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The Name of the Product is Appropriate! - Dallas, TX

This review is being written two days after the...

This review is being written two days after the treatment. I am a 6'9" 42 year old man from Dallas, TX. I have had heavy armpit sweat since I was 14 years old. As I live in Texas, it is a daily test for my anti-perspirant and undershirts. I am a confident person, but armpit sweating has altered my behavior and wardrobe for years just like everyone else that has written a review. The thing I hate most is sitting in an air conditioned room freezing cold with soaking wet pits. It is almost funny. Like most guys my size, I sweat everywhere when I'm hot, sometimes moderately from my forehead, but don't have any other real problem areas under normal work/life situations. I have always wanted to wear a blue dress shirt to work, lift both arms over my head and run up and down the halls without being embarrassed. I am generally skeptical by nature about any product for sweat treatment and was actually researching botox online when I cam across Miradry. The only treatment I tried was Levsinex pills in the early '90s (for the side effects). As I read about this process, it seemed almost too good to be true...

Research: I read every review out here and watched all of the news clips on the vendor site. I also found commentary on the 1200 person research study online and it looked promising. I asked for a phone interview with Dr. Maris so that I did not have to travel across town to his office for an additional trip. After visiting with me on the phone, Dr. Maris was pretty confident that I was an ideal candidate for the procedure. He was right. He was very knowledgable about the condition and the procedure. I thought I asked him tough questions, but he had answers to all of them. He did visit with me in person briefly as they were preparing me for the template and he and his staff were very professional and friendly.

The procedure: As described in the other reviews. Have to get used to multiple minor pin pricks. Because of the size of my treatment area, I got more than most.. There were a few random spots that got warm during treatment, but just relax and breathe deeply and any discomfort will pass. Because of my size, they had to adjust the treatment area a little bit, but once they figured out what they needed to do to get good coverage, it went really well.

Post procedure: No pain or blisters, with limited marks (they are disappearing quickly). Lots of swelling occurred but after two days, it had gone down noticably. It is like walking around with a thick leather wallet under your arms. Sort of a wierd feeling, but just keep using the ice packs and it will be ok. Advil helps with anti-inflamation and any minor pain. It is Saturday afternoon and I have not used ice yet today. You will find yourself checking your pits every five minutes and pleasantly surprised with how little sweat there is. I have worn nothing but red and light blue shirts since the procedure. That has always been off limits for me. Additionally, I wore a yellow hawaiian shirt out to dinner with the family with no sweat. It is pretty amazing.

Things I learned from other reviews: Request that your first treatment be at level 3. This is still relatively new and I think that most doctors are still trying to figure out the right first level treatment based on what I have read online in your reviews. if you are going to go through all the shots in your arm and the cost for the procedure, you may as well not mess around with level 1 or 2. My doctor has been starting more people at level 3 for the first treatment for about the last month as level 1 and 2 provided more modest results. This is probably a good place to say that you need to defer to the professionals, but I asked for level 3 and got it. For my follow-up I will do level 3 (doctor willing) depending on what my results are over the next month or so.

Results after two days: At normal room temparature with normal activity, I would say 90+% success so far. My right armpit just won't sweat no matter what I do. I have not worked out yet, but I imagine seeing a soaking wet shirt with a totally dry right armpit! My left arm pit will sweat with moderate activity; however it is substantially reduced and I'm confident that we can tweak the follow-up procedure to address it if it does not get any better/worse. As I type this review, my left armpit had minor sweating due to some quick work I did around the house, it is now dry after 30 minutes. Before the treatment, once my pits were soaked, they pretty much stayed soaked the rest of the day.

I am looking forward to my second treatment. I will also provide an update after about 10 days so I can see how well it is working when a get back to work next week. So far, a miracle product...

If this company ever goes public, I am buying stock in it!

Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon

The tech was great. Both of them seem very nice. Only provider in Dallas. Internet Research

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Can we get an update on your results.... Im considering this and would lilke to know if it ever wears off Thanks
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How have the results been 5 months since surgery? I am considering the surgery and looking for Dr. Maris' long term results. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the detailed review and I liked the "leather wallet" reference. Please update this posting as often as you can and reply to Megan's question regarding sweating in any other areas. I too have suffered from this most of my life and am very optimistic.
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Sounds like things are going really well for you! I know others have mentioned compensatory sweating after the procedure. Have you noticed increased sweating in other areas, or has it pretty much all remained the same with dryer under arms?

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It has been 105 degrees in Dallas this week and very humid, so I may need a little more time to answer this question accurately. As best I can tell, I have not had any increases in other areas. I have been at work all day in a hunter green shirt that I never wear due to sweating and it is totally dry. On a normal day, this shirt would be soaked and I would be avoiding hand-raising opportunities. Also, swelling is way down but still there.
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Sounds like positive stuff so far! Hopefully the swelling fully subsides for you soon, and the dryness stays. :)

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