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I had a brow and lower face lift it was painful...

I had a brow and lower face lift it was painful but well worth it.I was not told
how painful it would be.I wonder if movie stars who have so much PS have
all the pain I did ? Please tell me if any of you suffered so much pain ? It
took 10 to 15 ears off my real age of 50.I would never had it done if I had known
all the pain I would have.

I had two PS done.I had good results but was not...

I had two PS done.I had good results but was not told how painful it would be
I had long thick hair now my hair is thin,Can any one give me some advice what
to do about my hair ? I have heard some real horror story's about PS,I am grateful
mine went as well as it did.

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I too had a brow lift two weeks ago - also in Dallas. I'm also concerned about the hair loss I'm seeing. I don't think I would have had the procedure had I known this would happen. (Not to mention the discomfort, pain and skull/forehead numbness.) All I wanted were my upper eyelids improved because they were just starting to droop, resulting in a tired look. My forehead was fine. I had some frown lines but Botox worked just fine. My PS convinced me that my eyebrows had sagged which caused the problem. I disagree. Now my eyebrows are above where they normally are and I have a high forehead, which I never had before, and thinning hair! I'm not happy. I just hope that in time my eyebrows will relax a little in a normal position for me and that my hair will grow back.
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Honey,I had the hair loss from the lower face lift.It will be a year ago in June Other than the hair loss I look 10 to 15 years younger. I am happy I had it done.
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I had a lateral brow lift one year ago. I am now undergoing hair restoration therapy to the tune of $400 a month. I, too, was not told about the risk of hair loss. It has been a real problem. I can't get my hair colored because it only continues to damage what hair I have left. As far as the brow lift, I look really different. If I had it to do over again, I would not. I am almost 59 so I just wanted to looks rested. Now I look arrested.
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One more thing. My PS is the best in my area. A wonderful surgeon with a great staff and a fabulous bedside manor. He reconstructed my nose and I love it. I think some of us can "carry" a brow lift better than others, perhaps. Just wanted to clarify.
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Doctor Jay Burns is a wonderful PS
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I thought I submitted this reply yesterday, but I don't see it. (What's up with that???) Anyway, if I can remember what I thought I said, here it is: Chris, I am very sorry and distressed to hear your story. I wish you well with your hair restoration therapy. I am distressed because I hope I do not experience the same fate. In the voice of King Humperdink from Princess Bride, I will be quite "put out" if my hair does not grow back. You may have noticed that almost all PS's are male. I do not believe they comprehend how important a woman's hair is to her. And despite what other PS's have offered on this site as a "solution" to the loss-of-hair problem of hair restoration, to me that is another problem: it's further pain and expense that was not fully disclosed before the procedure - an elective procedure. Maybe PS's should pay into a fund that pays for unfortunate results such as permanent hair loss. My main motivation for seeing a PS was breast implant removal, which I researched in detail before the procedure. While I was "under" I thought I'd just add a little nip and tuck on the eyes which were drooping. I should have researched it in as much detail first. My PS did a wonderful job on my explant, even though he warned that the results would be ugly and would like me to put in another smaller set under the muscle. As far as the brow lift, right now I resemble a cross between Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers. I hope that subsides, but my unique look, which were my eyes, is gone forever. I will keep "abreast" of the situation :)
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How long ago did you get the brow lift done ?
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three weeks. I just returned from a checkup. I was told that my hair will regrow and everything is recovering as it should. Maybe it's too much to expect to merely look refreshed when undergoing the knife.
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I had it done in March 2012.
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Honey,It took me around 7 months to recover.But now I am glad I had it done.
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I believe I will always have some hair loss.
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I go back to Doctor Burns in June and he is going to do something to help my hair loss.
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Thanks for your comments! I definitely didn't do my "due diligence" when it comes to the brow lift - I just spontaneously went for it. But I do not think it was a mistake. Everyone says I look great and that I had looked very tired before the surgery (I had spent 2 months solid studying for the Bar exam - see my review under breast removal section for my story). Anyway, all in all, I think I have a great outcome. If I have some hair loss, I will deal with it. I look better in short hair so why fight it. I am going to try the Nioxin shampoo and minoxidil soon to stimulate new hair growth. Have you tried that?
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I just started minoxidil (presciption) Finasteride 5 mg, and 5000 mcg Biotin about 2 weeks ago. I am seeing a dermatologist who specializes is hair loss and restoration. Since it has been over one year, there is a slim chance that the hair along the incisions and accross the front of my hairline will return. The folicles were too damaged from the stretching of the scalp. The rest of the hair loss is because my scalp was pulled and the folicles going as far back as the back of my head were disturbed. It threw my whole head into shock. Again, I may be just one of those unlickly candidates for a brow lift. I will update after my next appointment.
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One thing you should research is the stages of hair growth. Anagen, catagen, and telojen. If you start to use Minoxidil too soon, it could speed up the shedding (catagen) and then you are left with the third stage (telojen) which is the folicles "resting" stage. From what I understand, that folicle is still healthy but you will not see a new hair for about 4 months after the shedding. You should wait for at least 6-8 months to see if the regrowth will take place on it's own. From Wikipedia: "Telogen phase During the telogen, or resting, phase the hair and follicle remain dormant anywhere from 1–4 months. Ten to fifteen percent of the hairs on one's head are in this phase of growth in any given time. The anagen phase begins again once the telogen phase is complete. The preceding hair strand is pushed up and out by the new, growing strand. The process causes the normal hair loss known as shedding." I have read every blog, researched a lot and consulted many doctors only to find that they all say the same thing about the stages of hair growth. Hope this makes sense to you and I hope it helps. Oh, the other thing I learned is to find at least 3 different brands of shampoo and conditioner to use and alternate every 3-4 days. I found that Aveno Restore and Pantene Anti-Age are my favorites! Looking for the third. Those 2 leave your hair feeling like silk. No Sulfates either. Let me know if you find another brand that works. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with me. It sure is nice to know I am not alone!
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I am deeply appreciative of this information! No doubt I would've worsened my condition by my own fixes without it. Patience isn't one of my virtures, but I will try to leave my scalp alone for a few months. At least I can try the rotating shampoo routine. I've heard that this is good for hair but never took time to actually do it. Hope this treatment regimen produces more hair for you!
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I had a brow lift two years ago,I had a lot of hair loss but it has all grew back now.
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I used doctor Jay Burns in Dallas Texas.
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I'm so sorry to hear you went through all that pain and now have to deal with thinning hair! We'd love to see your photos! Here's what some doctors say about thinning hair after a facelift.

How long ago did you have it done?

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It was well worth it.I had a brow lift two years ago,I had the lower face one year ago.
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