I am so excited I got this done! The pain and...

I am so excited I got this done! The pain and discomfort suck, but I know it gets better every day. I'm so glad I went with a PS that does the drainless technique. The drains are the biggest complaints I keep seeing. I still have pain from the stretching and from the incision area. My dr did a great job and did it very low. I feel like my body is so foreign when I look down. I guess it will be better when I can stand up straight and the scars fade. They are so red and scary right now. My most discomfort is from having to wear this wrap garment. I'm very tall and I don't think this was the best garment size for me it doesn't cover my entire abdomen and won't stay down low over my hips and down to the lowest part of my incision. I have to constantly be pulling it down. So frustrating. For the first few days it was over my hip and my hip was so swollen and looking crazy. After talking to the nurse, she told me to take it off and redo it lower. I was so uncomfortable. It was like that even at the surgery center. Anyways, that swelling has gone down now and I'm really excited about the results. I'Il post pics when I can figure out how to do it. Thanks for hearing my story!!

12 days PO

Ok, I'm 12days PO and doing great. Been off pain pills for 3 days now. Have driven a couple of times now too! Got some laundry done and did the dishes. I need to post some pics. My main complaint is having to wear this compression garment 24/7. I'm so uncomfortable and feel so fat in it. I know it's important, but still wishing this would hurry up.

The first pics were before pics and then 5 days post op

That pic I just posted was from day 5. I was about to have my first shower! It was amazing.

Post op day 11

Had to try on a bikini. You can see my scar under the bottoms. I'm sure that will flatten out in a few weeks.

More before pictures

Here are a couple more pre op pics. I will be adding more tomorrow.

Post op day 1

Pics from when I was in the room to stay for the after surgery.

Before op

More before pics

Day 13

Ok my stomach by the scar is sticking out bad. Hope this is all swelling and it goes flat. I'm very happy with how low the dr put my scar! I never wore these panties that often because they would roll down under my stomach! It was so disgusting! My scars from my lift are killing me. I hope they fade! I have Vit e cream on them in these pics. Anyways, I'm feeling great. Not a lot of pain at all. Hope I can stand up straight next week! :)

PO day 19

Ok. I see what y'all mean about the swelling. If I do too much I'm so uncomfortable and swollen. I get so tired these days too, but earlier in the week I was feeling so great and had ants in my pants. I guess I just over did it.

More day 19

Before pics

Here are my deflated boobs. I was wearing a 36b, but was maybe a small c? No clue. They were flap jacks.

Day 29

6 1/2 weeks PO

6 1/2 weeks PO

10 1/2 weeks PO

Here is my 10 1/2 week update. I still swell every day. I'm the skinniest in the mornings. I feel super tight and stiff at night and late afternoon. I have to say its getting better and better each week. I am SOOOOOOOO glad I did this. It is worth all the money and all the discomfort. :)

Almost 7 months

I feel great! The swelling is getting better and better. 5 months I could really see a difference with the swelling. I still have to watch my sodium. I work out all the time. I can pretty much do everything. I really need to start doing yoga for more flexibility. I'm trying to work off these extra pounds I gained over thanksgiving. Here are some pics I took this morning.

Almost 7 months continued.

More pics....

7 months

I forgot to tell y'all that at my 6 mo check up with my PS he gave me steroid shots all in my TT scar. It was raised and ugly. He also gave me a prescription for some bleaching cream that I haven't used much of. I need to get on that. Hope these scars turn thin and white, but even of they don't I'm so very very pleased with my results!! :)

11 months

Well, I'm 11 months in and sooooo happy I did this! I work out all the time. Can do everything. Push ups and chest work outs are uncomfortable I think because my implants are under the muscle. I still do them tho. My TT scar is still pretty dark. I go in next month to see my PS. I still have a dog ear on my left side. I heard it was painful to get fixed, but I'm still gonna do it. Going to be 40 on Tuesday. Eek!!!!! At least I will be celebrating on the beach in cancun! :) happy healing ladies!

11 months continued.

Here is a dress I'm contemplating wearing. I'm not sure I can pull it off. Very tight on my hips and butt and I'm so lumpy there! This is a contender for cancun! :)

11 months boobs

Here are my scars of my lift after 11 months.

11 months boobs

Wups. Wasn't finished.
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You Dallas moms are always so fabulous! You look wonderful. Your scar has great placement!
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Thank you!!!!! :)
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Wow! You look so good! I hope I have results like yours when I am 11 months p.o. When did you start working out? I have my 6 wk p.o. on Monday and hope they give me the go ahead to start exercising. I am on the go alot but haven't really officially worked out because im still afraid I will ruin the work done on the inside. And I realize I will have some limitations on what I can do. By the way you should get that dress. .. You looked awesome in it!
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Thanks!!! I never didn't end up wearing it. It's snug! Ha! I think I had to wait 6 weeks to work out? It was mainly because of my lift. I couldn't get my heart rate up. I started walking like at 3 or 4 weeks. Just slow walking. I really got tired after a lot of anything. Such a long recovery. 4 months was awesome. The swelling started getting less and less. That was my turning point. You will look amazing. I can already tell. :)
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Wow!! Awesome results!
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Thank you!!!!
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You look absolutely stunning!!!!! Wow!!! I am excited to start working out and possibly have great results like yours!!!! I hope you wore that dress....you rocked it!!
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Thank you! No! I chickened out and didn't wear the dress! It's so clingy and tight and I had eaten bad and had a lot of drinks in cancun. I didn't think I could do it. Ha!
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You should have worn it!! I know what you mean about eating and drinking a bit too much! I found several drinks I liked and when you are relaxing on the beach.....they taste soo much better!! Lol!!
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I know! I was so bad! :) it sure was fun tho!
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Congrats! Looking Fab:-) Def a happy doll... Ty for sharing your journey:-)
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Gorgeous! !!!
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Thanks dreamgirl85! You look amazing!
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You look great have fun in Cancun!!
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Thanks Taurus66! Can't wait to see your TT pics!
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Wow!!!! You look amazing!!!!
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Thanks seachik! Soooo glad I did this. Can't believe it's been almost a year! Long recovery but so worth it. I can't wait to see your results!
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What size implants did you get? And did you get silicone or saline? They look great! !!
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Thank you! I got Silicone behind the muscle 350 cc. He ended up putting 375 in my right breast to make them more even. I liked the 325, but since he was going behind the muscle he went up a size. I'm a 36 DD now. I was wearing a D, but It seemed that the DD in some brad looks better. So glad I did this! :)
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I mean you look great! Thanks for letting me know! I'm having my surgery June 6th. Another question the scar for the beast lift does go away in time right? What did you use to help with the scar. Im also thinking of getting 330 cc or 350 i dont know . So i need to ask me Dr. if its goung to be behind the muscle. So the breast lift was soo worth it too? Love the dress soo pretty you look gorgeous. Im 5'4 130 pounds . Getting tummy tuck too , breast lift and silicon. Still woundering is breast lift ok, im a C 36 now wounder what it would put me at after.
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I just posted pics so you can see mine. They said it takes a full year for the scars to lighten. I used vitamin e cream and silicone strips and some bleaching cream. Sooooo worth the lift and implants. I'm very very very happy. :)
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Great! Thanks for helping.. i think i will do the lift too. My Doctor said i can do without the lift but would need one in a few years, might as well get it all done now. :-) and would have to do 371 cc's without lift. So now i just need to pick 350 or 330 . Okay i will use all that to then because svars are healing great. Your awesome! You helped me out a lot. Decisions can be so hard. I realky need to find the right person. Found you. :-)
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Yay!!! ❤️ glad I could help! I've seen some friends with lifts and the scars will be thin and white. I put sunscreen on them even under a bathing suit. You going to go behind the muscle? I wish we lived close. I have a few breast strips I've never used and won't use. They were so expensive.
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I got my vitamin E cream from cvs they have it by the lotions. Cheap too. Better than oil. Oil gets all over your clothes.
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I just had consultation on April 15th i got a quote on everything but without lift came home and thought really think i should do the lift. called them back next day and got a qoute 19,191.00 . So Im going to call back on Tuesday and set up another consultation thats when i will ask him if he can go behind the muscle. After looking how yours came out , hope he will be able to ... I know i wish you lived closer too i would so use them stripes :-) . Where can i buy the stripes? I stay in Fremont ca. Dr. Is in Palo Alto. Dr.Commons found him on Realself. Like a 25 min drive to him. Love that! June 6th is Surgery date, thats why i need to figure out what i want. But i know now. Just the size is left . Then set. Yay!
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