38, Mom of 3, Trying to Reshape Body After Losing 100lbs Through Diet & Exercise

I've always had larger hips and outer/inner thighs...

I've always had larger hips and outer/inner thighs. I'm only 5'2" so I've been very self conscious about carrying my weight in this area. I lost 100 pounds on my own through diet and exercise and have had 3 kids (one c-section). Through all this, my body has just lost its shape even though it's gotten smaller.
I made my lipo appt (abs, flanks, inner/outer thighs) for March 26th and I won't lie, I'm very nervous. Only procedure I've ever had was the emergency c-section and that recovery was horrific. I'm scared of the pain afterwards but know it will be worth it. Maybe I'm just trying to imagine the worst possible pain I could endure so that it will seem only a little painful compared to what I've imagined LOL. I'll try to post pre-op pictures soon.
Good luck. The pain is not nearly as bad as u r expecting. I just hope that after losing that much weight that a tummy tuck may b better because of loss skin. Good luck on your procedure.
Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Because it took me so long to lose the weight, I didn't have much loose skin (even the dr. couldn't believe it LOL). But, I'm hoping I won't get loose skin after the procedure, is that what the compression garment helps with?
It is my understanding that garment does help that along with helping to heal everything back together after the fat removal. Plus it may help the build up of fluid.

2 weeks to go!! Before Pic (front)

Excited But Still Nervous About My Upcoming Surgery.
Congrats and good luck
Thank You!

Pre op Appt. 1 week to go!

I'm Excited About My UpcominG Lipo In One Week From Tomorrow! Just Trying To Stay Realistic & Know This Is Not An End All Solution But A Big Stepping Stone To Achieving The Figure I've Always Wanted. I've Worked So Hard To Get To This PoinT & Lose The Weight, But My Body Has Lost It's Shape & I'm Ready To Get It Looking Good. I Had The Dr Draw On Me As You Can See Where He'll Be Removing Fat. These Pics Make Me Want To Cry, But It's A Starting Point To A New & Improved Me :)!
You body looks just like mine! I am in the process of scheduling a breast reduction and lipo now that I am finished having kids (2 daughters, 1 via c-section). I had lipo in my breasts once before and the recovery was a piece of cake, so I know this won't be so bad. I chose lipo over a tummy tuck due to the recovery & pain aspect. I look forward to your next post & pics. Good luck & hope you are healing great!
Hi! I also chose lipo over a TT due to the pain aspect! My procedure is 5 days away and I'll definitely post updates and pics afterwards :)

3 Days and Counting to Go!!

Three days until my Lipo procedure! Excited and nervous...but mostly excited. Today, I'm picking up my prescriptions and doing all my grocery shopping and getting the house all cleaned up. Trying to get as many things done as I can before Wednesday since I still have to work up until day of my procedure. Then, I'm taking off the 4 days after wards. I hope that will be enough :/. I have my post-op nutrition plan in place and ready to Rock this jump started body LOL!!
If your experience is like mine you should be fine to return to work. Best of luck.
What was yours like? I am so worried about the pain post surgery.
Pain is not that bad... Discomfort and soreness... Minimal pain... I only took pain killers the day of and the next day... And i wasnt even in bad pain...

Today is the Day!!

I slept great last nigh!! Kinda surprised about that actually, but I'll take it seeing is starting today after the procedure, I'll probably be up all night every night going to the bathroom LOL. Anyways, I took my weight and measurements for later comparisons:
Weight: 144.5
Waist: 33.25 inches
Hips: 41 inches
Left Thigh: 24 inches
Right Thigh: 24 inches
Praying for a successful procedure and as little pain as possible afterwards! I'll keep you all updated!
I'm thinking of doing what you did. You look so much like me! God luck healing, and please let us know how you are doing?
Thanks so much!!

1 Day Post Op

Everything went smoothly yesterday. Only negative thing I can say was that I got a call 5minutes from the facility saying my OR time had been pushed back an hour. No biggie. I had slept great the night before. When I finally went back the staff was so caring and put me at ease. I got my gown on, took some meds to keep my stomach acids neutral and got the iv started. Soon after the dr. came in and did his marking. I'm actually about to fall asleep writing this...I am SOOO tired LOL. When they came back to get me and take me to the OR they said I'd be out within five or ten seconds. I was. Next thing I remember was waking up in recovery with my CG on and the nurse asking if I was ready to get dressed. Funny, I just kinda got off the table and got dressed and she helped me to the car where my husband and she helped me in. I got home around 2pm and went immediately to sleep, couldn't stay awake...apparently, I'd slept all the way home too. I have to say about the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, I was maybe a 2!!! I ended up throwing up once later that night, I think it mustve been after effects of the anesthesia or something but felt fine right after. I was up all night long peeing. I've been too scared to sit on the potty so I've been using a plastic cup to stand and go in and then just pour it in the toilet. Maybe TMI, but I use a 12oz cup and have to pour it out twice every time I go. My incisions are still draining, which is creepy. It just looks like I'm oozing blood everywhere. So, I'm keeping the overnight large thick pads in my CG. I go back in the morning to the DR. and plan to ask if my CG is too loose. I don't feel the excruciatingly painful tightness everyone talks about. Dont get me wrong, its tight but not unbearable. My head has been hurting and when I woke up today I felt like I had a hard workout and was stiff. Pain level maybe a 3. I'm going to try to take a shower later tonight if my draining has subsided some. I almost don't want to look in the mirror because I can see how black and blue I am. Can anyone tell me how long this takes to go away? I'll keep you posted on everything else. Ready for another nap :)
Following your journey! So excited for you! :-)
Thanks! I'm Posting More Pics Soon!
My bruises were only in the thighs and near the incision spots but nothing bad... I think the bruising will subside in the next few days... No pain at all at this point... Uncomfortable.. I havent been the best with the compression yesterday I took it off all day... Look into freshette urinal director its the best!! But I only use it at home.... ! Well hope you feel better soon!!! Keep us posted!

1 day post op shower - seeing myself for the first time after lipo!

I have to admit I was nervous to see myself without the garment on for the first time. But doc said I could shower. I washed the CG while in the shower. It's the weirdest thing seeing yourself with open incisions oozing! Oh my! Have my first post op appt tomorrow & will be asking if this is how the incision sites should look. I don't like that part...ready for draining to end & sites to clise up. Anyways, here's what I look like 1 day post op without the garment on. I can see a difference already, but I sure am bruised & swollen as to be expected!

1 day post op shower - seeing myself for the first time after lipo

I forgot to attach a pic of the front. You can still see the dr's surgical markings amongst the bruising and swelling...I was too afraid to scrub hard enough to get them off. Anyone have any tips for getting the pen marks off?
Use alcohol wipes to get the markings off. :) It feels way better to half stand and pee. I had my first Bm today and was scared not sure why just was. Slightly uncomfortable I had to push with my abs. But Better after release drink plenty of fiber
thanks for the suggestion I'm going to try that tonight. I've been taking a stool softener and hope that helps. I've had some pretty bad headaches. Today has been the worst. I've been getting light headed too. Have you experienced that?
Haven't had the headaches. Thank god. I suffer from migraines. Lightheaded if you arent eating. I keep rolls of Ritz crackers on the bed. Gatorade mixed with water and progresso soup. I dont have much of an appetite and when I do 5 bites and im full. I was given oxycodone and can resume motrin now (I haven't) I think you should rest alot while you can. I stay under my heating blanket and prop up my feet. Walk up and down the stairs every 4 hrs or so. Stand for 15mins at a time. And back resting. Try to eat something

4 Days Post Op Update

In my most dramatic voice...this compression garment is ruining my life!!!!! LOL!! I hate it. It seems the worst part is at night when I'm trying to sleep. Doesn't seem to bother me during the day but it's probably because I'm distracted. The foam board on my abs isn't even that constricting. At night, I've been unhooking the top hook and zipper just so I can breathe. Not sure why but it feels itchy even though it's soft. Last night I even put panty liners down the side to soften it up a bit. I thought as the swelling went down, it would start feeling bigger, but I know it's probably too early yet. I'm sleeping with my feel elevated and sit with them up as often as possible. My pain level is basically non existent. Only feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Bruising is the main issue and it hurts to sit on the potty. I put towels around the edges to pad the seat because the majority of my bruising is at the back of my legs and down my sides. I guess the blood is draining down. I don't have the lumps like I've read about before. I even got some of the surgical markings off with a little soap and gentle scrubbing with a washcloth in the shower. The incisions have stopped draining and I'm heading back to work tomorrow for a few hours. My only real complaint other than the compression garment is my constant headache and light headedness. I thought it might be related to the anesthesia or an oncoming sinus infection, but I just wish it would go away. I'm trying to include as many details as possible for those reading like I did to try and prepare themselves or decide whether or not to have a procedure.

On a more positive note, I decided to measure myself last night when I saw the tape measure sitting out...
I've lost over an inch in my waist and TWO inches in my hips!!!! I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see what I measure then!!
Waist now 32inches
Hips now 39inches
I hear ya! I had no pain my only one and big problem was the CG!! I am now 10 days post and I can say i got used to it! Although for me ifs the other way around...i hate it during the day but doesnt bother at night!!! Hope your soreness gets better... I felt better yesterday... What realllyyy hurts are the massages but they are great!!!
I need to see where I can get a massage. Today is 1 day post op. Ionly Slept about hours last night.It
Is Kind of uncomfortable in the CG, more soreness today. I think the pain meds keep me awake.

One Week Post Op Today!

Today is one week post op. I took pics for comparison, but they all turned out fuzzy so I'll try again tomorrow and even get measurements! I'm feeling good, no pain, even sleeping on my sides at night!! The stiffness is minimal, but my knees are aching a little due to being swollen from fluid. For some reason today, I am more swollen than I have been so far...it even worried me to the point where I called the PS's office. They said this was normal and I would continue changing on basically a daily basis for awhile. I go back on Friday for my one week follow up. I am VERY bruised and it's running down my legs. My knees are really swollen too I guess because the compression garment stops right under them so the fluid is pooling around my knees where I also have an incision on the inside of each one. They stopped draining several days ago and I believe are closing up. I honestly got a little disappointed when I saw myself today when I took my CG off to shower and didn't see much of a difference. The doc said I could also be retaining water from all the fluid and still swollen and bruised which I really am. I'm drinking tons of water and eating very healthy... no fried or processed foods or sugars and only minimal complex carbs like brown rice and also fruits. On Monday, I went back to work and the worst part was the stiffness after driving lol. Other than that, the compression garment I've been complaining so much about is like second skin now. Weird. I think the ab foam board pads it from me a little or maybe it's getting bigger because I'm getting smaller. Either way, I think I'll wash it again tomorrow to shrink it some more. My incisions stopped draining several days ago and the sites are beginning to close up. I was told to keep Polysporin and Hydrogen Peroxide on them for now. The Bio oil & Mederma or Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will come later the doc said. I read about the Bio Oil combination on here but my dr told me to use pure Aloe Vera (no Lidocaine) and Vitamin E capsules cut in half and rub the fluid on the sited. I'm asking about these again on Friday. I incision sites are on inside of each knee, one in my belly button, two on my lower abs, two in the creases of my pubic/leg area, two on the lower back/upper butt, and one under each butt cheek. Can anyone give any feedback if they experienced feeling/getting/looking bigger POST OP before shrinking down? I know it's still early, but could just really use some inspiration today :)
That swelling is ugly. I didnt have my thighs done. But I hear gravity is unfriendly from the bottom down during recovery. Going into week 2 I think you should purchase a stage2 CG. Its usually size smaller to compress fluid from swelling and reduce bruising you can buy it one on realself.com or on ebay. The scale wont change but your inches should. Add fresh lemon juice to your water its a natural diuretic. Will help rmv excess fluid. Keep your legs up as much as possible especially when you sleep. Im team neosporin and all natural shea butter over here. keep your skin moisturized for best skin elasticity. Takes pics in your CG to see result and for reassurance. Gv it one more week b4 you measure yourself and be mindful that when you start working out again you will experience additional swelling. Do some leg lifts while laying in bed to help with knee swelling. ;)
I think u will see that exercise does increase the swelling. I was in Arizona for several weeks and swam for an hour each day and I felt better but after exercising I was more swollen for several hours afterwards. The CG helps with that also. I have started back with the sponge abdominal board hoping it will help. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice! I'll look into the Stage2CG. What brand do you use?

One Week Photos/ Measurements

I'm still very swollen and bruised but no pain, sleeping on sides & wearing CG 24/7 except to shower or go #2..can't bring myself to go with it on LOL! Here are some before & now pics and also some one day post op & now pics. I can see the most difference from behind but my hips have definitely gone down in size except some pockets of swelling on each side!
Waist 32inches (no difference since day 4 :/)
Hips 38 1/2 inches (another 1/2 inch down Woohoo)
Left thigh 22 1/2 inches (down 1 1/2 inches)
Right thigh 23 inches (down 1 inch)
I guess I expected to see a little more inch loss but it's still early so I won't give up hope :)
Other than waist I have seen no real differ e once on myself but did fit into a pair of skinny slacks last week that I could not get zipped before. Sometimes it is the little things that matter.
How far out are you from your procedure? My PS said to try and not even look at myself in the mirror for 3 months LOL...as if that would happen! But he did say I could expect to see 95% of my results by month 3 and close to 100% of results by 6 months. It's so hard because after paying all that money I know I want to see results now. Seems it would only make sense! But I know what you're saying, sometimes it's the little things that matter as we're waiting for the final result to get here.
Three months yesterday. Truthfully I do look so much better in my clothes that I happy with the results but just not 100% satisfied. I guess we all want perfection. LOL

Two weeks Post Op!! Starting to see some changes!

today is exactly 2 weeks since I had my lipo procedure. I'm feeling good. A little bloated due to my monthly. I even worked out for 10 min nice and easy on the elliptical today! I can tell the swelling is starting to go down but I just wish it would go a little quicker. I want to see more of a difference in my hips although I'm saying a lot in my waist. I believe the arnica tablets & gel are helping. my bruising has gone away tremendously! I'm still in my CG 24 /7 and I can even sleep on both of my sides at night. only real complaint I have is I now have this swollen area on my lower back/upper butt. I'm going to have the Dr look at it tomorrow last week he said it was just typical swelling. I'm going back tomorrow for my weekly checkup and they're also giving me some type of ultrasound thing to help with a few lumps and the swelling. I'll let you know how that goes and what the results are from it. Only change in my measurements is that my waist has gone down a half an inch since last week!! I can definitely see the curvature start to take place there...I'm excited about that I just want to see it more in my hips because that was the main reason I had this done. So far, I can't complain and I'm very happy I had this done.
Your looking amazing! I'm going monday for my lipo I hope I notice results fast like you have! I'll be following you :-) . Congrats on your surgery and upcoming graduation. This its one of the best reviews I've read btw :-)
Thank you so much! So glad you like the review. I hoped it would help others who were deciding on the procedure. Good luck on Monday. Keep us posted on your progress! :)
My lower abs are so hard and swollen. It has been 10 days. I feel like my belly is bigger than before. I am hoping it changes or I just wasted a ton of money and sick days!

3 Weeks Post Op!!

feeling great. I'm back in the gym lifting weights doing cardio. Most of the bruising is gone. My waist is down to 31 inches wish my hips will go down a little bit more but most of the swelling is gone except for my hips!! Dr said this area would take the longest to recover because this is where he took the most fat out! my stomach looks awesome although I wasn't quite expecting that..I've got a nice little "one pack" going on LOL!! the ultrasound treatment (I had three) from the PS office seem to help with the bruising along with arnica. Next step I'm trying the lymphatic massages. still have the rippling in my hips but I'm praying that's related to swelling which I keep being told that is. We'll see. I'm down almost seven pounds now from 144.5 to 138.2!! I'll post some measurements later have a great day :)
Glad to see how great you are going :)))
Oh yay! Looks like things are shaping up! Looking great!!! Love that dress too, where did you get it?
Thanks! I can't remember where I bought the dress, I just remember I bought it at a little store in the mall in 2011 and haven't been able to wear it since, because it didn't fit....until now! :)

Almost One Month and One Week Post Op

Thought I'd give an update for anyone following along LOL. I have some pros and cons to share. I'm now wearing a spanx basically just to bed at night. I wear tight fighting workout clothes during most of the day so I thought both might be redundant. I am keeping myself french taped as well underneath it all. The french tape is Hypafix and I love it because it is invisible underneath my tight fitting workout clothes and makes my dresses look smooth without having to wear the full spanx and always be uncomfortable. However, I'm trying to wear the Spanx as much as possible, but at this point I'm not seeing that many changes...although EVERYONE including the doctor says I'll see changes up to 9 months Post Op!! I really hope that happens. I'm getting a little discouraged. Don't get me wrong, I can see the visible results, but the hip areas and small pockets of fat/or swelling (not sure what it is) are still swollen. I started lymphatic massages last week and I'm getting one per week for the next 5 weeks. Just seems what medical technology hasn't already done, there's nothing I can do but let Mother Nature do her work. I'm still working out hard in the gym weight training 6x week and watching what I eat. Just feeling discouraged because I'm not as smooth in my hip area as I'd like to be. **SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE RESULTS WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE**...OR, that I need to just make myself be content with the results I have now because this is as good as it gets!!

Here's my Measurements
Pre Op Weight: 144.5 / Current 136 pounds
Pre Op Waist: 33.25 inches / Current 30.5 inches
Pre Op Hips: 41 inches / Current 38 inches
Pre Op Left Thigh: 24 inches / Current 22.5 inches
Pre Op Right Thigh: 24 inches / 22 inches

I'll try to get some pics posted this week. Just feeling a little down today. I am one month and almost a week post op and I just can't see that things can improve. Am I wrong??
Yes, yes please post pics! I am sure a lot has changed! Excited to see your results!
Congrats! Do you have updated pics? I hope you got the results you expects. Best wishes
I think your hips look great, u should post some updated photos! How long will you continue to see hailey?

Almost 4 months later...

Hi everyone! July 26th will be 4 months post op for me. I really like my new shape and the way clothes look on me. I especially love how my thighs dont rub together when i walk LOL! I'm feeling great & working out hard 6 times a week. my recovery was quick and easy and wonderful. the only negative thing I have to say is that I have these 2 areas (one on each side of my outer thigh) that looks like not enough was taken out of there...or more was taken out of my hip area then was in outer thigh area so it shows. Who knows. But I didn't notice this area before my lipo. also I don't think enough fat was taken out of my hips because there's a concave indention between my hips and outer thigh area. when I pointed this out to my dr in June he said we'd discuss it again in September because it will be six months post op then & we'll have the the best idea of how things will even out. All in all, it's been a great experience and I'd do it again & will have the revision if possible. I will keep you all posted :)
You look amazing. You must of had an easy recovery bc I'm not so lucky. I on the other hand won't be going through this again. If I knew it was this bad I don't think I would've went through with it or not. This is not fun by no means. I'm bruised from under my boobs to literally my feet. It hurts to sit on the toilet. All in all this sucks. I'm ready for the end results. Just wanted to say you look great even after your weight loss.
Oh no, cher_shawn, I haven't been able to read your blog yet but are you taking bromelain and arnica? They each help with the bruising and swelling. So sorry your in so much pain honey
I am taking arnica and I don't see it helping me any. I do bruise pretty easy though. My doctor gave me some thing for swelling today I just have to go fill it. It's a five day supply. Hopefully it'll help.

Possible revision area?

Here is a pic of an area I'd like to have revised. It didn't look like this before the Ab lipo and is only noticeable from the side not the front. Granted I can only see it when naked not when wearing a swim suit or underwear...but I know it's there and it wasn't like this before so it's starting to bother me more. the area is below my lower abs and right above my c-section scar. Can this be smoothed out with a revision?
You look great but if this area bothers you ask your ps if he can revise it. Otherwise it may drive you crazy. I know once i set my mind on something or i don't like it i have to fix it. It's tiny but i'm sure you will always notice it.
I can't wait for my next appointment to discuss the revision. It's at the end of September so Dr can see 6 months post op results. The area right above my c-section is like a roll of fat I've never had before. So weird. I want it gone!
I hope it all works out. :)
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