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This is a follow up to a previous review I wrote...

This is a follow up to a previous review I wrote under the title "Coping with tattoo regret and removal." I signed off for a bit but then was not able to continue with my old account. I will sum up my previous review and update you on my current progress. I got my very first tattoo in Jan 2013. It's a fairly large, colorful tattoo on my left arm. About a month later, regret set in and I began to research tattoo removal . I began my removal in June 2102 at Dr Tattoff. I was quoted 13 sessions for removal but am positive it will not be gone by then. I have some scarring from tattoo placement so I'm sure that will make removal a little more of a challenge.
A month after my treatment I found out I was expecting so I stopped my treatments immediately. I had a baby boy in March and have resumed my tattoo removal. I had a little fading from the 1st tx but not much. I had my 2nd treatment this past Friday on May 23rd. The pain was like I remembered but it wasn't as bad as the 1st time. It was a different nurse that treated me this time around. The nurse that treated me last time was out of town. The nurse said she was using an all color laser like the first time. She also mentioned they were using a new laser Astanza Trinity. She said it was a better laser than the one they had beforegt, medlite I believe. I'm on day 6 following treament. The tattoo site is itchy and the outline is raised. I really don't remember if my tattoo was raised this long the1st time?? I will post pictures soon.

Week after 2nd Tx

It's been a week now since my 2nd treatment. The area is still itchy and raised. I'm a little concerned that it is still raised. I honestly don't recall how long it took for the swelling to go down following my 1st Tx. I also haven't had any peeling which I had the 1st time. I'm hoping that it is still healing and that the raised outline will go down in a few days...fingers crossed. If it doesn't, I'm not sure how I will proceed. I already have some raised lines, scarring from placement so i definitely don't want the whole tattoo to become raised because of the laser treatment. What sucks is that I've already prepaid for 13 treatments so if this is already scarring, I will not continue. I am hoping I can continue but if I can't at least I have some options with dr. Tattoff. Although I can't get my money back, I can try to sell my remaining treatments or switch to other treatments they offer . God I am hoping this heals fine so I can proceed! Wish me luck!

Day 11 post 2nd Tx

It seems like the tattoo area has healed. It is not as raised as it was but I can still feel some raised parts when I run my hand over it. I'm still putting aloe and cortisone on it. I'm also going to put on some vitamin E or bio oil. Don't know if it will help but doesn't hurt to try! Also my tattoo never peeled after the 2nd treatment. I don't know if the RN used a low setting or what? Don't notice any extra fading yet although one of the cat's nostrils has totally disappeared haha!

I've noticed I've started to dwell on my tattoo again. I guess because I've started my tx's again or because it's summer and I have to put a little more effort into how to keep this ugly thing hidden. I wear mostly t-shirts and elbow length sleeved shirts now. I'm short so most T-shirt sleeves are long enough to cover it. My work scrubs also keep it covered thank goodness! I don't mind it peeking out a bit under sleeves but prefer it stays hidden. I have found that when it peeks out people become curious and will want to see it especially when it's someone who didn't know I had the tattoo. Well onto something positive, on Saturday I got in the pool for the 1st time since getting this thing. Well I only put my legs in cause the water was so cold. I also wore a shirt over my swimsuit which I never did before :( but at least I got in the pool (sort of)after 2yrs! I don't want my baby to miss out on fun stuff like swimming just because I'm embarrassed of my tattoo.

Here is the cat's missing nostril :)

T3 scheduled for Aug 23rd and I see a little bit more fading!

Just checking in! So I was supposed to have T3 tomorrow but had to reschedule as I will be moving and I need to use my left arm. I decided to put it off until late August as I have a lot of family stuff coming up. My sister will be coming into town in 2 weeks and I don't want to be dealing with trying to be careful with the arm. I don't know but it seems like everyone decides they want to give me a hug or pat me on the arm after a treatment. Of course it could just be that I notice how touchy, feely people are after a treatment because I am trying to protect it. Having my sister in town should be interesting as I haven't seen her since getting the tattoo. She and everyone in my family knows about the tattoo but no one knows how much I hate it and that I'm getting it removed. It was quite the scandal for me to get this tattoo because I have very old school parents. Although I'm 37 years old, I still worry about what my parents think of me. My mother thinks tattoos are hideous, especially on women so as you can imagine she was not thrilled to find out I got a big one on my arm. I had to listen to my mother tell me how stupid I was to get a tattoo and that I looked ridiculous. All I could think was, Gee mom! let me know how you really feel. Not surprisingly that's when I really started to hate my tattoo even more! I know it's sad that I'm this old and still care about what my parents think. Sigh! Oh well, at least I know she'd be in favor of me getting it removed. She even knew about laser removal and said I should look into it. Haha! My sisters didn't overreact about the tattoo but they knew my mom would fly off the handle so that was a big deal. I guess I just don't want to tell them yet about getting it removed because I really don't want to hear " I told you so!" Yes they did tell me I'd might regret it, along with "be sure you want it! It's permanent", " you don't want to have to get it removed later, your skin won't look good." My husband says not to feel that I have to tell them anything and to just wait until it really starts fading and it's obvious. I kind of want to tell them sooner than later because I feel it will be a weight off my shoulders and not something I have to hide. I won't be surprised if my sister asks to see my tattoo and I'll have to show her. Ha! I wonder what she'll think cause it's already fading a bi t in some parts so it kind of looks like an old tattoo. One of my sisters ( I have 4 and I'm the youngest), saw it a few months ago and said "wow your tattoo faded a lot already, you might need to get it touched up". I took it as a compliment! I thought, "YES! It's fading!" Ok, everyone, I will get back to packing and will update you all when I complete T3. Take care! Excelsior!
Dr. Tattoff

I've been pretty pleased with this clinic. The staff and nurses are very nice. Jessica, the nurse, that performs the treatments always answers my questions and responds quickly to any emails I send. She also always calls the next day after a tx to see how I'm doing. I recommend Dr. Tattoff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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haha how cute!
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i had my first treatment almost a month ago and the skin is still raised in some spots where the ink is the most dense, even though the doctor used a low power setting. i'm worried too but gonna wait and see how it goes.. think it just takes a little more time and my skin is probably traumatised because i got the first tattoo then the blotched cover up then started the removal all 2 months from each other :/
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Hey, I had my first tx a little over two weeks ago and it just went down. The raised lines took about two weeks to go down so dont worry you should be fine :) I also recomend massing the area with vitamin E, I found it to really help the skin go back to normal. Good luck and congrats on your baby :)
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Thank you! I'll give it time I guess. I'll try the vitamin E. :)
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thanks for the update. and congrats on ur baby boy! i too have a tattoo medium sized but mine is mainly all black with just a lil red and green for the rose. im a dark skin african american though so its kinda tough for me to get laser as though im scared it will leave my skin white or pale looking.
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Good luck to you! Hope you get some good fading! At least you don't have a rainbow of colors like I do.
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Thanks for coming back to update us!! Congrats on your baby boy! How exciting!!! Look forward to your photo update. 
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