Procedure Complete. Totally impressed!!!!!

Like so many others, after spending a year...

Like so many others, after spending a year following the reviews here and on other sites for Dr. Cochran I finally scheduled my consultation and appointment. Honestly, I feel so confident in this office right now! They are very thorough and have been very pleasant to work with so far. Dr. Cochran helped to quiet some of my anxiety upon meeting him. I've been contemplating rhinoplasty for over a decade. When I was 13 I broke my nose and I'm confident that due to my then routine of 3 hours a day in goggles, swimming laps, shaped and defined my nose to have quite the "hump" it has now. I don't look like my twin sister in this manner and it's silly, but disappointing. So, here I am, getting so very anxious for the 15th to come and go without any bumps in the road. Once completed I will post before and after photos for you all reviewing and considering this office for your work. :)


Good luck I wish you the best!! I have a consultation with Dr. Cochran on may 7 I'm super exited
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I have heard good things about that surgeon... very excited to see all of your updates! Best of luck to you!
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I know someone asked about hotels. We stayed at La Quinta with AAA was 125.00 a night for a king. Pretty decent hotel right next to the office. I think I'm going to look elsewhere for a nicer place:). I'm coming from Oklahoma
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First I want to say, having wonderful family and...

First I want to say, having wonderful family and friends to support you will make your healing process that much easier. Today was my surgery and I am not telling any lie when I say that the disposition of every single person I encountered was supportive, warm, and receptive to answering any questions. The team at the Texas Insitute was incredible! You can tell these folks like their jobs! Dr. Cochran was as warm and professional as ever and I wouldn't hesitate to trust him! I am quite mess today following surgery. Nauseated, in some pain and I'm in and out of sleep. Due to the extent of work I imagine had to be done, the intubation tube did rather upset my esophagus and I'm decorated in bandages. Dr. C said that he was very proud of how my nose looked prior to swelling, so I'm excited for the next 7 days to fly by! I'm very happy in my decision to finally do this. I honestly experienced so much anxiety prior to this that I was unsure about going through with it. However, knowing that after 10 plus years of wanting this, that it will be worth every penny and groggy afternoon. I hope this review helps! I will post after photos when I look a little less frightening!


You poor thing!! The first few days stink but soon you will be rockin your tribal jewels with a rockin cute nose!! Glad you made it to the other side...just relax and enjoy because it goes by FAST!! I wanna see pics!!!!!!!
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Yeah, Congrats ! I probably saw your family in the waiting room yesterday, I was there for blood work and an EKG...since I am over 40...I am glad to hear you had a good experience with Dr. Cochran !! Keep us updated on your recovery !! I am sorry you felt sick, did you have any anti-nausea meds during surgery ? Hope you have a speedy recovery !!
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Yay!! You may have even seen me :) I was there from 8-1 I think. I had an EKG too prior to my surgery even though I'm in my late twenties. Better safe than sorry. When's your surgery? :)

Cast and stitches are off

Amazing work! Dr. C removed my cast and stitches yesterday. I am stunned by the work he did. Amazing! My profile is now exactly as I wanted, streamline but not too curvy. No more bump! He also repaired some severe scarring I incurred as a child due to a dog attack. My right nostril always had an unusual appearance and was tiny compared to the left. He was able to utilize the tissue in my nose to repair the shape.
It will take some time before both nostrils are even but he gave me a realistic plan for the next year to help in this process of balancing. Choosing Dr. Cochran for my rhinoplasty is one of the best decisions I have ever made. His whole team was above expectations, the surgical institute was wonderful! I really admire this groups
down to Earth demeanor and constantly positive energy. I wouldn't look any further when choosing a surgeon. I ran into one of his patients as we were entering the building, she and her mom were so happy with the results the young gal had, her nose was beautiful! I've talked to a few other patients of Dr. C's here on
Realself and thus far, not a single bad or unideal experience has been mentioned. If you elect to have rhinoplasty prepare yourself emotionally, this can be a difficult process for your significant other. Take two friends with you if you can, your loved one is going to need emotional support as they look after you in Dallas too.
Your surgery may not be the same as mine, but I've coughed up a lot of blood (from my sinuses). I am very obsessive about cleanliness especially with the after care. Be sure you wash your hands 20 seconds+ before you do anything with your nose. Steer clear of doors, friends arm space, and keep jumping pets at bay! I will update my photos soon. If you have any questions about my procedure I am happy to answer! Not everyone's will be the same, but I feel confident that anyone is in good hands with Dr. Cochran. ^_^


Oh yeah! We stayed at the Hyatt on 12411 N Central Expressway. 90.00 a night. Very clean, awesome downstairs diner open 24-7 with vegan options! :) Just have to ask the lovely gals there. If I return to Dallas, that will be my hotel of choice foreeverrr
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Sayya! Congratulations on your surgery!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!! Thanks for sharing your experience with your great write up! I had my consultation with Dr C on April 27th and forgot to update this thread. The consult went well, he is very down to earth and realistic in terms of what he can and can't do. I felt confident immediately that he knows what he is doing and that I'd be in good hands. He spent so much time with me answering all sorts of questions, it was awesome! I am in the process of booking with him although he is already booked up through mid-July, I'm working with the office to hopefully get squeezed in! He's a busy guy for sure! I'm so glad to hear that you had such a positive experience! You are one of many people that I've messaged with who are happy with their results, woo hoo!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!! And thanks for the info on the hotel!! I stayed at the Hawthorne Suites, 10 mins from his office, $110 per night...probably will check out the Hyatt when I book the surgery!
Thanks lady! :) I will post photos asap! Got to visit the fabric district in Dallas after seeing Dr. C. Oh my goodness, talk about a pocket drain! Ha! I'm stoked to get back to dance & costuming! ^_^*



I am so happy to read your update. I see Dr. C tomorrow to get my cast and splints removed!! Can't wait to breath!!! Congrats and hope your healing continues to go well!!
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Wow! Your nose looks great!!!!!! He did an awesome job! Can't wait to see more photos. I just scheduled my surgery for June 20th - woo hoo!!! Taking the plunge!
I'm so excited for you!! The Hyatt was great and inexpensive. Keep me posted on your progress. What did he say he will need to do on your nose?
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose him because he specializes in rhinoplasty and the down to Earth vibe so many people reviewing found in him. They were right about his demeanor, Dr. Cochran is very nice and straight forward. He was very clear about expectations and possible outcomes in our consult.

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