,I'm sure! Don't be nervous, embrace it :)

3 months post op! Things are looking really good....

3 months post op! Things are looking really good. I really saw some changes about 3 weeks back. I had some uneven-ness in my nostrils and my nose and that has all resolved. My nose is straight, nostrils are even, and swelling has subsided. My tip is still hard and is sensitive if bumped but my nostrils have feeling back. It feels sore still when I wear sunglasses. I don't like to wear them for long periods of time since I do have sensitivity. One thing I have noticed is that the right nostril runs more than my left. I feel like I always have the sniffles and constantly keep tissues with me. Especially when I am eating... weird. Anyhow, all is great and looking really good! I will post 4 month post op pics after my 4 month appt with Dr. Cochran!


Hey lady, You are almost at your one year anniversary and I would love to see some updated pics. I hope all is well!
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I have my one year consult with Dr Cochran next month. I will post pictures when I hit my one year mark! Thanks for checking in!
Sounds great! I am seeing him on the 5th for my four months check up! Yay

One year post op


Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos! Your result is one i would give anything for, it is just perfect! I have been looking at all Dr Cochran's reviews and he just seems to good to be true, everyone's nose looks flawless! Do you mind me asking how things with your nose are now? Is everything back to normal yet? Thank you again!
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Thank you for your nice words!! I am happy with my work from Dr. C. I believe he did the absolute best job he could have done with my nose. I am still recovering. I have some swelling in my tip that still needs to subside... but only noticeable to me. Nobody else would ever take note to it. I am still a little stiff in the tip of my nose and don't have 100% of the feeling back but this is normal with rhinoplasty. Over, he is a very skilled surgeon. I would feel very comfortable with him if I were you!
Love it! How are you feeling? Do you still have swelling? Is the tip of your nose soft? What did Dr C say? Did you wear sunglasses the past months? Thanks for your update!!
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Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I took the time to do some research and heard wonderful things about Dr. Spencer Cochran in Dallas. I went to see him for a consultation and it was a pleasure meeting him. He is just the nicest person, totally caring and understanding. He took my photos and did 3d imaging to show what my nose could potentially look like after surgery. After seeing the imaging, I was sure I wanted to do this. I wanted my nose to look exactly like that. I scheduled surgery for July 11 and was very nervous up to the date of surgery. I was second guessing if I was making the right decision, I was worried about the result. After reading all the reviews on Dr. Cochran I knew I made the right decision. It seemed like everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say about him and his work. All his before and after pics of his patients looked fantastic. On the day of surgery I tried to be calm and happy for the procedure. I didn't want to freak myself out. I just embraced the thought of it and thought positive about the results. Dr. C came to my room pre-op and we discussed the photos again and he put me at ease. We joked around and laughed and next thing, I was off to surgery! I woke up in recovery and soon got to see Dr. Cochran. He was so excited about my surgery. He said it went awesome and that my nose looked beautiful. He didn't even have to make incisions under my nostrils like we planned. He said it worked out so that he didn't need to to that.

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