Coming Along...

First of all, I have to thank all of you who have...

First of all, I have to thank all of you who have been posting to this website. I couldn't be here without your experiences and advice. Even though my personal profile was not set up, I asked many of you for information and you all helped.

I am three weeks post op and doing really well. My journey was not an easy one at the beginning. I always knew I wanted rhinoplasty, but I seriously questioned my decision after the surgery. I got a stomach virus and a terrible cold two days after my procedure. My life was turned upside down. Only two things kept me going: the fact that I fully trust my surgeon, and my belief that my nose is going to be beautiful in a year.

My nose is changing on a daily basis, and I love to compare the images. I always thought my long nose looked sophisticated, but after seeing my before surgery profile picture, I knew a rhinoplasty was a must for me.


I love it! The results are so much more exciting when the change is significant. Your new profile is gorgeous and I am very happy for you. Happy healing and thanks for sharing.
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Thank you. Your review and before/after pictures were a huge help through my process! Your result is beautiful!
Aw thank you, that means a lot to me. I look forward to watching how you progress too :)

I am 5 weeks after surgery and I love how my nose...

I am 5 weeks after surgery and I love how my nose changes on a daily basis. If you are at the beginning of your journey, things will get only better.


Hey you look great! Do you know if your doctor used spreader grafts in your nose?
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Thanks! I have no clue! I actually have no idea what he did to my nose. I had/have complete faith in him. Did you get the graph? I just assumed he shaved the bone off.....but now, reading all the notes, I am wondering.
Haha okay. Yeah I had to have spreader grafts used. I was worried about my nose being a little too wide, but the swelling has really came down, and I am starting to get some definition which helps. They are used a lot to help open up the nasal valves when a larger hump is taken down. Either way, your nose is looking super good!

Well, it has been two months since my surgery. I...

Well, it has been two months since my surgery. I love the result more and more. My nose is still hard as a rock. I still sleep with two big pillows, and I haven't worn my sunglasses yet. I still see my nose swell up when I get hot and if I eat too salty. I have been drinking lot more water to help cleanse my system. My surgeon said I am still healing and the nose will look different on a date to date basis. So, I am "patiently" waiting for the final result.


Amazing results!! Thank you for sharing your story!:)
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Wow - you look gorgeous!! I love your new nose ! Dr. Cochran did an awesome job!! I have an in-person consultation with him early next week. I'm excited to see results like this!!! If you have any thoughts on questions that you asked him during your consultation that you recommend I must ask him during the consultation, please share. I'm making a list and I don't want to leave anything out! Thanks and congrats!!!
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Thank you! Dr C. is great. I had faith in him, and he didn't let me down. I have been reading how well prepared people were going into consultation. I let him talk and to be honest I didn't ask him too many specifics regards to surgery. I thought, it wouldn't make any difference, He is the doctor after all. He was also very thorough explaining what he is going to do. When you schedule your appointment they will give you a list of hotels that are close by the surgery center. (A block from his office). Good luck.

Coming Along...3 months update

I love my new look. There are still days when I see swelling and lots of it, especially in the tip. I gave up sleeping with my head elevated because it made no sense putting my back through the pain. I still do not wear sunglasses but interestingly that hasn't bothered me at all. I have my post surgery consult in a month and I am curious to see what Dr. C has to say. Good luck to all of you!


Looking beautiful!!!
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Thank you! I love your eye makeup!
Awwww thank you! :)

Nostrils are softening

I guess, I am one of the fortunate women that have thick skin -literally. Of course, this will help me in the getting old department but with swelling and bruising my body takes longer to heal. I am almost at my four month anniversary and finally I can feel my nostrils softening. The tip of my nose is still hard, but that actually doesn't bother me as much. I am still not wearing my sunglasses and I am not sure if I will wear them until next year.


You look amazing! I just looked at your new pics, and it keeps on getting better and better. You look younger and happier! This is giving me hope, since my nose is swollen about the same as the day of cast removal. Last morning, my nose was much slimmer in the bridge, but by the noon it was wide again. I'm still patient though :)
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Thank you! My nose still swells up but then I know I have to drink more water. The bridge took the longest time to start slimming down; that's the reason why I'm thinking not to wear my sunglasses until next year.
Hi. You look so happy I'm your photos. I am pleased your nostrils have softened. A lovely result!!
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4 months- Could not be happier

Well, I am still not out of the woods yet- Texas heat can bring on swelling like never before. On a funny note, I will be spending more time at my hair salon since the a/c was blasting so strong the other day that my nose was small and perfect. Well, I know there is no such thing as perfect but for me it is. If you (just) had your surgery keep it mind- this healing process is a marathon, not a 100m dash! XOXO


You look great, such a difference, so much softer :)
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Thank you!
You look so gorgeous! I love your results. It's so natural. My surgery is next Tuesday the 2nd. Can't wait!
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Visit with Dr. C.

So, I finally saw Dr. C today. This was my first time talking to him since he removed the nasal packaging. My visit was short and sweet. The most shocking thing he told me was that my nose is STILL about 50% swollen (even the bridge). OMG! I will have no nose by the end of the year...LOL.
By the way he told me wearing my sunglasses will not cause any damage but if there is much indentation on the skin, I should use them less. I decided I am ok without them until February 2014. That is my one year anniversary, and the time I will see him again.


You look really great! Congrats!
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Wow you look so good!! I love you in your hat, it really goes well with your cute nose!! You know I'm a horse gal like you, well i am desperate to wear a hat like yours but fear I will be laughed at in little Old England! Lol! I do however wear cowgirl boots! Yehaw! Looking good my horse riding friend! Xxx
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Thank you, cowgirl! Well, you could say Texas living has its perks! People might laugh but they will secretly envy you for your courage, attitude, and looks!

7 months - Loving life

Well, I still have days when my nose swells up, but I believe this might be for all people and we just pay more attention to it because we had surgery. I see more and more definition and I cannot wait to see what a year will bring. Good luck to all of you!! XOXO


So beautiful!
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Your nose looks so natural. The Picts you post are super helpful, especially the multiple picts together. Thanks
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7 month angle/profile pics

I realized that my profile and angle look has not changed that much the last 4 months. I see a tiny shrinkage but other than that I really have to look. On the contrary, I am extremely pleased that my nose is so defined from straight on.
I believe hydration has a big role achieving this definition!


Wow, beautiful profile! Thanks for sharing! :)
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WOW... you look great!
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Thank you!

10 months - still changing

Well it's my 10 month anniversary and I thought I put up a couple before and afters. I still have days when my nose swells up but I am not thinking about it too much. My sister recently visited and couldn't believe how "small" my nose was. I remember wanting to see pictures of people with long term reviews before my surgery, so I hope my update will help others on their decision making process. Find a doctor with experience and you will be happy!


You look great!
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You look fab and your nose looks fab too! How's the horse riding going? My poor horse had to have an op in sept to remove a bone cyst on pedal bone :( we are walking only at mo but fingers crossed he will stay sound xxxxx
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oh, no! I hope everything will be ok with your horse. I can't stand it when my animals are hurt. I have been riding here and there - I fell of the other day (my saddle belt was lose while galloping) and the only thing I was concentrating on is protecting my nose. hehe

Time Flies!

Well, You won't believe this but I haven't even gone to my one year follow-up yet. I know..... but I am happy with the result and thought a follow-up visit wasn't needed. Maybe, I'll stop by Dr C's office one of these days to say 'hi'.
My nose has changed a lot in the past six months. There are days when I look very swollen but I learned to not take too many pictures on those days. :)
If you are thinking about going through with the procedure, my only recommendation is that you do your due diligence on your surgeon. After making a decision, stay positive! You will shine from within!


Great to see your year at a glance! Well, actually, a 30 minute read! But it's great. You look amazing. And I'm glad you are happy and healing!! It's good to be aware that it is, in fact, a years worth of healing time. Not a couple of months. Thanks!!
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Thank you! I always missed the yearly photos on the other profiles. I was always wondering on the final outcome..... I hope my story/pictures are helpful to others!
I have the same issue as you - its really interesting to see your journey. Thanks for sharing.
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Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I wanted to go to the best in my area (and there are probably others out there in Dallas), but I loved Dr. Cochran's clients' before and after pictures on-line. I also found many people on this website who have gone to him and only had great things to say about his work. He only does rhinoplasties which I believed was a definite plus to choose him. Please, also keep in mind that you will need an EKG if you are over 40.

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