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Well, I relied so much on these reviews that I...

Well, I relied so much on these reviews that I wanted to make sure I post my own. I went for a consultation two weeks ago and went back today for the filler. I had 1 syringe of Perlane into each upper cheek area to help with that hollowed out area under the eye and then I also had botox in between the eyebrows to help with the 11 lines. I was reallllly nervous but my doctor and his assistant totally eased my nerves. It did feel a little odd - kind of like a crunching feeling of the needle going into the cheek. They used some numbing lotion ahead of time and the injections also contain lydocaine - so it really didn't hurt tremendously. I'm swollen but have been icing a bunch. Also taking bromeleine and arnica. So far, I am very pleased ! I will update this as I heal but honestly I can pull it off right now. I think I will have a bruise though but hopefully not...

Well - here it is at 7:30am the next morning. I...

Well - here it is at 7:30am the next morning. I still have no bruising. Should I have any by now? I thought I would have some but I don't. But I will say that I do have swelling and iced a bunch again already today and that did help. So still - I haven't told my 4 year old nor her dad - and no one has said anything - and if it looked too different? My 4 year totally would have noticed - she notices everything. So even though it feels really swollen to me, it must not be to her. Last night though - NOT a good night sleep. My cheeks really hurt. I normally sleep on my side and it was far too painful to do that.
It does feel like I got hit on my cheek bones but I imagine I'd look alot worse if I did.
So - still - so far so great ! :)

FYI on the cost - it was $450 per syringe with a $100 rebate so that's $800, the additional $300 is for the botox I had also (which I do not see any results yet on but I know that will take a few days or so).

So here I am on Sunday morning, not yet 48 hours...

So here I am on Sunday morning, not yet 48 hours later - still NO bruising but definitely a lot of swelling. It's almost like the filler moved,into my upper eyelids.
I think its from laying down at night.
I am icing, drinking a ton of water and I think just being up and moving around
will help.
I know swelling is to be expected.
So HOPEFULLY I will look swollen for work tomorrow!

Here it is, Monday morning. I had the injections...

Here it is, Monday morning. I had the injections on Friday afternoon at 4pm and there is no bruising and the swelling has gone down substantially. I LOVE it. There is still a tiny bit of soreness and still a small amount of swelling but I don't think anyone will notice that at all. I am thrilled with my results.... I hope it lasts....!!!!! :)

8 days after injections... and swelling seems to...

8 days after injections... and swelling seems to be 100% gone. Verdict? There is definitely an improvement but I honestly think that I needed more than 1 syringe per cheek. Also - I REALLY wanted my tear trough area done but my doctor doesn't do that area - which is a bummer, but I'd rather go with what he says given his credentials than risk bad results. I'm hoping that adding more on my follow up next week will show even more improvement. The areas in my upper cheeks/lower eye area are improved, but I would like to see MORE in that lower eyelide area. Worth the cost at $450 a syringe? Yes. I am very happy I did it, I am happy for the results I DO have with what I have, they aren't as dramatic as I had hoped but hope they will be next week (without being weird or freaky). I guess I just wish that money wasn't an issue! :)

My two week follow up was supposed to have been on...

My two week follow up was supposed to have been on Friday (2 days ago) but i was feeling really sick that day so I had to cancel. I really wanted to go but I knew I'd probably ask for more perlane in my cheeks and couldn't deal with the first night pain that I had last time so I had to reschedule.... I am still very happy though. Between the small amount of botox in the 11 lines I had plus the perlane in my cheeks, I DO look better but not like I had anything done. :)

I finally went back on Monday (2 days ago) for my...

I finally went back on Monday (2 days ago) for my follow up and I did go ahead and get another 1/2 syringe in each cheek - my doctor said we were going to do another syringe in each but then I was only charged for one total so I am assuming he only used 1/2 in each. I should call to find out now that I think about it - but I will say this - the feeling and swelling is exactly the same so maybe he charged less since I got more? (I kinda doubt that). Well, I went to work yesterday - swollen and all - and while my boss (who I told) said it wasn't noticeable - someone else (female) walked up to me by end of the day and asked what was the deal with my face! LOL. I had to laugh because it WAS very noticeable. It still is right now. Oh well. So - yet again, so far I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend having this done (but getting it done on a Friday! unless you want nosey coworkers asking you), I highly recommend my doctor as well. I don't think I'll bruise again this time either although I'm not completely certain yet. There isn't any right now so hopefully not.

Love it. Probably too much for my bank account. But love it!

A year later....

I went back again for more Perlane in the upper cheeks due to that yucky under the eye skin that I can't stand (and he won't inject directly into the tear troughs). Last year when I first had this done, I did 1 syringe into each cheek and then went back a few weeks later and did another 1/2 per cheek. This time, we did the full 1.5 syringe into each cheek. It took longer (more injections?) and hurt more (not significantly more but more). He said I shouldn't wait for it totally go away, that it's better to come back in 6 months for a touch up and use less. With more it does seem like the side effects are a tiny worse - before I had no bruising, this time I have a small amount on each side. I had it done only yesterday afternoon - but I hope there are no more bruises to come! the swelling is the same - and the pain is the same. I had a hard time sleeping last night - which was the same as last year.
But it gets better each day. And I do realize that the swelling and bruising can be expected sometimes - which is why I scheduled it the day before a long weekend.
I still love it - although still wish the results could totally erase all the tear trough lines away! But I trust this doctor now - have gone several times for botox and he does a very good job.
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had my after care yet so I won't rate that yet. I had read that Dr. Bassichis had less than a great bedside manner but I think he was great. He's very professional and honest. I like that in a doctor. I trusted him and felt extremely comfortable with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi could you please tell us how long does it last and the total cost for each procedure of perlane? Thanks
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I did perlane in the cheeks with Dr. Bassichis (as well as fractionate CO2) and I think he was very nice. I was nervous about the needles (more so that with the laser, oddly) and the whole team was very supportive. I also did not do tear trough with perlane at Dr. Bassichis' advice, but he did laser there with the Co2 and it looks 1000% better. I enjoyed reading your narrative, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with the community. Personally, made me feel like i was not alone in this! Best!
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Depends upon your age and how you look. If you are past 55 or 60 you may require up to four syringes the first time and less six months later. If you don't keep it up you just revert to your former appearance. Its not very painful. You cannot use fillers directly below your eyes, only in your upper cheeks and if you overdo it you end up looking like a chipmunk.
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I just had Perlane done in my checks and they are sooooo sore! I had it done this morning and now it is evening and I had to take some pain killers because it feels like someone punched me in the eyes! Is this normal?
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Hi Perlanegirl - I'm sorry I didn't see this post when you wrote it! Yes, that feeling is totally normal. In fact, I just went back yesterday after a year and a half almost for another round in my upper cheeks and WOW it is painful. Instead of doing 1 syringe on each side and then going back weeks later for more, we just did 1.5 on each side - and I think that may be why it feels a little harder this time. The swelling is about the same but I have small bruises this time... likely my own fault as I did work out today and had some wine last night. Two things I shouldn't have done but couldn't resist. I hope your results were good! I hope MY results are good! they appear to be although one side is lopsided in its swelling -but it is very obviously swelling. I'm just glad I did this before a long weekend so hopefully most swelling and bruising will be gone before work next week!
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I just think its sad that your husbands aren't even noticing! That was the first thing my husband said when he saw me. He said, wow! you look great! What did you do? Is it the hair?...No... You look different like your lips, smile lines, cheeks? ". He nailed it on the head and I didn't bruise or swell.
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I don't think it's sad. In your case, the changes must've been slightly more obvious. I don't have any lines except creases under my eyes when I smile. I think my husband would surely notice if I got filler in my lips. I got eyelash extensions and he noticed right away. Of course, he didn't know they were extensions at first, he just asked ," did you get a new mascara? Your eyelashes are long today". I then told him about the extensions and he didn't think I needed them in the first place but agreed they looked good. I've mentioned a few times that I'd love to get filler in my lips and he is quick to ask that I please don't "touch my face". I've also decided not to tell him if I get Botox and a little filler under my eyes. If he doesn't notice and just says " you look rested today", I'll take that as a GOOD sign.
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I take it as a good sign too! I like it, I notice it... and it's not too much.
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Aslo, do you have any pics I can see?
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I'm so sorry I didn't respond until now.... I did have pix on here for a long time but wound up deleting them. How did it go ? I am going to have to check your profile for your posts... I need to get back to Bassichis for a little more botox and STILL want filler in the tear trough area (which he won't do) - but the perlane in my upper cheeks is still going strong...
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I went for my consultation but haven't gone for the actual injections yet. I was set to go Friday, but watched that darn rerun of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Kim gets all swollen and bruised from Botox, so I chickened out and cancelled. Ugh. I've been to several consultations(both plastic surgeons and dermatologists), and I definitely like Bassichis the most. He knows his stuff! I also really liked Dr. William Carpenter. Once I'm brave enough, I'll do it!
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I'm going for perlane under my eyes and Botox with Dr Bassichis next week. I've never had anything done and am worried I'm too young at 36. But I hate the under eye wrinkles when I smile.

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Hi did you have the procedure done? Please tell me your results, how long is it supposed to last and cost! Thanks
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OMG!!! So nice to hear others didn't tell their husband about the beautification, I was thinking is just me, and I'm terrible wife.
I have it done yesterday and today a little puffy and very little discomfort that is manageable. Thanks for sharing!
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Ugh, nosy people are the worst! What did you tell her? I hope you said it was a highly contagious infection, but only affects those who ask about it. ;)

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You gave us a good laugh!! I told my niece this is what we are going to answer when our nosy friends ask!
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So glad to hear that you are liking your results!! I hope you feel better soon, and will be interested to hear if you do a bit more Perlane in your cheeks or not.

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Thanks for posting the pictures. I have similar lines under my eyes, but mine seem even a bit more pronounced than yours :-/ From what I've been hearing, those are some of the toughest to treat - lucky us!

Here is a Q&A I submitted that you might find useful too:

Would Having Juvederm, or Another Filler, Injected into my Upper Cheeks Take Care of These Wrinkles?

Please keep us posted on what changes you see & if you opt to have more put in - I'll be very interested to hear!!

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If I could figure out HOW to load them, I will do it.
For some reason, I have trouble logging back in every single time I come to this site!
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Perlane is great, I bruise less with it compared to other fillers. Usually if I bruise, it shows within a few hours of injection so it sounds like your doc did a good job. Sometimes if it's injected a little deeper, I'll feel a pain pinch and know it will bruise so I aways specify not too deep, Be careful with filler in the tear trough area if you decide to do it, it's such a thin skinned area, the Perlane may be too thick. You may want to try Juvederm as it is known for its smooth gel like consistency. I had it a few times before my blephs, it's a little more painful and the results were alright. It did help some but I felt like you could see the filler, it wasn't completely smooth and left a slight bluish hue. Your dr didn't want to do Perlane in that area or he doesn't treat that area at all? What did he suggest?
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Love to see see some pics if you have any!
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I'm glad you trust your doctor and are listening to his advice on the tear trough area. Really, if you read through the reviews a lot of the tear trough ones aren't positive. :-/ Which is a bummer because that is an area I'd like a bit of filler in too.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts after you get a bit more added at your follow up!

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Monday evening at 7:50pm - I would imagine I still have some swelling but honestly, I hope not - because I don't want to lose any more volume. Now here is where I realize this stuff can probably make me crazy - meaning because I was so swollen over the weekend, ALL of the under eye lines and dark circles were gone. I am 44 years old, medium complexion, blonde hair as a kid, highlights now. Tons of sun as a kid. Lots of crepiness under the eyes now. Well - now today, some of those lines are coming back under the one eye that had it most. bummer! See? already in my head, I'm thinking "well maybe at my follow up in two weeks, he can add a little more" - I had one syringe in each cheek but even the assistant told me she had 1.5 in each. So maybe I will end up with another .5 in each. Who knows.

Anyway - nope, no one at work could tell. The one person there that knows said it looks great.

I'm still thrilled. Even if I want slightly more.
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FYI - when I said "lots of crepiness under the eyes now" - I meant BEFORE I had the Perlane....
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Oh yes, the quest for perfection can easily get into our heads - I hear you & sympathize with you there!! Let us know how things settle out & if you decide to add more or not.

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