2 months post op! Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Lipo - Dallas, TX

I'm a 34 yr. old mom of 2 boys. I am 5'5" and 168...

I'm a 34 yr. old mom of 2 boys. I am 5'5" and 168 lbs.(which i havent been at since high school). My heaviest weight was around 225lbs. at the end of each pregnancy. I have wanted a mommy makeover for several years now and decided to try to get into the best shape beforehand. I have been working 3-4 days a week doing HIT training and lifting weights for over a year now, as well as watching what I eat. I went for my consultation on Nov.5 and scheduled my surgery for Jan. 29, 2013. I am having a full tt with muscle repair, breast lift and lipo of inner thighs. I am using a doctor that several of my friends have used and feel very comfortable with him. I am very excited, yet nervous at the same time!

Just a little over 3 weeks to go! Getting more and...

Just a little over 3 weeks to go! Getting more and more nervous! Worried about being put under...havent since i was 7 when i had appendix removed. Dont really know what to expect as far as the pain goes. Fear of the unknown is the worst!!! Going next week for EKG and blood work.Hope everyone is healing well!

One week from today! Excited and nervous! I'm busy...

One week from today! Excited and nervous! I'm busy getting my supplies and everything ready. Reclined rented, scripts filled....hope I'm not forgetting anything! Wish me luck!

I cant believe its here! I am so nervous! I'm just...

I cant believe its here! I am so nervous! I'm just worried about the pain and what to expect! At the same time, I cant wait to be on the flat side! Wish me luck!

Well, I'm glad it is finally over! Sorry, I...

Well, I'm glad it is finally over! Sorry, I haven't been able to post yet. I had to stay two nights in the hospital because they were having a hard time getting my heart rate to go down. I got to the surgery center around 5:30 am, got marked up etc. Went in around 7:30. I remember the anesthesiologist give me a shot and that was it. Woke up in very little pain.Getting up for the first time hurt like hell! It does get better each time though. I am now resting at home. Have to see PS on Monday to remove drain. PS says he removed 4lbs. of skin and about 18 lbs. of fat! CRAZY! Hope everyone is healing well!

Today has been so much easier! Only taking one...

Today has been so much easier! Only taking one percocet every 6 hrs and a valium in between if needed. Had first bm yesterday and it wasnt bad at all. It was kind of an ordeal to shower last night. I got very dizzy and thought I was going to faint. Took several minutes of sitting with a cold rag on my neck and DH fanning me before it stopped. Then afterwards, I got the shakes really bad.My teeth were chattering and my back was spasming alot. DH called PS and he said it was pretty normal. Sometimes the warm water really wakes up the blood vessels. No kidding! Hope that doesnt happen again. I have my first po appt tomorrow to remove drain. Cant wait for this thing to be gone! Hope everyone is doing well!

Well I survived week one! Feeling like a new...

Well I survived week one! Feeling like a new person today. Had first po appt yesterday and had drain removed...didnt feel a thing! I was so worried I was going to get lightheaded. Pain is pretty minimal. Only taking percocet at night now when I go to sleep. It gets better every day! Happy healing everybody!

2 wks post op today! Not too much to report. Not...

2 wks post op today! Not too much to report. Not feeling much different from 1 wk post op. Minimal pain. Very stiff and hunched over when I first get up but get straighter the more I move around. Every day gets a little easier! Hope everyones doing great!

Had appt. with PS yesterday. He removed all tape...

Had appt. with PS yesterday. He removed all tape and told me to start massaging all my scars. I have a small opening in my incisions under each breast, but he said that is normal and showed me how to put a dressing on those until they heal. I can take my binder off at night to sleep now and just wear it during the day. Im going back to work tomorrow, so hopefully everything goes okay with that. Moving right along!

Finally feeling like a human being again! Im back...

Finally feeling like a human being again! Im back at work full time and slowly easing back into the gym. Breast incision openings have closed and all scars are healing nicely. No longer have to wear binder but I do wear it at work. Lipo areas still get really tightened up and are still sore. Very happy with my results so far!
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I chose a doctor that has performed surgery on several of my friends and they are very happy with their results. I immediately felt comfortable with him and happy with my choice.

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I go tomorrow to get my drain out I'm in love with my boobies too. Today I washed my bra for the first time so I went without it for about 45 minutes. It was an awesome feeling. I'm so glad I decided to have the BL with the BA. I did cry tonight though. I asked my DH to set up my shower. We put an yeti ice chest (it's non skid on the bottom) in the tub and then a towel on top and I sit on that to shower. It's a nice setup. Well he set it all up but I wanted to bathe myself. My mom gave me my first full bath and washed my hair and all. This was just a quick bath to wash my body. I didn't want my DH to see me like this. Full of stitches and all sewn together. He walked in and looked at me and I busted out crying. It's just not how I want him to think of me. He never had a problem with my pre-MM bod, but did support and understand my wanting to do it. I can't explain it, it just makes me sad for him to see me like this.
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Thx! Dr appt went well. Drain was removed. Feeling much better today. I really like the way the breasts r looking. Stomach fells really huge and swollen but when I look at it the mirror it looks flat. Its the weirdest feeling! Getting better every day though! Hope everybodys feeling okay!
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Hang in there! The first week is the worst and then it gets better and better. I also had bad muscle spasms in my back. After taking flexeril (muscle relaxants) for 3 days, they disappeared. For some reason, with the TT, most of the pain is in the back. My TT area hasnt had any pain at all. The drains are a pain but at least all of the drainage leaves your body instead of making your tissues more swollen. I do have to say though that it was a relief to get those out. Hang in there and get lots of rest!! :)
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Wow thanks for the heads up about the shower. I had a couple moments if feeling very close to passing out . I wouldn't have thought of that happening with the shower. One other thing that helped me other then the cold rag was dipping on ice cold gingerale idk why. Let me know how your doctors appt goes. Also what do you think about your breast lift ? I hope that if a dress is low cut or strapless to not have wear a bra . Also what do you think about your stomach are you swollen. I haven't seen anything yet.
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Moving around is much easier today. Right breast is stiil hurting, but it was the larger breast and more tissue was removed there. I had a very long surgery 8-9 hours! I was also sent home with an antibiotic called kefex. I keep telling myself every day will get better!
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Feeling much better today...first two were pretty rough! My right breast was actually the first pain i felt...weird huh? U may ask about valium. It really helps with the spasms. Happy healing ladies!
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Glad your feeling better too. And funny I said my breast was hurting that was before I tried to get outta bed lol. I almost past out from the pain . Did your doctor send you home with an antibiotic ? Mine didn't , I'm taking them pain pills every four hours . They don't make me loopy at all. I did get the Valium .i was also sent home with drains. It was suppose to be drainless . Whateva at this point !i read that we should try to walk 3 times a day 15 to 20 mins. That is amazing how much weight they removed from you ! How long was your procedure? Happy healing
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Hope you had a wonderful surgery day! I can't wait to get my phone call tomorrow to see what time I report Thursday. I hope it's early like you!!!
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How do you feel? My breast hurt more but I haven't got up yet. M doctor doesn't give Valium. I already had muscle spasm in my left breast
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Sending prayers ....xxxx ,,,, I can't wait till we are talking about vacations and bathing suits :)
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*valium...damn auto correct! And its supposed to say surgery center...lol!
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Yes, I am staying one night in the hospital as well. My PS said I could take a valuing tonight to help me sleep and they will give me something to help me relax after I get there and he marks me up. I have to be at the surgery vented between 5:30-6:00. Surgery time is 7:00. So nervous!
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On more night and I'm excited to see and hear how your doing . We are close in size I'm 5'6 and 155lbs. The only thing we are having that's different is I'm not doing the lipo. Although I don't know if the ps does it during the tt. I haven't got any scripts yet. I'm staying overnight at the hospital. Are you? Also did they give you anything for your nerves to take before you leave your house ? I didn't get anything. I guess I'll find out my time to go today. Sorry for the rambling lol I'm from Jersey :)
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Hello Pink! I didn't get anything for nerves prior to surgery either. I got a patch that you have to put behind your ear for nausea. From what my friends have said and what I've read on here they give you that stuff to relax you when they are prepping you for surgery. I have an anxious/excited stomach right now. My nervous worried feelings went about about a week ago. Now I'm just ready to get the show on the road. My DH was so tired of hearing about all my anxieties too!!!! He was like either do the damn thing or don't! Lol. Fun times. You will be fine. Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
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Haha men I know my husband is joe cool about everything but don't worry I make up for the both of us. In my papers they say no make up ugh :) . I had a cesection so I think I know the pain somewhat. Not swell hell tho lol! Yes nervous energy is exactly right. Waiting for me phone to ring to find out my time :)
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Oh I am so anxious to get that phone call too. I'm actually waiting at the GYN for my annual. Getting that over with before my procedures. I don't wear makeup so that is an easy one for me. I had two natural childbirths so I have no idea what the pain will be like. I'm preparing myself mentally for the worse, and praying for the best!
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That was smart of you to see GYN. Cesection was not a big deal just uncomfortable to walk , cough etc. how can you bit prepare yourself for the worst after being on this site lol. Someone on here said they felt like the girl from willy wonks who swelled up and turned into a blueberry. So I'm even prepared to turn into a fruit :) I'm praying me a God have def had a couple sit downs about this one ... Mafia style . ;)
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Your two days ahead of me. Looking forward to the flat side!
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Hello, Thanks for your story, but I'm in the process of researching to find a PS and wanted to know if your PS info is available and the price range for the mommy makeover. Thanks, Good Luck
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Thanks for starting your story! Good job working out so much. What is HIT training?

If you haven't already, you might want to check out this list of supplies to get for your MM recovery. I hope it helps!

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Thanks! HIT is high-intensity interval training. It's a killer, but I love it!
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