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Brow, Face and Neck Lift - Dallas, TX

I had a brow, face and neck lift Jan 2011. I went...

I had a brow, face and neck lift Jan 2011. I went to 5 surgeons before choosing one. After this experience I realize NOT ONE of the surgeons told me or prepared me for the REAL experience. If they had I would not have put myself through this nightmare.

I do not look the same, my face is a different shape, I have no cheeks, and my eyes continue to be a problem and I will probably require additional surgery. The opthalmic ps (who got the dirty deal of having to correct this) confessed that he's hears my same complaints "all the time from women who've had facelifts".

This is not a simple operation that you'll be "down" 10- 14 days. I did not leave the house to go out to dinner for 10 weeks and then I was stared at. I think it should a law that the surgeon informs the patient of every possible detail of not only the actual surgery but the truth about what the longest and most severe recovery could be.

This is a 6 month recovery not 6 weeks. I had between 200 and 220 sutures/staples. My eyes were swollen completely shut, deep purple, and the size of golf balls for about a week. I was not able to return to work due to the fact that it would've scared my students to see me so differently and ended up retiring.

Do botox, get skin treatments, whatever, but don't have invasive surgery. I am still not finished with this nightmare, I will probably have to have additional surgery on my eyes and cheeks, the estimate is another $15,000 plus possible hair transplant!


I would avoid a doctor that doesn't explain the...

I would avoid a doctor that doesn't explain the procedures in detail, that doesn't answer your questions directly, If he/she dances around a question don't walk out, RUN.
Even after 14 months, I do not look better, my face is hour glass shaped, my eye lids are droopy, I have caved in cheeks, my jowls are out of proportion, I have scars that will need to be revised and folds under my chin. Scheduled for more surgery, ching,ching.

I've been blogging with some of you about my...

I've been blogging with some of you about my experience but didn't want my pictures on the internet. I have changed my mind because I want those of you who are considering surgery to understand the risks you're taking and I think a picture can explain that better than anything I can say. I, of course, had seen bad outcomes in pictures but I truely believed it couldn't or wouldn't happen to me. Please be careful when choosing your surgeon and understand what you're risking.

April 2012- My opinion is still the same. I would...

April 2012- My opinion is still the same. I would not go to Jay Burns if you paid me. I'm 12 days postop from a revision by Dr. Rohrich and my face is much closer to what I use to look like but still not the same. The experience with Dr. Rohrich at UTSW was AMAZING compared to the experience with Jay Burns at the little surgery center. I look back on it and feel lucky to be alive.

I continue to hear from a few of Dr. Burns'...

I continue to hear from a few of Dr. Burns' patients that are very displeased with their results, as I am also. It has been almost 2 years since JB did surgery on me. I have had a revision with fair results but I will never look the same. I wish the others would speak up and stop being fearful of repercussions so that others would see the extent of this lack of skill. The last time I visited JB, I felt he was uncaring, arrogant, unable to admit his work did not have a good outcome, contradicted himself on several issues, and actually stated he wished the docs who gave me 2nd opinions would say those things to him. Oh, if he only knew what they said.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

This doctor talks a good sale but did not inform me of the reality of the surgery. He spends most of his time trying to reassure you that he forgets to tell you about the real deal. All the surgeons I consulted with minimized the severity/extent of the surgery and recovery. I stressed to him that I did not want to look like I'd had a facelift, I also feel like I was talked in to having more surgery than I wanted or felt like I needed. I didn't get good instructions from the nursing staff. At the 4 week appointment I was told I didn't need to come back "unless you just want to". I feel like I look so horrible that I would never post pictures on the internet.Updated on 14 Feb 2012:I had a face, neck, and brow lift 13 months ago. I feel I was not well informed on what my choices were and what to expect postop. (I was told I'd be "presentable to go back to work in 2 wk") I quit my job after 8 weeks due to my altered looks and embarrassment. My face is now shaped like an hour glass, I have bald scars on the sides of my scalp, my eyes look nothing like myself. He spent most of our time together telling you how wonderful he was and that he's "there for you", but then saw me a total of 4 times after the surgery and said I didn't need to come back when he was confronted with the fact that he was deceptive about and did not inform me of the fact that he did not know how to do a brow lift without changing my hairline. This man was not able to admit that the surgery was not a good outcome and did not make any suggestions for correction. My experience with his surgical team was also a disaster which added fuel to the fire. In my opinion, this man either has a bad memory or has trouble telling the truth. I went to 5 different ps for 2nd opinions and they ALL agreed that I needed revision, one surgeon actually ask if a "real ps" had done my surgery, 2 oculoplastic guys ask (without knowing how unhappy I was)"are you happy with your facelift results?" Maybe I'm his only botch job but by the time I pay for the revision, hair tranplants, and possible eye surgery I'll have about 50K tied up in this "refreshed" look I was after. Be careful and even consider recording your visits with you phone.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Notforme, I just came across this review -- I agree with you 100% that facial ps is a nightmare. I'm am of the opinion that ps is only warranted in 2 circumstances: if a person has a genetic facial deformity or if the are in an accident that damages their face. For normal aging issues? NO WAY. By the way, I read our original ps credentials & he sounds great (experienced, board certified, etc.) Just goes to show how you can never really be sure what your results will be regardless of how qualified your ps is.
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You look better, and much younger after the revision, then you did in all the before pictures. This doctor did a really good job in correcting the horrendous mess that first doctor did to your face. also, I think you look even better now, then you did before the first operation.
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Dear Notforme -- Can you please update your experience with your most recent surgery from Dr. Rohrich? I hope things are going better for you. I'm thinking of asking Rochrich some questions via e-mail and wonder what you might suggest I ask. Thanks, and best to you.
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Dr Rochrich works in the same office as Dr.Jay Burns. I know because he did my PS.
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I do not understand how anyone would trust their face to anything BUT a FACIAL plastic surgeon, I am not being insensitive but I have yet to read 1, not 1 negative comment about facial surgery being done by a "facial Plastic Surgeon " sorry for your bad experience
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Dear Notforme -- Your situation is so much like my own. I can see that you looked about 20 years older after your 1st "facelift" than you did before any surgery. I look about 20 years older after 2 "facelifts" than I did originally. You look about 20 years younger again after your revision facelift. I haven't been able to find a revision in Missouri to help me look at least more like I did before my face was ruined. It does appear that there are more options in Texas, but more expensive for me. Was the cost with Dr. Rohrich more than $10,000? Best of luck to you! Keep us posted with new photos.
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Dr. Harold Bafitis is the one that did this to me and I wouldn't rreccommend him to an animal not alone a person. He has lied and never prepared me for what I had. He is not lisenced withe AMA but advertizes that he is Bd. Certifed twice in Plastic Surgery. He certainly didn't get the right training or would not have operated on me all at one time and talked me into more surgeries than I wanted and refused to see me after 7 mos when I did not heel.
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Wow, what a journey you have had. I must say though, your last picture that you posted, you look really good. I'm glad that you were able to find a surgeon to fix your face from the original surgeon. It is sad to say that the bad doctors do things like having the bad review postings removed and other unethical things. Of course they don't want people to know what they have done. I have had the same problem with my original surgeon. I too had to have a redo, although nothing as drastic as what you have suffered through. But you are looking good! Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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I cannot believe that other displeased patients would let their fear of repercussion keep them from posting their reviews of this surgeon to protect other potential patients from going through the same suffering. I mean, if they are so fearful can't they at least post anonymously? It is not ethical to fail to protect other innocent victims when all you had to do was take 5 minutes and post an anonymous review.
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Charlene7 I agree with your comment, but when I posted an anonymous review of my doctor it was removed, along with several other reviews from other patients. I've since learned that this doctor gets his reviews removed all the time. He also does the same thing to a lot of his patients with a certain procedure, leaving them with exactly the same problems. My own review was relatively mild - I just said that he'd performed procedures without my agreement on my face that had left me with significant problems costing me thousands of dollars to fix, and that he wasn't an ethical doctor. on the same site, I read about a dissatisfied patient posting online who had a death threat via phone as a result (yes really!). My thing is that I'd be concerned for my family at home if some crazy guy started calling up and threatening my life for posting a review or photo. I can believe it happens, given I've read a lot of weird stuff on here.
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You are right and I did
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I am going to interview plastic surgeons in November and one of them is Rohrich. Do you recommend him or are there others that you have seen that may be better.
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When having lipo. No one tolde how painful. It really is. I'm 11 days out what should I be doing to helps self get back to normal
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I have a low tolerance for pain.My face and neck are almost cleared up very little swelling
and bruising. my ears still hurt.after reading all the horror stories,I am afraid to have any
more surgery .I never knew so many things could happen.I am surprised stars have so
much plastic surgery.I couldn't believe black,blue purple,was happy with all her surgery
If I were her I would be very concerned..
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Dr Jay Burns in Dallas gave me a forehead lift and lower face lift.I am 50 but look 30,Dr Burns is a wonderful christian man,I love him and Tara,She came to my house to care for
me without pay.Some people are rich and so spoiled that no Doctor could please them.My
Mother payed for mine for my birthday June 5 12,I am poor but already young men are flirting with me.Surgery can't make you pretty if you are ugly just younger.
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You're so lucky to have a mom who can give you such nice gifts! I had to work and save for 20 years to pay for my sugery. Thought this would be a nice gift to myself after working for 25 years as an RN. I truely thought I would be cared for and treated as I have always cared for and treated my patients. I had never worked in plastics. Boy did I learn that the code of ethics and complete honesty is very different in that field compared to general med surg. In plastics, if you don't ask, you don't get told. I'm so glad you're happy with Dr. Burns and his team. I can't say the same. I at least expected him to be able admit things didn't turn out the way they should've or the way he thought it would. It takes a secure, honest person to admit your mistakes. Did you post your pics? I would be interested in seeing them.
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Dr Burns wants after pictures so when I can wear make up,I will post one.Would
you post one of your self ? What kind of surgery did you have ? it is hard to believe
we had such a difference experience with Dr Burns.My mom was a nurse and she
said that nurses make bad patents.I know when mom is in the hospital she is
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My , my, you just made my day S. Roach. I was never considered pretty, however I had a face and neck lift and upper, lower blepharoplasty six weeks ago. I want to look good for my age and I think I will be happy. Right now I have a few issues and hopefully time will be helpful. I paid for my own surgery, my mum is a pensioner and has no extra funds. And yes, I do expect results of a certain standard, that does make one's expectations unrealistic.
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Notforme, I do not think the majority of us go into plastic surgery with unrealistic expectations. We do not expect our surgeon to be incompetent. II wanted to look good for my age and did not expect to look twenty years younger, nor did you as I gather from your postings. I have looked at this face for sixty years now and I want to recognize myself after surgery. You helped me with an earlier post so I will update you. I am now six weeks post-op. I do look better, my eyes are starting to look like mine. I have had chemosis for five weeks, just starting to get better. I also have a ropey fibrotic area under my left cheek that my doc injected with kenalog. So far, it has not changed. It is noticeable. Have you seen the picture "The Scream". My face sort of resembles that as my cheeks are too big and there are hollows under my cheeks. My doc says time will improve this, otherwise he will correct this. My surgeon acts very responsible, he really looked at my face at my six week check, unlike your surgeon. He told me he was not pleased with my right eye. He will see me in six weeks and we will discuss this. He also offered me a filler for around my mouth if I wanted, no charge. You have been through a lot and I think it took a lot of courage to post your results. I thank you. I think you have helped a lot of people. You helped me. By the way, I too am an R.N. I treated my patients with knowledgable care. Nurses make good patients as we are well educated and experienced. Most nurses have at least a four year education or more. And we do no when standards of care are breached, don't we?
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I am sorry if I made you feel bad.it was just a different experience I had with Dr.Burns,I hope you heal faster than you are now.My Mom was an RN also.I had
the brow lift last year and the lower face lift June 5-12,Dr Burns said my bones were
prefect for the surgery I had and that is probable why I haven't had any problems
But after your surgery I am afraid to have any more.It scared me,
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Yes I have a BSN and I agree that most nurses make good patients. I have seen a few stinkers when they are the patient but nothing I couldn't deal with. I have a very high tolerance for pain and follow instructions to the T when I'm the patient, usually wanting to do things for myself, so I don't think I'm a bad patient? Your doctor sounds like he's really on top of things. I will tell you that going to a medical message therapist helped me tremendously with some lumps and tightness. The hollowed areas under your cheeks may not be as pronounced once all of the swelling is gone (9mo- 1 yr). Also, there are some facial exercises you can do to help also. Good luck.
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Notforme, Thanks,even today I look better. I think that some of the people who post here need to be ignored. This forum is for support. We do not tell "horror" stories. What we do tell is real life situations that happen to real people. We rely on others to help us through and give encouragement. I do not want to hear that what is happening to me may be relayed to the fact that I am not pretty to begin with or that bone structure contributes to poor results. Or that assuming someone has money so they expect to be made into a beautiful person and react like a spoiled child if the results of plastic surgery fail to do so. I am from England and I am surprised at the bluntness of some posts. Like I said, support, not bragging, is the expectations I have of a support group - the name says it all. Good luck to you to. I am done with this forum.
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I seen your after pictures,You look real pretty,Where did you find the doctor who
corrected the surgery ? Was he here in Dallas Texas ? You have me frightened
about our doctor.
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Susan you have just explained in great detail what a wonderful experience you had with Dr. Burns and how much better you look? Why would you now be concerned about "our" doctor? It seems odd to me that you would make this statement.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or don't you know that?
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