My Long Awaited Rhinoplasty Revision -Dallas, TX

This is the third time that I've had my nose...

This is the third time that I've had my nose operated on. The first time was when I was just 15 to remove a bump. Then again when I was in my early twenties to repair some broken cartilage in the tip. This time I hoped to get my nose straight and symmetrical and remove a dent/bump on one side.
I am 1 day post op and I'm in a fair amount of pain. The pressure and feeling of congestion is overwhelming. In hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better.

3rd Day Post Op

Today is the 3rd day (surgery day was day 1) and the nose splints are driving me crazy. Still having drainage, but not as much blood as yesterday. The swelling and splints are really bugging me. I will be getting the splints removed on the 23rd. So I have 3 more days until they come out.
I am having to sequester myself in my room while my husband takes care of our toddler son. It's hard being "away" from him, but I've at least been able to nurse him for his nap and at night time.
I cannot wait to get these splints out!

A dark, but post op picture

I'm feeling slightly better today.
Inserts still a giant pain. I slept from about 9 to 2am. Then not until 7am and finally woke up at 11am.
I've spent the whole day in bed except for using the bathroom once.
My eyes were really dry last night. I think it is probably a side effect of the pain pills.
I wasn't taking my prescription pain pills the first couple of days, instead I was taking a lot of extra strength Tylenol. My doctor's nurse told me to switch to the prescription pills and I did.
My swelling isn't too bad today. This picture is from yesterday. It looks like I have bruising, but actually it's just the swelling and shadows.

One more day till inserts come out!

Ok, here I am on the home stretch, people!
I slept pretty well last night. I'm still on pain pills, but have more of an appetite today. Still taking it easy and laying propped up in bed most of the day watching TV and playing on my phone. It's getting boring. I'd rather be hanging out with my family, but it really takes a lot out of me so I'm trying to not overexert myself.
Thank you everyone for your kind words.
God will bring me through this!

Evaluating my Doctor

I finally decided on the ratings and I wanted to explain my reasons for choosing the amount of stars I did.
First of all, I think Dr. Cochran did a great job on my revision. He's a nice man and very good at what he does.
His nurse, Jane, is great too.
I did have some problems with one of the people on my surgery team, not because of her performance during the operation, but afterwards.
To give some history I have very mild anxiety. After the surgery however I was so anxious (maybe because of the anesthesia?) that I had a panic attack on the way home and we had to call paramedics to come out. They didn't (couldn't?) do anything to help me so we went back to the surgery center.
I kept saying that I needed something to relax. Over and over again and finally they gave me a very low dose of Xanax. But before they did that, and while I was lying down on the table in the midst of my panic attack, the anesthesiologist literally burst into the room and started waving papers at me angrily yelling and accusing me of not informing her that I was still nursing.
This was not true, but in my extremely weakened and vulnerable state all I could do was stare back like a deer in head lights.
See, I had spoken to her AT LENGTH about my concern about what exactly was going into my body during surgery because I was nursing my son. This was about a year before my surgery. She told me that she would put this info down in my file.
So back to her angry tirade. She said something like "Well, your son is 17 months old, so I assumed he wasn't breastfeeding anymore. Guess whose fault it is for assuming that?! Not mine! The World Health Organization recommends nursing to AT LEAST two years of age.
Her performance was completely and grossly unprofessional and unethical.
So... There's my reason for the low rating of his staff. I'm not sure if she is technically counted as a "staff personnel", but I thought this needed to be addressed in my review.

Bandages Be Gone!

I made it, you guys! Praise God! Seriously, that was an unpleasant several days.

I went to my doctor's office and he removed the tape, stitches, and the dreaded inserts! I feel so thankful and relieved to have them out of my nose.

My nose is still really swollen, but it looks symmetrical and cute! It's also a little bruised at the top and kind of pink on the end, but that will go away.

1 week after surgery

Merry Christmas everybody!
I have a few new pictures.
I had a bad headache today, but I took some Tylenol and I'm feeling much better. Still very swollen inside and our so I'm still breathing through my mouth quite a bit. Hope you all had a blessed day.

Pink nose/ feeling down

So the tip of my nose to the right side is still pink. When I got my tape off a few days ago, my doctor said this was normal, but I didn't have this after my other two surgeries. This is the side that had the bump and dent so it's probably related to that somehow. Still, I am a little worried about it.

Also, I'm feeling a little down today. I know it's probably normal, but still unpleasant.

The inside of my nose was really swollen today and I couldn't breathe well, but it felt a bit better in the afternoon.

Little Bump :(

The swelling is uneven the past few days. It looks like I still have a little bump on the right side. I'm so unhappy that it's there. I'm hoping that once the swelling evens out and goes down that it'll look better.
The skin on the tip of my nose has been peeling. The pink discoloration is still there, but I think it's getting better.

Bump or swelling?

I wanted to put up a picture of the bump I was talking about.

As you can probably see, one side of the tip has a shadow where the bump is. My nose looks pretty symmetrical when I tilt my head up and look at it from the bottom. This leads me to question whether I am possibly just more swollen on the one side causing it to look less defined on the non bump side.

I'm not sure :/. I guess I'll have to wait and see what my doctor says.

2 1/2 months post surgery

The redness on the tip continues to improve gradually. The left side is still a little more swollen than the right, but that should all even out with time.

So far so good

My swelling still continues to diminish and the right side looks like it's still going down faster. The asymmetry isn't very noticeable though, to others I would guess.
It seems like rather than a "bump" as I had initially thought, there's more of a small depression or concavity that makes it look like the cartilage sticks out on that side. It's less noticeable now that it was before I think. All changes have been subtle over the past few months. Looking good though!
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!! Your before pics look just like me. I am looking to get my third revison and considering flying out from Los Angeles to have it done with dr Cochran. I met a girl in Los Angeles who went to him and her nose was beautiful like yours. Do u know other people who have sent to him with amazing results?
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You look absolutely GORGEOUS--before and after. I can't believe how good you look so soon after surgery. I too am having a third surgery for asymmetrical scar tissue formation. When did you feel you were able to go back in public? (I know the swelling lasts at least a month and everyone is different).
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Thank you, that's so sweet. I can tell you this surgery has definitely improved my self esteem. I felt like after two weeks, even though I was still very swollen, I felt somewhat comfortable going out. So with your scar tissue formation, it's not something that could be fixed with rasping? I'm sorry you have to go in for surgery a third time. I know how much it sucks. I hope they do a great job for you and that your nose heals well without making unnecessary scar tissue.
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Thanks for the update! Would love to see photos (if you're ready and willing of course)! Glad all is well and you're happy...hope it keeps getting better for you.
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you look amazing, i think he did a very nice job on your are things now?
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Thank you very much :) I'm going to update my review today. Basically it looks much better than before the surgery so I'm happy.
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You literally got a perfect result! I'm going to see him in October. Hopefully my results are as good as yours!
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Aww thank you :D your consultation is in October? I hope all goes well for you.
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Hi! You're 2.5 months post op pics look great! How are you doing now? Are you happy with the way its looking?
  • Reply
Thank you :D I'm liking it so far!
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Looks great!
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Thank you :) :)
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Your results look really good so far! That's wonderful! Please keep us updated as I'd love to see your final results. Also, if you don't mind me asking...did $8k include all costs or just Dr. Cochran's? Thanks for sharing with us!
  • Reply
Thank you. :) Yeah, I think the entire thing cost about 8k.
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I love your nose and the profile is just beautiful. My revision is next Tuesday and I hope I get good results like yours!
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Thank you very much :D How exciting! Have you got all your supplies? I hope everything goes wonderfully for you.
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I got my supplies 2 weeks ago and I guess I'm ready! Thank you.
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Just checked out your new pics.....I see improvement with the "bump". I think it is less noticeable now. Yeah! Looking good overall!
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Thank you :3 I'm so glad it's pretty much gone now! I guess it really is just swelling. I still have a slight amount of redness there. The healing process is so sloooow :/
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Wow it looks like he did a fantastic job! You look absolutely beautiful! I am 4 months post op myself and sharing that cautious optimism about the future! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful nose!
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Haha yes cautious optimism describes my current state perfectly :). How's your's doing?
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You look great! What a nice improvement and you are cute to being with and with your revision you are super cute. :) Keep us posted. Happy healing. :)
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Thank you :D I appreciate that. I feel a lot more confident now!
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Good Luck! I bet it is swelling as you are so early in the healing process. I see a little decrease in swelling but dang is my tip big. :)
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My skin is peeling as well----gross. I have a little pinkness still too moreso bottom of tip and columella now and I think mine is gradually getting better.
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