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Skin is Become Worse After the Pixel/chemical Peel Treatment - Dallas, TX

I used to have acne problem which was totally...

I used to have acne problem which was totally cured couple of years back. But it left some scars , spots and open pores on my face .I wanted to have a clean skin so I went to a clinic who offered me 1 Pixel treatment and 5 Chemical peels in duration of 6 months.
1 Pixel and 3 chemical peels are done but my skin has become more worse.I have more breakouts now(as never before) and my skin look worst now.
I dnt know what I should do now.
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Hmmm, that's frustrating for you, sorry to hear that your skin has not improved after your treatments. Did you follow up with your Doctor?
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I got the treatment done from one of the Spa in Dallas Area. Now I have moved to Thousand Oaks California .I am searching for doctor here now .
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Be sure to keep us posted, you can also use the Find a Doctor on our site to help you locate a Doctor. 

Wishing your luck, 

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