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Miradry Gave Me Back my Confidence! Try It...it Really Works! - Dallas, TX

I have been struggling with excessive sweating for...

I have been struggling with excessive sweating for over 10 years! It really interferred with my daily life; I quit a few jobs because I was so embarassed of my condition. I was scared to raise my hands in public and stirred away from the public as much as possible because of the fear of people seeing or smelling the odor.

Miradry has changed my life! I had my procedure on October 4, 2012. I had a total of 26 lidocaine injections in my right armpit and 22 in my left. After the first couple injections my armpits went completely numb which made it very comfortable throughout the non-invasive procedure. I can honestly say my sweating has reduced to approxmiately 80%. I sweat at times and have a slight odor under my left armpit but it is tolerable. I have my second procedure on January 17, 2013. I'm looking forward to it hopefully it takes away the sweat glands that were left behind. If excessive sweating is interferring with your life give Miradry a try. Miradry gave me back my confidence!

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The staff were friendly, informative, and made certain that I was comfortable at all times.

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@Bummed_out2 yes the odor and sweating is completely gone. I still have a sensation there as if it feels like I'm sweating but when I feel under my arms they are completely dry. I am still unable to wear scented deodorants because it leaves me feeling musty after a few hours so I switched to an unscented antiperspirant. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome and wish I would have done it a lot sooner. Have you had your second procedure? If so, how did it go?
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Hi City_girl, I would just like to follow up what was the result of your second treatment whether it has completely removed the odor. I also went with the miradry procedure and actually we went to the same doctor. The odor has come back after only 3 weeks and now I am scared that the first treatment didn't take at all. My first treatment was at level 3. Thanks!
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Hi Megan! Things are going really good! I had mentioned that I had slight odor and sweat in my left arm so I made sure to address this to the tech. They suggested a level 4 setting and I can honestly say that all the sweat and odor is completely gone. I started swelling about an hour after the procedure; however the swelling stayed about the same (I didn't swell as much as I did when I had the first procedure done). Ice, ice, ice is the key:)
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Yay, City_girl! That's great news! I have a couple of months before my 2nd treatment, but I'm curious about the level 4 setting. Did you notice any difference in discomfort during the procedure with this higher setting?
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Thanks a lot FaithLivesOn:) In my opinion the level 4 setting didn't feel any different from the level 3 setting. The tech asked me once or twice did I feel any discomfort and she seemed a bit surprised when I told her no. Of course I felt the first 7 or 8 injections before it went completely numb. It swell about an hour after the procedure but it didn't swell nearly as much as it did with my first procedure! I was pretty excited when they suggested the level 4!
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How did it go today? Are you feeling ok?

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One week till your next procedure - exciting!! Don't forget to make sure you have water bottles to freeze. :)

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Yyaaahhhh!! So excited counting the days down. Water bottles are ready to go lol...Just awaiting for Thursday,January 17th. Feels like Christmas all over again lol:) Will certainly update afterwards!
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Awe!! :) I love hearing that you are excited for it!! Sending good thoughts for a smooth & successful treatment!

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Wow, an 80% decrease is great! Its wonderful to hear what a positive difference this has made. Did you have quite a bit of swelling after the treatment?

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Yes Miradry has changed my life! I had level 3 setting; swelling took place approximately 2 days after the procedure. I took the others' advice of using frozen water bottles and I must say it worked a lot better than the icepacks. I had swelling for about two weeks.
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Could the swelling be seen under your clothes, assuming you were able to comfortably wear a shirt(??), or was it not that obvious?

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Unfortunately when I wore tanktops the swelling was visible; however fitted shirts at the time were a bit uncomfortable. I mainly wore a tanktop or shirts that were a bit larger to keep it from pressing against the swollen area.
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