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So like a lot of the people that decide on a nose...

So like a lot of the people that decide on a nose job, I've wanted one since I was a teenager when my nose seemed to get much bigger than the rest of my face. I've always associated nose jobs with lots of pain and I hate pain so I've avoided it but I turned 33 this year and thought, "You only live once!".

I researched my butt off and came across Dr. Cochran's name numerous times and went ahead and made a face to face consultation at the beginning of December...

Dr. Cochran came across as caring, confident and had me convinced after he showed me the 3D images LOL (I saw the after image and I was so happy and excited I made the appointment as soon as the consultation was over).
He decided on a closed rhinoplasty and said it should be a simple procedure since all he is doing is filing down the tip and the cartilage/bone.
I have decided to keep updated pics along with my recovery since I think reviews are almost pointless unless you have some sort of visual record and I want to help as many people with their decisions as I can. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask.

It's exactly ONE WEEK before surgery date and I had my blood taken today. The reality is definitely starting to set in and I am getting a little anxious and nervous. I emailed him and asked him if it was possible to make my nose just a little smaller and they said POSSIBLY, but they dont want to veer too far off from the 3D image so we shall see.

Ok so i am now at home and have been for a couple...

ok so i am now at home and have been for a couple of hours....i went in at 630 am and they had me fill out some paperwork etc and then took me to back and started the IV and gave me an anti nausea pill. the nurse was awesome, she was very gentle and it didnt hurt at all.
i was able to speak to the anesthesiologist also and finally, Dr. Cochran stopped in and told me what to expect, and I asked if he could make it a bit smaller (closer to my face in general) and he agreed he would try.
I have to say that I was very nervous!!! I don't even remember being knocked out, and the next thing i know i am waking up in recovery with NO NAUSEA and MINIMAL PAIN!!!!
Now, i'm a bit of a weenie and have a low tolerance for pain and on a scale of 1-10, the pain is maybe 3-4 and hasnt gotten passed 4 so far...i do have a really bad sore throat which stinks but other than that, i am fine.

Day 4 Is exactly like day 3.....lots of swelling...

Day 4
Is exactly like day 3.....lots of swelling the bruising is about the same, maybe less. I feel like a bloated greasy pig. I think I may be coming down with a cold too.

Day 5. I somehow caught the flu. Going to dr soon.

Day 5.
I somehow caught the flu. Going to dr soon.
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Did the $6500 include all the fees? I received an email from his company saying cosmetic rhinoplasty is approximately $6800, anesthesia $780 and surgery center $1250.
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Oh no get well quickly. I was sure I'd picked up an illness a day or so ago but I hadn't, it was just the horrible congestion and after effects. Take care!
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Oh no! Recovery is hard enough... hope you start to feel better soon!
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I'm on day three and so swollen too! Hopefully we all get to de-swell soon and love our new noses.
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Oh I thought it was just me as I seem to be bloated all over....particularly my tummy and hip area. I wonder why that is? Inactivity or anasthesia perhaps? Take care.
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I know right?! From my forehead to my belly! Ugh hopefully it will start going down by tomorrow :-(
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I look like I've put on 20 pounds since Monday....ugh! I reckon this type of surgery is more brutal on our bodies than we have realized. We will get there!!
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Day 3....I am the milar balloon version of myself lol
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It will get so much better!!!!Try not to obsess:) I had Dr C around 2 years ago, and I am still so happy!
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Well I talked to nurse today she says tomorrow will be the worst day and I get my cast off on Tuesday. Apparently they did break my nose.
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Congratulations!! You are looking really good. I love your cast; mine is not so neat and I have big bandages across my face, but I'm happy. Happy healing to you and all the best keeping on top of the pain. I am 26 hours post op now and have been pain free, however I am now very congested and I can feel pressure in my face building. Time for more ice! Take care.
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Looking good for day 1. Glad everything went so well today, time to rest and heal :)
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I feel decent but I'm bleeding a lot! At what point should it be a concern?
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12 hours away and I'm so anxious!!! Thank you for the warm wishes :-) I will have my bf take some pics of me after the surgery and post em up. At this time tomorrow it will all be over and done with so that's what's keeping me positive.
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All the best for tomorrow (14th). I look forward to seeing you all done soon.
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Good luck! You will be fine :)
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Thank you guys so much for the encouraging words I definitely need them more each day!
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Good luck! My surgery is on the 15th so we'll be in the same recovery boat ;)
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All the best to you for your big day. Try to stay focused on the result and not think about those things that cause you to stress are going to be fine, and as minimal work will be required will have a beautiful result. We have our ops on the same day, so I'll be thinking of you!!
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I dont think I would go any smaller I think the imaged he made look great. Good luck! Id say the nerves before the surgery were harder than the recovery, youll be fine :)
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You know, I didn't feel much if any "pain" from my rhino or revision rhino. What I felt was more stuffiness, a bit of queasiness (with the first rhino, done in the nineties, think they have better anesthesia now), and some pressure. Stay on top of your pain meds for the first few days and you should be fine.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog and seeing your before and after photos! So exciting!

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The pain is definitely a concern, but what adds to the misery is that I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday so my mouth is still very sore and I'm guessing it will still be somewhat sore on the day of surgery so double yuck.
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