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I have always know i would get a facelift when the...

I have always know i would get a facelift when the signs of aging were apparent. 2 co-workers had this procedure done by Dr Ho. One with good results, one not so much. Her neck is practically the same as it was, but she had a hematoma and needed a lot of work in that area in the first place. I am very nervous about the lack of anesthesia used, But, they had no problems.

Today I did a search for aftercare. What I found were numerous reviews from very unhappy patients, Anything from I felt it all, to results do not last, to how bad they look now to continuing pain. I am seriously rethinking doing this and would love some feedback. Dr Ho is Board Certified in both Otolarygotomy & Plastic Surgery. None of the complaints named him, but very disparaging remarks about LifeStyle Lift facilities and their treatment of patients afterwards.


bgibsonrnc, please take the time to go and get a 2nd opinion before you throw your hard earned money away. The scars that you will have behind your ears will never go away and never will the pixie ears that you most likely will receive. Please check and recheck this "SURGERY". It is not done in a JACHO certified facility and I don't care what they say, One Face Does NOT Fit All. The doctors area here at realself offers free consultations. Please take the time to compare apples to apples, you might be very surprised at what you find out from a board certified independent facial plastic surgeon. Why in the world would anyone want to use a doctor who "moonlights" for LSL and performs surgery at a different facility to boot? That does not make sense to me. Would you hire a plumber with a 53% approval rating? You only have one face. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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I forgot to mention he was unable to do my lower...

I forgot to mention he was unable to do my lower lids b/c I was feeling everything. I had expressed my fears about this ahead of time. He said, he could give me more if I got uncomfortable. Ok. I really did not feel anything at first but it started to wear off. I asked for more. They gave me two more valium and said I was maxed out. Really? Not what I was lead to believe. My husband was never called to come and get me. An hour after they said I would be done, he went there anyway. He found out I was all ready and done. He ran into the doctor in the hall. He was never called. No one went over the after care with him, and he was the one who would be doing it. Same thing the next day when I went back. They didn't let him in and they were explaining how to care for my wounds. I was on pain pills. 3 days later I realized I had been supposed to be putting drops in my eyes hourly. I could never recommend this to anyone irregardless of how I heal.


Hi there, could you please give us information as to how you are doing now. I do hope that you are feeling better and are healing up. 
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Wow, I was having doubts and I certainly wished I had done what you said. Wound up with hematoma's at the back of my head. He didn't really want to come all the way back and see me. My husband told him he was taking me to an ER, then he agreed. He squeezed out handfuls of blood according to my husband. Told me I had some drainage. I'm a nurse. The pain was excruciating. I knew what it was. Swelling behind my ears is extreme and now have some in front as well. I am really hoping this heals up ok.
Bgibsonrnc, sorry to hear that you are having problems. I hate to hear that one more person has had a LSL and are now suffering. This just does not stop. I am so sorry. I hope that Dr. Ho will take the time with you that you deserve and try to help you. See, this is what I keep warning people about. I do not necessarily think that is is all the physicians fault. They expect the Dr. to accomplish so many lifts a day, a quota so to speak. There is just no way that a LSL doctor can accomplish in one hour what would take another plastic surgeon 4 hours to do and do a good job. And I had the same problem that you are having, a doctor moonlighting for LSL and having his own practice on the side. Does this not raise a BIG RED FLAG to anybody else? I do not understand why a Doctor with an established business would want to associate him or herself with LSL! Please people, take the time to research this company. Even if the doctor you are using has no complaints on his medical record or on the net does not mean that a LSL will work for you! Take the time and get a 2nd opinion. Best, Chrystal Eckes.

I have to say I am very pleased with my results. ...

I have to say I am very pleased with my results. Would I do it again? Yes, but with IV sedation and LifeStyle Lift does not provide that option. Because the oral medications were no longer working, I was unable to have my lower lids done. People need to understand that about the oral meds. Some people do fine with what they give, others (like myself), do not.
"When the intent is minimal sedation for adults, the appropriate initial dosing
of a single enteral drug is no more than the maximum recommended dose (MRD) of a drug that can be prescribed for unmonitored home use."(ADA guidelines)
The recovery time was longer than anticipated. I had a lot of fluid retention, esp on my neck. Dr Ho drained off excess fluid twice. I feel Dr Ho did an excellent job with the surgery. My scars are hardly noticeable at this point, and it's less than 2 months. I will post a new picture as soon as I get one I like. I'm not as good with "selfies", unlike most kids with cell phones!


Any doctor, like any RN, or architect, or lawyer or mechanic, does NOT have to abide by rules that hurt customers. They can all employ a high level of competence and honor, refusing to do things that are incompetent and dishonorable. They can work elsewhere, where ethical behavior is practiced.
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I agree with Gailmail. I checked with LSL but I did not feel comfortable with their method of Valium or in office surgery facility. I did not like LSL sale pressure and the fact that they could not provide me the name of the surgeon so I could check his/her credential . I chose to have a full facelift, necklift and eye lids fat removal with a certified well known Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Rubinstein. I had 2 consultations with him in 5 months before I decided to do the procedures. I also talked to some of his patients . As I have high blood pressure and other medical problems , I made sure I had a thorough medical check up and approval from my own family doctor for the surgery. I made sure my family Doctor discussed with my PS about my surgery procedures . 2 doctors opinions are better than one. My PS explained throroughly to me what he was going to do to me during surgery. He is also Chief Plastic Surgeon for Jackson North Hospital where the surgery took place. I also watched youtube videos about the facelift procedures, there are many of them. I am 62 years young but I wanted my surgery performed in a well equipped hospital Operating room with a certified Anathesist Doctor and Pain management doctor. I did not want to be awake when the Doctor cut into my face. I would not be able to handle it. The surgery went well. When I woke up from the surgery in my hospital room, my PS and my husband were there with me. I felt no pain as the pain medication was good. I took the option to stay one night at the hospital in a private room under the care of a nurse. The nurse gave me cold compresses throughout the next 48 hours. I was given light food and juices. Before I checked out , the nurse washed my hair and helped me to shower.The Hospital Option cost me couple thousand dollar more but my safety and comfort well worths it. My PS visited me again next morning. I felt very good so I went home next day. Before going to the hospita, I cleaned my bedroom with bleach, put new bed sheet ,made chicken soups and some soft dishes so I only had to rest, watched Neflix/TV. My PS and my Family doctor called few times to check on me . My PS gave me his cel number and his email so I can communicate with him anytime. He returned my calls rapidly and replied to my emails the same day . All my post op procedures i.e bandage , drain, suture removals were performed personally and very gently by my PS in his office. I had Vicodin pill and had someone drove me to post op doctor checkups. He made sure I did not see any bloody bandage or drain or whatever stitches he removed behind my ears, otherwise I might freak out. The bruising and the swelling went away slowly after couple week. I still have some numbness on my cheeks. My family doctor also wanted to see me few times after the surgery. He likes the result . After 2 months Dr. Rubinstein gave me Latisse to grow long lashes and it works. I now have beautiful long lashed to add to my new eyes . After 3 months he gave me a complete high performance skin care products. I am 4 months after the surgery and everyone says I look 15 to 20 years younger. I am happy with the result. I believe the ftummy tucks ,facelift , necklift etc surgery are serious procedures and should absolutely be performed by a very experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in a well equipped surgery room with sufficient emergency equipments just in case. Ideally the surgery room should be in a hospital or close to a hospital emergency room .There are skin removal ,cuts and stitches , bleeding, swellings , bruises . Patient should take time to do research and verify the Plastic Surgeon credetials. Have consultation with few PS before decide. Ask to see the doctor's office surgery room . Watch youtube videos to understand the procedures. Talk to your own family doctor. The PS and his office must provide the patient with efficient post op wound care , pain medication and antibiotics to prevent infection. They must also provide some moral comfort to the patient. The patient like me usually is afraid, fearful and lost after the facelift procedures . We look up to the doctor and his staff for re-assurance . The patient's emotional state is vital for the healing. We worked hard for our money and we have rights to be treated nicely after any medical procedures.
Miami Beach, Thanks for posting this information. I am so glad that you were so diligent in researching the procedure and finding a good doctor. Too many women are falling for the commercials that Lifestyle Lift uses and if they don't do their research or get a 2nd opinion, they could very well wind up very unhappy. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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co worker. He seriously misled me about being able to have additional pain meds during the surgery. He did not want to come back to the office and see me when I was in excruciating pain. I was going to an Emergency Room if he hadn't. Saw me for two seconds on the follow up visit the next day. I wanted to update my review of Dr Ho. Went in to LSL today to have stitches removed. I asked to see Dr Ho. They said he wasn't there. Was told this person always takes out the stitches. I said I wanted a doctor to look at the healing. Once I said I wanted a copy of my records, the office coordinator came in. He had called Dr Ho. He has his own office not far away and he asked me to come there. I did and he spent plenty of time inspecting & draining some excess fluid and removing the sutures. We talked about all that had happened. He was unable, by law, to give me any more meds. It's the standards that allows Life Style Lift's to do what they do. They cannot give you any more than the manufacturer's recommended dose. He seemed genuinely concerned about my healing and asked me to see him at HIS office again Monday. I believe he is a good doctor but has to abide by the LifeStyle way of doing business. I think I would see him again but never recommend LifeStyle Lift.

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