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Hey everyone , Ive been reading the reviews on the...

Hey everyone , Ive been reading the reviews on the site for a while and finally decided after a year to have surgery on my lower eyelids. They have always had bags , but now that im older they look worse, so I found a doctor and my date is 7/24. Im still nervous but relieved that i found a soultion.

update before pics

more before pics

oh wow

oh crap today is the day..well dang that caught me off guard.. what to do what to do...


First things first! Ill like to thank GOD for allowing me to go through this and to allow things to be going great so far.
Secondly ill like to think everyone one real self. Your stories helped me in so many ways and I pray that GOD blesses each and everyone of you.
No that that's out the way;)
I woke up the am of the surgery and thought I'm not ready!!
I'm not going to do it! I tried to convience myself everyone has something they don't like about themselves whether it be nose, eyes, ears, hair or lack of it.
That didnt work though , lol. So I went to the hospital and signed the forms and got in my gown.
Even then when the doctor came in I was like I'm not going to do it! But I took one last pic in my bed at the hospital and said that's why I'm doing it and I relaxed.
Or maybe it was the anti anxiety pills!
Anyway I went totall under so I was not awake at all in the surgery. That's what I recommend to anyone just cause you wake up and you are done. And I think being Awkake in surgery would be scary!
When I came to there was no pain. This is 24 hours later and no pain. I really didn't swell up or bruise.
That makes me wonder if I actually had anything done.!!
Jk. My friend and the doctor says it looks great!
I haven't liked at my face yet. I'm avoiding mirrors for about 2 days then ill see. But I took pics just for you guys to help you all make a decision. My advice to anyone is to pray and let GOD guide your choice! All said I'm happy I did it and ill post pics in a few days! If anyone has question please email me!! I want to return the good information to others here!
Now I'm going back to sleep. Ill post pics soon!


update 2

so no pain really but when i bend over it feels like y head is full.
other than that ive been icing and watching tv and eating bad food:)

more pics

more after pics, i very pleased with the results. I hated the puffiness under my eyes esp when i would smile but i dont have that anymore> i very pleased!!




10 7 2013

healing pretty good

Thank so much dr. Mancini! I was so nervous before you came in , but your confidence in answering my questions put me at ease! Ill recommend this doctor to any and everyone! Very nice , caring and knows his stuff!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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rx4uz, sorry to be bothering you with this but I am new to doing my research. Can you please give me the name of the procedure the Dr did? Did he just move fat around or did you have any cutting? I hope I'm asking the right question. Your eyes look really good, Dr did a good job and I just want to know what procedure to ask for. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Wow, looking good!

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Looks great, its amazing looking at the before and after how much the eye bags were a distraction to your beautiful smile, no distraction now you look wonderful!
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Wow! Great results did you have fat repositioned or did you have it all removed. I'm still trying to get the courage to move forward with my surgery. You look great!
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Wonderful! No bruising! That's great! I know you are loving your results so far!
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Wow you look amazing and you are still in the thick of the post-op swelling!  Bravo!  Ignore mirrors for the next couple months, it is going to take a long time for all the swelling to go away.  That is my best piece of advice for a lower bleph :)  Keep us posted on your healing progress!

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thank you Im noticing difference each day so Im excited:)
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You look great!! What a difference you should be soo happy! I just had an upper Bleph on the 17th, close family say they can see a big difference. I am not looking in the mirror too much these days, just had my stitches out, so life is getting better.
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thanks so much! I didnt look in the mirror the first few days either! Im glad you are coming along and Ill pray that its keeps getting better and better for you!
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I'm so happy for you my surgery went horrible. I would love to talk to you
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Im sorry , drop me an email.
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You are doing great! My bruising is starting to go away, I was worried :) it looks amazing!! And i all about that "full head" feeling also!
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thanks you are looking great too! i just checked out your update.
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Yes. Things are looking much better :)
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Very little bruising! You look great! Enjoy the bad food!
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You already look great, but like you, it does not matter if others think you look great the way you are, you have to do what makes you feel good about your appearance . I plan to have eyelid surgery before then end of the year; I sm still lookin for a doctor. I look forward to you post-surgery pics. God Bless! Take care!

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good luck ill keep you in my prayers . the only piece of advise I can offer is to get and oculoplastic doctor. They only do eyes, so they would have more experience than a doctor that does breast, tummy tucks and etc.
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Good luck rx4us
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thanks I was nervous but now IM happy I did it, really it was no pain for Me!
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Rest and take care! I tried to avoid the mirror also. Now every time I wake up I rush to the mirror because i just know my bruises will be gone! Well. The hard part is over so just rest and recover.... And update lol!
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Good luck. I'm having my uppers done today too! Here's to a fast recovery for both of us. You look great btw!
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Thank you! Ill pray we both are back to normal in minimum time! Hope you are resting well!!!
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Looking fwd to reading about your experience! You will do great!!! Here's to a great recovery :)
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It's almost that time for you! I thought my surgery day would never come. I had almost NO PAIN. I don't remember much about the 5 or so hours after the surgery, just that I was hungry and was talking a bunch of jibberish and my kids were laughing at me lol! I was up and around by day two. Just remember ICE and ELEVATE!
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I agree with what Angie has said, it's easy to find a flaw and then that is all you see. I wish you luck with your surgery, I'm sure you'll be very happy. Although if you were my husband I'd never let you mess with a face that pretty lol!
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