Lip Implants for Permanent Fuller Lips - Dallas, TX

For permanant fuller lips, not painful and very...

For permanant fuller lips, not painful and very quick, about an hour start to finish. They were great until about a month ago and my smile began being restricted and unnatural looking. Considering removal but not sure what results will be.

Anyone had lip implants that restricted their smile or made it odd looking?

Jane M., Regarding your question 'Do they look and feel natural?' Well, I can definitely feel the implants in my lips if I stop to think about it, and I have to be a little more careful when I drink water because sometimes the lip implants result in me dripping a little water on my blouse--but I definitely think the lip implants were worth doing. My lip implants are thinner and more natural-looking than Octamom's. Octamom went a little overboard with hers.
I'm thinking of getting Permalip done, as I've been having Juvederm injections for the past year, and just can't afford to keep them up! Do your lips look/feel natural with Permalip - and how long did the swelling last?
Hi Jane M.,

I'm truecolors. You can see posted photos of my lips before and after my permanent lip implants here on if you can just figure out how to find them. I'm not very computer-savvy myself.
But I feel the same way you do, that lip injections are just too expensive to get on an ongoing basis. I'm very happy with my permanent lip implants, which I've had for 1 1/2 years now.
The post-op swelling for the lip implants? Well, I had my lip implants done at the same time I had a facelift done, so I couldn't separate 'lip swelling' from the rest of my face. But it was definitely worth doing, in my opinion. The lip implants make me look younger and sexier in my opinion.
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Very knowledgable and has the implants herself

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