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Beyond Any Expectations - Dallas, TX

Don't let the price scare you! You are buying...

Don't let the price scare you! You are buying years of studies, practical experience, intensive research, a collection of pearls of knowledge, and most of all, the unique skills of an artist who attentively treats his subject as a work of art. At 62, I was uncomfortable with my aging skin and wished to turn the clock back 5 to 7 years if possible; I am a red head with very thin non elastic skin, and came with realistic expectations for my God given features and my age. Dr Rohrich listened to me first, and then examined my features, my skin, and also payed attention to who I was. That is why I call him an artist, a rare find in plastic surgery. His unique approach to every patient as an individual and a soothing presence, a caring smile made my decision easy! The price covered an upper and lower blepharoplasty, a full face AND neck lift, fat transfer, and laser resurfacing. He also agreed with my suggestion to omit a brow lift.

While recovering, I entertained myself by making a musical slide show of my progress; know that I did that without Dr. Rohrich's knowledge or approval: I did it for my own entertainment and for all of you who are on the fence. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

Yesterday, May 15, 2012, as was going through...

Yesterday, May 15, 2012, as was going through security at the airport, the guard kept looking at my Driver's License, then me, over and over until I told him: ''Oh, I just had a face lift..He looked at me and said:'' You need to update your Driver's License picture!
Yeah!!!! I felt like giving him a big hug..but I behaved; not a good idea to touch security!

I forgot to mention that the price also included 2...

I forgot to mention that the price also included 2 nights in a beautiful hotel room associated with the hospital and the professional care of an attending nurse. One must also consider the surgery team as well as the services of Doctor Rohrich's anesthesiologist, and all the post op visits to his office
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Please refer to my own slide show; it is self explanatory and meant to entertain, reassure, and maybe get a few laughs. Enjoy and best of luck! Remember: This is my own creation and I made it public without the knowledge, approval or disapproval of Doctor Rohrich.

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Dr. R is awesome... He did my Mommy Mekeover 13 yrs ago, and I love him. Alas, my budget couldn't afford the $23k price tag quoted tome in Oct :( I went with another Dallas Top Doc (Paul Pin), and my results are good so far... But didn't have that total trust / feel safe 100% as I do with Dr. Rohrich (Lol, feel like I cheated on him;) The nursing staff & facilities were not what you get with Dr. Rohrich, nor all the latest science (fat transfer, etc.) but, for $6000 less, I got a good result -- I will know more @ 3 mths out. Was not prepared for the "Shrek" dents by the ears (tissue glue?) but they are going away. My neck is still lumpy bumpy, and my post-op was rough, but so far so good -- on my 1st public appearance this weekend, got many compliments on my appearance but no one realized it was a facelift.
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My surgery was done in Harrison, NY. My surgeon also has offices in Mt Kisco & NYC. Apparently he's much better at breasts. We actually belong to the same synagogue & he replaced my breast implant years ago & did an absolutely perfect job. I'm being patient. At least I see a difference now. I turned 70 in June (and still can't believe it).
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PammyJ, Do you have before & after pics posted? I always like to see the transformations.
I really don't realize what type of difference has occured with my appearance. My surgeon has the close up before pics. He will take the now pics when I return to him for my followup appointment sometime within a month, I did not take any, myself other than the normal snapshots that one accumulates in everyday life. I don't think that my after appearance is radically different from before. Comments that are ever said are simply "you sure look good". I think I must look refreshed but nobody realizes that I sought surgery.
My permanent home is in rural Montana. There is not the availability to plastic surgery near my home so I doubt that my local acquaintences would ever give a thought to anyone having undergone a procedure. Since I live 6 months in AZ it can be considerable time between encounters with some that are not around me on a continual basis.
I definately had aged skin before as I have lost 100 pounds & was in my mid 50's when that occured. My older skin did not have the elasticity to shrink down with the rest of me. So ~ I chose to give mother nature a bit of help. Now I feel like I might reflect a bit better the healthier 65 year old that I am. People who do not know me from before are surprised at my age when that topic is brought up.
I did not have a single issue when I was healing other than being sensitive to a peroxide diluted wash that the sugeons assisitant advised me to use after the final step of my arm reduction surgery. Doctor was not the one that gave me verbal instructions on that when I had my elbow area tended to several months after the upper & lower arms surgery. It caused swelling & inflamation which lasted just a couple of days until my doctor realized what had occured & had me change my care routine.
Having both upper & lower arm's excess skin removed is not done frequently but was needed for me as I had "bat wings" the entire length of both arms. The scars on my inner arms are still visable although much lighter. I don't "hide" them . I wear short sleeve tops for the first time in many, many years.
I don't think that I will consider further procedures to attend to other areas that could benefit from some attention. The anesthesia is very long lasting when I undergo surgery & has me staying in "LaLa land" a lot longer than should be. That causes me concern. Besides that ~ I guess I would be on a lengthy quest to try to correct all the areas that might benefit from a "refresher course". Most of those areas are concealed from view when I am fully dressed. I do not plan on "posing for PlayBoy" so I doubt it will ever matter. :-)
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PammyJ, Where did you have your surgery done? I will return for progress check sometime in Oct.. Has been April since I have been in to see my Surgeon in AZ. I am a "snowbird winter resident" of AZ. My surgery was 12/12/11. Had FL, Upper & lower arm reduction, & my "turkey neck" tightened. (don't remember medical terms & I left the paperwork in AZ) So far ~ So good. I do not look like a youngster but I don't want to nor do I expect to. I am nearly 66. I think that I appear as my younger self. I feel great & love the life I live.**** I enjoy reading / seeing others reports.
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Went this morning & he said this is normal & I should massage it & come back in a month. People are finally telling me how good I look. That's what I expected in the first place. I told this to the doctor & said that now he can use me for before & after pictures. I love this site!!
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Hang in there, you are almost done! Bravo!
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This is much more like what I expected. Going back tomorrow because there's still a hard lump under my jaw. This will be my third visit since the last surgery. The last 2 were to draw out blood that had accumulated in that spot. I just want to check out if this is normal, or something else.
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Good for You! Are you happy with your results?
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I loved the video. I had a facelift last September & have been back twice for more. The bags under my eyes were redone at the end of May & my jawline & face were redone at the end of August. Now I think I'm happy.
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Anne Marie your video is incredible! Waiting for my husband to come home so he can watch it also and have an idea what he'll have to deal with....
I'm 58 and schedule to have a facelift, neck and eye repair in 2 weeks. I went to my pre-op appt. this week (surgeon is about 150 miles from where I live) and he was out of town does a lot of surgeries outside the US. His assistance gave a script for pain medicine and that started to give me butterflies in my stomach. I don't particularly care to take anything stronger than Extra Strength Tylenol so I was feeling anxious this morning ( up since 5) and came to computer and found this site and I'm so glad I did!
Is uplifting and reassuring to read everyones comments and specially to see the photos.
You look terrific! Worth every penny!
The cost of mine is just slightly less than yours my physician is Carlos Wolf and he seems very consciences and has a good reputation.
I hope everything goes well and pain be to a minimum the assistance said that most people are up and about in fairly a short amount of time so that was encouraging.
Did you applied a ice or cold compresses for multiple days or just the first day of the surgery?
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Hi Marty, and thank you for your comments! I totally understand the apprehension, let alone the investment, and fear of the unknown. Honestly, I don't recall the pain as being a big issue, but I would encourage you to take the pain medicine, especially at first. You should be up and about in a few days, but remember to "behave" and follow all instructions; do not do too much!!!! The anesthesia alone wears you down and the procedures your are electing are surgical, so please give yourself a break and take all the time you need to recover. I am not sure about the compresses, every doctor is different. Congratulations on taking the leap!! 58 is a great age to do this and the older you get, the more difficult it is to get clearance for this type of surgery as health issues may sneak up on you as you age. Oh! Don't feel shallow! People dye their hair all the time so what is the difference? I would like an update and/or pictures if you feel up to that. You will LUV this! Promise! All the best! Anne-Marie

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Hi Anne Marie B
10th days after my surgery. I am blown away with how well things went. No pain (my biggest fear) discomfort, but not real pain, didn't have to take not even an Extra Strength Tylenol not to mention i didn't touch the prescription pain pills they had me get prior to surgery.
Swelling and bruising yes, but not as much as I was expecting.
This last Thursday I went for my week Post-Op appt. (by the way I had to drive 130 miles to the Dr's office and drove back home the same day by myself) and the Dr. was very please with how I looked in terms of overall condition I guess. He asked me if I mind to meet a patient that was in the next room over that just had her surgery the day before. Of course I agreed and let the lady look at my face and told there was light at the end of the tunnel!
I thank you for for your words of encouragement. Now is my turn to encourage others.
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How did it go? Are you happy with your results, your surgeon? Would love to see before and afters! Ritaf687@aol.com
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Darto! You must look amazing and I suspect that your surgeon is very skilled. If others don't "notice" anything, wow!!!!! You are one of the lucky ones; we don't want to look like we just had a facelift, right? (Remember the dreaded "tunnel" look? ) They think that you look really good and can't pinpoint why! That is what I call a successful facelift. Bravo!!
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Thank you, Anne Marie ~ That is the way I look at it. In my area of the country (rural) a facelift is just read about in "movie gossip magazines" (lol). We are a "little bit country". I know that my results look much as I had looked a number of years ago. That is what I see in the mirror. Sure nice not to have "turkey neck" & deep forehead wrinkle grooves. I would do it again tomorrow! My surgeon is in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ.
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Anne Marie, You look amazing. I so enjoyed your video. Before & after pictures are such encouragement. I had surgery 12/12/11. I like the results but I am not sure that they are real dramatic. I feel like I look more youthful but I am from a rural area where such pampering is nearly unheard of. I was at my winter residencce for 6 months & had my procedures done while there. Upon returning to my north home I get the feeling that people that I encounter see something different as I have had comments on my hair cut, & my great foundation make up, etc but they do not associate a possible face lift with what they see. That's OK ~ I feel that I appear more youthful & that's what counts.
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Im feeling pretty darn good for everything I had done. I cleaned a house 2 Fridays ago and it took me 4 hours instead of the normal 2 hours so I am taking it easy, slow but sure, little by little. Everyone is different aheals at different levels. It also depends on what shape you where in before surgery. I had just lost 70 lbs. and exercised every day, especially for my core (tummy area) I wonder where a man woul be at this stage after surgery (5 proceedures)? I can't do the core (tummy) exercises I had been doing before surgery so the little bit of vacuuming I have been doing (pushing/pulling SLOWLY) has really helped. I know my limits and don't want to do any damage to my tummy tuck.
Did you have lumps, bumps, & hematoma's in your face & neck you had to deal with?
If so, what worked for you in your healing process & when was your surgery?
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Hi! I was told not to do anything for 6 weeks!! I don't know how you found the energy to clean a house! I had bruising and inflammation and crusty skin from the laser treatment; I used Arnica Gel topically, (it felt so cool and soothing) and also took Arnica tablets, (very small white pills that melt under your tongue. Here is a link that discusses Arnica:
Congratulations on losing 70 pounds! Are you kidding me? That takes a lot of discipline! Be proud of yourself and more power to you.
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You win first prize as far as how many procedures you went through! Wow! I hope that you are resting, promise? I love your name greenblackpurple. Very appropriate! How are you feeling?
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I'm a 61 yer old woman and just got back from Cancun. I had a few things done, face / neck lift, Blephaplasty, Rhinoplasty, & Tummy Tuck. I'm 1 month out. I stayed in a condo and thank god they put me with a room mate. It really helped me with my recovery while I was there for 2 1/2 weeks. I'm from Washington and she is from Texas & now we're emailing buddies with something in common. When I came across your video I just had to send it to her because we both know what you went threw. I was laughing pretty hard and because of the Tummy Tuck I was hurting pretty bad but your video was worth the pain. In order to comment on this site you have to log in and I told my friend I logged in wih a new user name, It's greenblackpurple because that's what my face looks like, still, after a month. I hope my results are going to be as wonderful as yours.
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Great "Stage Name"...just love it. Do you mind sharing how much your procedures cost in Cancun. I realize that it's very difficult for ladies to leave their comfort zones and travel outside of the US for these procedures but I've been hearing for several years that Mexico and Brazil Plastic Surgeons offer very fine procedures/techniques at spectacular cost savings in US dollars. Thanks again for sharing your experience in Cancun. All the best, p. P.S. My full face and neck lift including Blephaplasty in San Antonio in 2000 cost $10,000 (my husband "negotiated" the fee with my plastic surgeon. I just had a mini face lift here in Asheville, NC, and paid $2900. That was three weeks ago and it
looks very, very good....it included neck and mid face...no eye work.
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I got a very good deal down there and paid $10,500 for my 5 procedures & If I had stayed longer to do the breast lift I need & wanted it would have been $15,000. I thought that would have been way to much for my body to go through so I'll be going back in about a year, after I have paid all of this off and have what ever else I want done at that time.
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Mini? Can we see your before n after pics? ritaf686@aol.com.
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Oh yes you need to update that license...but I wish I could have seen his face when he was looking at it. 

You look wonderful!!

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Yes, he looked so suspicious that I almost panicked and had a "guilt without sin " moment,the kind you get anytime you go through security... Best regards!
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