I Regret Ever Having Lumineers - Dallas, TX

I chose Lumineers to help fill in some of the gaps...

I chose Lumineers to help fill in some of the gaps in between my front 4 teeth. I had previously cosmetic bonding that was slowly wearing away after over a decade of no issues.

I was intruigued by the advertising that Lumineers didn't have to shave down the original tooth - like traditional veneers. Also the "three short visits" was appealing as well.

What a lie.

The first batch that came in had one broken - so it had to be remade. The first batch that was installed took a very long time and my gums were lacerated- and the dentist had to drill into the Lumineers to shape them - particularly the big front tooth (the other big front tooth arrived broken). The big front tooth had a strange indention in them - to look "natural" . But my original front teeth did not have indentions to begin with - so I felt like I had horse teeth.

So I am as perplexed as other reviewers - you know these are made in a lab -why do they have to be adjusted so much at the dentists' office? I was told that the lab technician they normally request left the company.

Another one did not have the right symmetry with the other mirrored tooth. When the broken one was cemented - the dentist used a different colored cement - so it was darker than the other 9 teeth. A week later when I had the contacts in between the teeth released (that's a fancy term for removing the left over cement in between the teeth) a third Lumineer mysteriously had a horizontal crack through it.

After that visit - I still had some rear teeth that did not have the left over cement removed - so I was unable to floss. When I forced myself to floss with a floss aide - a fourth Lumineer popped off. I was livid.
I thought - wow - I spent 10k and my smile is uneven in color/hue, there is a symmetry issue on one tooth, one fell out after flossing, and one has a horizontal crack through it.

I asked my dentist to remove all of the Lumineers and start over which he agreed to do. I'm still waiting to have the new ones installed. Lumineers my natural bell shaped teeth as not being workable with the Lumineers. So my dentist did what I didn't want to do - shave my natural teeth down. They aren't shaven down as much as a traditional veneer but they look awful.

It's now been a month and I still haven't received the new batch of Lumineers. My dentist office told me that the Lumineer company is going through a "quality control" with my batch since I've had issues - so they will take even longer to deliver them to me.

I completely regret ever buying Lumineers. They break, chip, crack and an exceptional amount of time has to be reserved for prepping the teeth, installing the Lumineers, releasing the contacts in between the teeth (which can take two or more visits), and if you have any issues - you then have to reserve time to start the whole process over.

I know my experience is not over yet. I will update once I have the new ones in.

I honestly can't recommend my dentist because had I been informed upfront about possible issues that could occur (apparently one of his family members had a bad "batch") I would have reconsidered ever buying Lumineers.

We frequently redo Lumineers in my practice. In the right hands and in the correct patient lumineers can be made to look good to ok. Most often if not done correctly they tend to be bulky and unnatural. Ask for the dentist you choose to show you before and after photos that THEY did themselves. (Not purchased) That way you can have an idea if you like the esthetic the doctor produces.
Hi I just found this article & I have had the same issues. It's ridiculous! Unfortunately my dentist is closed on Mondays so I am walking around with a tooth where half of my lumineer cracked off while brushing my teeth! This is the 4th issue I have had in 6 years!

Hi, I found this article after, knowing that there is yet another problem with one of my lumineers, yet I will not return to the dentist who did this to my teeth 5 years ago . I wanted to share something with you. I went to the dentist to have lumineers, I had beautiful teeth due to major dental work I had done all my life as a kid, but my gums were receeding so I wanted my teeth to be beautiful, white and cover up the receeding on the top 2 teeth next to my front teeth . So we would do 6 top teeth to do lumineers to make a complete. Remember Im only here to cover up receding teeth. The first 2 teeth were one color, the next tooth came in broken. For some reason the other teeth didn't show. The teeth were not that white. But he wasn't finished yet he stated. I would not here from him for 2 months! But I did here from Care Credit asking how I liked my Lumineers? I was shocked to find out they had cashed my check for the services, I had not received. Then they told me he was not a certified dealer to do lumineers. He had never done lumineers. I was his first. I demanded my money be returned, until my services were rendered. when the next teeth came in he stated he could not order them until I paid. long story short. when he went to file between the gum of the two teeth he split my gum with the brass blade and it needed stitches. I do not have white teeth, they do not match, and he states, that lumineers would not fix receeding gum lines. I'm sorry that is the only reason I had them put on, he sold them to me based on this, he reason for them not being white, that wouldn't looked good you don't want to stand out. And his reason or not matching, well teeth are not all the same color if they matched they would look fake. oh my gosh. I have not been back This is the biggest loser of a dentist, Lebanon , Tennessee

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