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Having Lipo and Tummy Tuck After my VSG - Dallas, TX

Dr. Armijo seems very knowledgable and made me...

Dr. Armijo seems very knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable with choosing him even though I had never seen any before and after photos of his work. Since I am always researching everything this was out of the norm for me. I had seen a couple of plastic surgeons before running across his $4750 summer special and he informed me that he wouldn't feel comfortable just giving me a tummy tuck without lipo because he wants the "wow" factor. I loved that!" I think that's what sold me. Afterwards, I knew that whatever it was going to cost me, I wanted this guy to perform my surgery. I am very excited about my upcoming surgery and will be keeping a video blog during this journey as I did for my VSG.
Oh I never heard of that.
It's weight loss surgery. They cut out most of your stomach into a shape of a banana. Not as extreme as the gastric bypass but very effective. I've lost 62 pounds so far in 8 months.
Wow that's awesome!!

Day 4 post op update

First I have to start off by saying I truly believe I made the best choice with Dr. Armijo. His entire staff is great, they are all so friendly and you can tell they believe in his work. The staff at Dallas Day Surgery was just as wonderful, I can't speak highly enough of them. My Dr. Totally rocks and I am so happy with my results even though I am still very swollen, I can just imagine what it will look like when the swelling goes down. I'm not in a lot of pain and I am very pleased with the location of the incision. He called to check on me before and after the surgery and even provided me with his cell phone number. I have already recommended him to several of my friends and my sister is planning on coming from Florida to consult with him. I know it's early on but I really love my results so far.
You look great! I used Dr Armijo 6 weeks ago and LOVE him!! You will be so happy with your decision to go with him. Rest up and enjoy your new body!! Good luck!
We got the best of the best I think :-) he really knows his stuff! Thanks so much for the support. I am getting lots of rest but I seem to be extremely swollen one side a little more than the other. So much that I feel like I'm going to burst. I really wish there was something I could do about this. It's not painful but very uncomfortable.
I know! :) hang in there. I have the same issue. My right lower abdominal area gets hard like a basketball and it hurts to move or walk at times. It's hard right now but just try to think of te pay off. In a few months you will be great! Did you have lipo anywhere? The Lipo has been the hardest part for me. Rest, rest and happy healing!

day 5.

Feeling a lot better aside from all the swelling. Looking forward to my first post op appointment. I'm getting around very well still can't stand upright but the only pain I am feeling is in my

Day 5 continued....

The only pain i am feeling is in my lower back from being stooped over so much. My doctor said it was ok to shower and remove the dressing but the compression garment was rubbing on the incision so I recovered my incision with panty liners. I've seen a lot of people do this on you tube. I'll remove the covering from my belly button later this evening and update pics of the scars.

Day 8.

Still no reduction in swelling but I'm doing great. Had one drain removed today.
just gave my deposit down if you could please post updated pictures I would love to see them thanks
I'm sure you'll be very happy with your result. Good luck and keep us posted.
Can u post upto date pics please I just gave my depisit with Dr Aramijio would love to see ur final out come ur case is similar to mine im getting TT and lipoon flanks plus middle abdomen thanks

Nearly four mos post op

I have been doing very well these past couple of months but I did experience some issues with healing in the front area. I just stopped wearing a bandage a couple of weeks ago. As you can see from the pictures, my right side still has not gone down, it has been like this since day one so I'm feeling a little deformed but you can't really tell when I'm dressed. Aside from one side being larger than the other, my stomach is totally flat and I'm comfortable wearing my blouses on the inside which is like, the best thing ever. I have another 2months before I go in for my six month post op appt so hopefully the deformity will no longer be an issue. My scar is healing beautifully. Looks much older than four months.

better pics

My husband didn't think the pics I took of myself were not very good so he took these
Glad you're all healed up! The scar is looking pretty good!
Thank you. He gave prescribed silver sulfadiazine cream for the area that wouldn't close but I used it all over. The scar started facing immediately after I started using it.

swelling going down :)

Some days are better than others. Today was a really good day. I had minimal swelling even on my bigger side. Starting to feel really good. My doctor want concerned about it in the first place but I guess it bothered me to look at it every day. I'm loving how this is turning out. The end results are what counts
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